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  1. TableLeg

    Arduino help and advice for projects?

    Thanks again Mike, I have a Hitachi HD44780 I was planning to use, had it for a while. I've avoided the display shield with buttons as I want the buttons to be slightly away from the display itself on the dash. Maybe once I get the hang of it I'll look at a nicer display
  2. TableLeg

    Arduino help and advice for projects?

    My current setup is 2x 3 way rotary switches. Each map has 3 traction control settings also accessed by a 3 way switch. I'd like to have just 2 push to make buttons and utilise an arduino to have one button cycle through each map and the other to cycle through each TC setting for each map. The selections to show as text on the Lcd display. Not impossible right? even for a noob
  3. TableLeg

    Arduino help and advice for projects?

    Many thanks Mike You are indeed right, the Ecu has a 1k pullup resistor then a second 1k resistor on the 2.5v leg of the switch. I already have Electrodroid on my phone and you're right it is very useful
  4. I'm new to it, and in trying to learn and get help joined the Arduino forum and I have to say, I have never met such a bunch of unhelpful people in a forum I believe there are a few members on here that know their way around Arduinos so I hope they might be able to add their wisdom to mainly very simple questions relating to small projects. I would like to ask some questions and hope somebody can enlighten me. My Ecu has map switching. Simple in operation the Ecu supplies a +5v supply to a switch (can be single, 2 way or 3 way), in my case the switch is 3 way. This gives me 3 different maps to switch between. The other side of the switch on the 3 connections are as follows: 1, is left unconnected therefore giving 0v 2, is connected to ground via 1k resistor and gives 2.5v 3, is connect direct to ground and gives 5v. The Ecu software for map switching looks for between 0v and less than 1.5v for map 1, 1.5v to 3.5v for map 2 and above 3.5v for map 3. I was looking to see if I could control the map switching with a single push button (I have written a sketch that operates 3 Led's with one push button one at a time, the theory being once proved with Led's these could be substituted for other things such as relay etc), but I have a question regarding this. Can I use the 5v supply from the Ecu to the switch but then use the Arduino ground to complete the circuits? Ultimately I want to use a 16x2 Lcd screen and output the options onto the screen e.g. "Map 1 - Maximum Power selected" I've also been looking at simple Menus lately and they seem a great way to incorporate various options, some of these using a rotary encoder but at this moment my lack of coding skills means I am struggling to understand what some of the various parts of the code are doing. Until I can understand some of these I can't work out how to change the code to meet my needs. Any tips or advice great fully received.
  5. ITV Player? https://www.itv.com/hub/goodwood-festival-of-speed/1a8579a0016
  6. Thanks Robin, now corrected.
  7. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    IVA edging added to my V band clamps and heatshrink added to bolt and nut. As previously posted silencers are on.
  8. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    Not a lot happening but i have fitted the silencers now and to ensure Mr IVA would be happy with my silencer mounts I had printed some IVA compatible covers. Havent decided whether to leave them or sand them a bit and maybe even paint them.
  9. TableLeg

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    Second that, Great photos Ian And all the others too.
  10. TableLeg

    fibreglass polishing

    I've been following this post with interest since my car went away for the exhaust work I have acquired a number of light small scratches all over the front cycle wings. I think it would brilliant for the forum if we could somehow compile a tutorial showing techniques/equipment that can be used with photos. I think as a 'sticky' it would be very useful to all users. Anyone want to volunteer having a go? A side question, if using something like G3 paste, is the technique to use a small bit, on a soft cloth and go in circles over the scratches? Does using a machine operated polisher (even in the likes of dremel type tool) give a better finish?
  11. TableLeg

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Have you looked at repairing it yourself? I've fixed my Dyson vacuum cleaner many many times, new motor most recently. Being going now for more than 10 years. Parts readily available from the likes of https://www.espares.co.uk/browse/mt362/dyson/v6 Plenty of videos online showing how to strip them down.
  12. TableLeg

    Fuel pipe

    Couldn't agree more. Good advice Mike.
  13. TableLeg

    Swirl Pot or Baffled Tank

    Where exactly is the pump situated within the tank? Can you not just remove it leaving the outlet to be plumbed to the LP pump? Might help if you put up some pics of the tank and pump setup you have.

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