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  1. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    Yellow "HRV" is mine and the orange belongs to a guy from South Africa, called Tony. It's a BDA engined car. The only reason he brought it to the show is because his GT40 had a problem and his Cobra wasn't ready. Wish I had those problems! Brilliant show this year with over 500 cars to drool over. It just gets better and better every year. Back on topic - Bo'ness on Saturday was great too! Back to work tomorrow, but I've had a fantastic weekend.
  2. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    Glad you all enjoyed it.. We were at Grantown Motormania today, so couldn't be with you, but we were at Bo'ness yesterday and got soaked in the afternoon. Fantastic event though. Will definitely be back next year. David
  3. David-hrv

    Our westy video shoot

    It must warrant an Oscar nomination Gary!
  4. David-hrv

    Our westy video shoot

    Absolutely awesome! And perfect music.
  5. David-hrv

    Westfields Carbon silencer feedback??

    I've recently bought a Wunoff exhaust, albeit stainless steel, and had excellent service from them. Speak to Shak or Mark there, and they'll look after you. Relatively quiet and nicely made exhaust, and they'll repack for free next time.
  6. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    Just a heads up Gary (and anybody else thinking of going) - Cars and Coffee meet in Inverness has changed venue. It's now at Rollerbowl on Culduthel Road, next to Inverness Royal Academy. I don't know why it's changed suddenly, but I suspect it may have something to do with the idiots in other cars racing away from the V8 Cafe last month, and I think the cafe owner was distinctly unimpressed by them. We were very sedate and responsible by comparison. I don't think I can make it on Sunday anyway, as I may have to take my daughter to Clachtoll, but we'll see how we go. The plan is very fluid at the moment. There's also the Historic Wheels event on at Brodie Castle, near Forres, that you might be interested in on Sunday afternoon.
  7. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Braemar run 15 july

    Having been away from the house for several weekends now (and been on holiday), we have a lot to do around here, so won't be making this trip, unfortunately. Hope the weather holds for you guys. Have a good run. David
  8. Thanks for letting me know Jeff. It's sad that the weather hasn't been kind to you. Haste ye back, and we'll see you next year. Safe journey home. David
  9. Glad you're all having fun. Hope to meet up with you all for a wee blether back at your hotel after your run tomorrow. David
  10. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Welsh lads and Ullapool run

    Yes, and the bloke to his left looks far too small ! Bet he can't even reach the pedals, poor guy! Great day yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Hope to meet the N Wales guys again this week. Even if I can't get time off work for a daytime run, I'll go across to their hotel one evening for a drink and a blether.
  11. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Welsh lads and Ullapool run

    Hi Doug. Hope you can make it, and yes, it used to be known as Woody's. Highland Classic Motor Club have a Cars and Coffee meet 2nd Sunday of the month, and all are welcome, so that's why we decided to meet there. We can have a coffee and a blether, look at some cars and then the Westies will go for a run before we meet the North Wales guys. Looking forward to fish and chips in Ullapool. Always a good plan!
  12. Stay safe guys and we'll see you at Tarvie, and then on to Ullapool. Hope the weather stays good for you.
  13. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Welsh lads and Ullapool run

    We'll see you at Cars and Coffee (V8 Cafe, Henderson Road, Inverness) around 10:30 ish for a bacon roll and coffee before our run out to meet the Wirral and North Wales guys. Anybody else up for this?
  14. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Welsh lads and Ullapool run

    Count me in for this Gary. My son may tag along at the back in his Alfa, if that's ok.
  15. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty breakfast run

    See you at Tomintoul Gary. Any others joining us?

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