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  1. mikele

    4 X 205 60 13 A046 £100

    final bump before I put them on ebay tomorrow
  2. mikele

    4 X 205 60 13 A046 £100

    Hi Jim let me know as will put them on eBay if no takers by Sunday as can't get round the car with them in the way! Cheers
  3. mikele

    4 X 205 60 13 A046 £100

    Bump , forgot I still had these! Need to get rid!
  4. mikele

    IVA trim for top of bulkhead

    Bump still need one! Sent MCB a pm but got no reply?
  5. mikele


    Sorry, as ash said long gone ! updated
  6. mikele

    4 X 205 60 13 A046 £100

    No probs, Sent you a pm
  7. mikele

    4 X 205 60 13 A046 £100

    4 X 205 60 13. Yokohama A048 tyres These are barely worn, maybe done 20 miles but are quite old. I'm sure they would be fine on track £100 for all 4.
  8. mikele

    IVA trim for top of bulkhead

    Yes no rush . Thanks
  9. Hi Misplaced my IVA trim which goes on the top of the bulk head behind the seats. Anyone got one spare or used which they no longer need ? Mike
  10. Hi , is your Westfield still for sale

    cheers Duncan

  11. Hello,


    I may be interested by your car,

    Would you please give me more info ?

    History ? factory build ? more pics ? (yvesdal@Hotmail.com)

    Which paper have you with it ? factory build ? chassis number ? original motor ?


    It is for importing it in Belgium, so I need to be sure that I have all the requird paper (chassis and motor matching with paper, V5, MOT, ...) to make it road legal in Belgium.


    Thank you !



  12. mikele


    sent you an email thanks
  13. mikele


    Hi Yes it is
  14. mikele


    Now has 12 months Mot
  15. mikele


    Still here and booked in for mot next week at last..

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