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  1. TableLeg

    dumb question about headlight wiring

    Sounds right yes Just be sure to add fuses for the battery supply to the headlamps via the relays. You could use relay with built in fuses too.
  2. TableLeg

    Happy Birthday Luke.

    Hope you're having a good one Luke
  3. This sort of stuff should work well and is reasonably cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VELCRO-Brand-ONE-WRAP-10mm-Cable-Tie-Black-Double-Sided-Hook-Loop-Strapping/162724311801?hash=item25e31ff2f9:m:mO8df7cE0SFqPlV4omal0Yg:rk:4:pf:0
  4. TableLeg

    Steering Universal joints loose on splines

    IIRC these UJ's have a 5/16" bolt as standard and are therefore only normal HT grade (8.8 equivalent). I think therefore these can be swapped out for an 8mm in 12.9 Hardness.
  5. TableLeg

    Help. What is this light for??

    From the Standard Lucas wiring colours for comparison, Green would be ignition switch live (which you could check and confirm) and Yellow/Green is alternator rectifier.
  6. TableLeg

    Harness info

    I looked too but didn't see any. Might be worth calling Luke so see what he says. Mine are 4 point but they also did the additional crotch attachment too. Good price as well.
  7. TableLeg

    Harness info

    Hi Martin, I got my Racelidz harnesses from Luke @Plays-Kool they have pull down shoulder straps and pull forward lap straps and are all 3".
  8. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    Another small update: Some parts back from powder coating. My DIY alternator mount, DIY belt tensioner mount, DIY intake hose support bracket and my DIY oil catch tank brackets. My lasercut alternator bracket in Stainless (had to hand file smooth as Stainless at 10mm leaves a slightly rough surface) Oil catch tank brackets. Hand cut with a hacksaw, filed, drilled and powder coated. The cable tie base allows me to secure the can more to prevent any vibration. Alternator, tensioner and belt finally fitted. Apologies to all the purists who'll be upset at the extra weight added by the mounts
  9. TableLeg

    Steering wheel gift

    Plenty of Wooden steering wheel at Europa https://www.europaspares.com/interior-parts/steering-wheels/mountney-steering-wheels.html https://www.europaspares.com/interior-parts/steering-wheels/motolita-steering-wheels.html
  10. TableLeg

    Oil pressure sender what's the difference

    As Tony says. Here's mine:
  11. TableLeg

    Oil pressure sender what's the difference

    My sensors were 1/8" NPT. But you'd really need to be sure of the thread as a 1/8" BSPT is very close but might not seal properly.
  12. TableLeg

    Oil pressure sender what's the difference

    Looks just like the ones I bought off EBay. Mine work fine. If I remember correctly there's often two of these type, a 0-100 and a 0-150. As the Dash is configurable this isn't a problem. You just need to know the values for the range for inputting into the Dash.
  13. TableLeg

    Rubbish headlights

    There are previous threads on this with lots of info, see here. Hope that helps.
  14. TableLeg

    Happy Birthday Sycho

    Happy Birthday Andy Have a good one
  15. TableLeg

    Help finding radiator switch for silvertop

    Here's another link for the switch. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Coolant-Temperature-Sensor-Escort-Mondeo-Fiesta-Galaxy-6810428/202413057798?hash=item2f20c22706:g:c10AAOSwejdbatYd

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