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  1. TableLeg

    First post

    Welcome Tim, Car looks nice, have fun.
  2. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    Unfortunately I have no means of uploading the short clip I took. I can only upload images on this site.
  3. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    Ok.... so a BIG update..... It lives!!! But didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd hoped! A big thanks to IanK for all his help especially with the fuel tank sender which was causing some issues. Turned out the reason I was getting strange readings was because the float arm had become almost completely detached from the actuator arm. The rod should pass through the square end on the white actuator arm. So after sorting this I set about filling the tank (for the 2nd time!!!) In order to calibrate the Dash 2 fuel level. This was done without any further issue. The next job was to crank the engine and test for a spark (the first time powering on the coils/injectors), cranked engine, was getting fuel but no spark. A quick wiring check showed a poor earth at the coil rails. An additional earth lead was added to each coil rail and another attempt was done. Amazingly the engine fired and sat idling!!! Oil pressure good, water temp climbing steadily. I connected up the laptop so as to monitor the live readings and tweaked the idle down to 850rpm. Considering this is somebody else's map I'm impressed. The only real change I made was to rescale the injectors as mine are slightly bigger than the originals. The only real issues I had were forgetting to remove the IVA trim parts I put on the lambda sensor and both silencer clamps. They melted and were smoking! And I had left a plastic bag on the scuttle which got sucked onto the filter blocking it and then it subsequently collapsed!!! I was able to put my hand inside and push it back into almost original shape. So not a bad day! Only other issues I need to look at is the alternator output. Seems too low. I'll put that in the Tech section if I can't find an answer, and I think the battery may have died or be dying. If i could put up a video clip of it idling I would but it doesn't do it justice as you don't get the full effect on the video clip
  4. Just received an email from Race Technology. Might be a good deal for somebody on here. Christmas Offer 1 Buy a DASH2 PRO - Get a 2nd at 60% discount Buy a DASH2 PRO (at full price) and receive a 60% discount off a second DASH2 PRO! Got a friend who needs a new dash and data logger? Or do you have multiple vehicles? Make a huge saving with this limited time offer on the feature packed DASH2 PRO data logger and road legal dash display. That's a saving of over £600 off the full price including VAT. 60% discount applies to the standard unit only, any additional enhancement options will not be discounted. A video introduction to the DASH2 PRO is available above For more information on the DASH2 PRO display, please visit our website
  5. TableLeg

    Hose clamp size

    25-40mm clip on 32mm hoses
  6. TableLeg

    Hose clamp size

    I made the mistake of buying the next size up and found that you end up with a lot of the clip left over when tightened. Using the 25-40 the clip can be loosened slightly to the end of the screw and is around 45mm and then when tightened doesn't leave too much left over
  7. TableLeg

    Hose clamp size

    For my 32mm hoses like yours I'm using the Mikalor W3 25-40mm ones. Got them here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302663609168
  8. TableLeg

    CTEK Battery charging. during storage?

    Thanks to ALL who replied.
  9. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    Thanks Jon, I've ordered some more clamps so will try and double them up. Engine not running yet and might be another couple of months so don't want to lose too much coolant whilst waiting.
  10. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    Thanks again, I'll have a look and see if it's possible to get 2 clamps on.
  11. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    Thanks Thrustyjust, My clamps are also black bit I don't think I have enough room for 2 clamps. The space is tight and the hose space is short.
  12. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    Thanks Terry, Yep already done that. 7mm on a 1/4" ratchet. Always give better tightening that a screwdriver.
  13. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    I agree Adam, but as you say they make so many variants and this was the only option for finding all the bits I needed. I like the tip about the grease I may give that a go.
  14. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    Hi Hammie, Thanks for the reply. To answer your questions, the hose is the right size (32mm hose onto a 32mm Aluminium beaded end pipe with the bead larger than 32mm), the hose it a tight fit and the clamps are exactly in the right range 20-35mm. Whether they are tight enough I'm not sure but they are tight. I don't have any spares so don't want to strip the drive as it'll probably dump all the coolant on the floor.
  15. TableLeg

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    I have connected up all my coolant hoses and filled the system but have some small weeps. The hoses are good quality Silicone hoses and the clamps I am using are Mikalor jubilee type. Anybody got any tips for resolving this? The hoses in question fit onto an Aluminium beaded end hose. with the clamp behind the bead. I've heard people recommend smearing Blue Hylomar on the inside of the hoses prior to fitting. I guess I could also maybe try some heatshrink on the section behind the bead, add a few layers to give the hose a bit more grip...

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