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  1. TableLeg

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

  2. TableLeg

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Ahh so could work out a bit expensive. I wonder if they'd send me the wadding instead...
  3. TableLeg

    Exhaust Wrap recomendations

    @Beaker_Bob I wrapped my starter in heat protective material. Perhaps something worth considering. I don't have a photo to hand.
  4. TableLeg

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Handy if like me you have 2x silencers
  5. TableLeg

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Russ, Do they send you the packing material or do you have to send the silencer back to them?
  6. TableLeg

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Don't know Andy to be honest but I suppose you could remove what you have an compare the length. Or air on the side of caution and buy a bit more than you need. Failing that maybe send an Email to Acoustafil and ask them for advice.
  7. TableLeg

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    Thanks again Chris, M22x1.5 iirc on the blanking plug. Can find plenty of steel ones. Do you know roughly the length of the spacers?
  8. TableLeg

    Radiator to bracket spacers....what size are using?

    Thanks Chris, Is that the Siltech setup? I couldn't find any info on their website. What length are the spacers? Also is that an Alloy blanking plug on the rad sensor? If so, where did you get it?
  9. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    CAD designed an alternator support bracket which is being laser cut next week. Once welding is completed both will be powder coated. The support bracket adds some strength since the alternator only has one mounting point.
  10. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    A little bit more with the alternator bracket. Plate cut ready for welding.
  11. TableLeg

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    You could try this calculator. http://www.textiletechnologies.co.uk/acousta-fil-calculator
  12. TableLeg

    Custom spark plug leads and IVA?

    Many thanks Kevin, I agree with your comments and good idea, i'll take the original leads with me. Not sure, they're US made. Specs are on their website though so maybe i'll print that out. Plus I still have the original box.
  13. TableLeg

    Custom spark plug leads and IVA?

    Just been and looked at this again. The problem I have is that the aftermarket leads I bought are just a bit too long and as such touch the chassis in some places. The OEM ones are shorter but have a longer pre-moulded spark plug boot which fouls the chassis in one point too. New leads with 45 degree terminals on each end would be perfect but....... the shortness required means there'd only be about 1.5" of HT cable visible between the 2 boots. It's that short! Like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LS1-LS2-LS3-LS6-LS7-10mm-Red-High-Heat-Performance-Spark-Plug-Ignition-Wire-Set-/332053582452 It is unlikely that any markings could be squeezed into such a small space. I may ring my IVA station next week and see if I can get any help. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  14. TableLeg

    Custom spark plug leads and IVA?

    Thanks Kev, That's what concerns me. I'm wonder though as my oem ones have no markings could they fail them? We're your friends leads standard oem ones?

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