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  1. RoboS

    Withdrawn from sale

    Hi Due to not having enough spare time i am reluctantly selling my Seight 3.5 V8 215 Cams, lightened and balanced crank and fly wheel,Holly 500 Carb LSD Since having the car ive replaced the following: Windscreen and mirrors, New 100+ alloys and RIR tyres, rear discs, Protech shocks, brakes, seats, clocks, distributor, cooling fan and radiator plus various other bits and pieces. If any info is required either PM or e mail Full MOT £8000.00 E mail contact is rob@premiereservicing.co.uk
  2. RoboS

    VDO Rev counter

    Hi Mark The signal comes from the coil The dip switches are on, on & off (1&2&3) Yes the gauge was the correct way, i even switched them the opoosite way just in case. Im thinking it may be a faulty gauge Rob
  3. RoboS

    VDO Rev counter

    Hi Jen Thanks for the info, its difficult to say how much its out, it reads ok at 2000rpm and then seems to get worse the more the car revs. The ignition systems is a std new electronic V8 distributer. The VDO gauge dip switches are set up as indicated on its data sheet for a 8 cylinder engine. Thanks Rob
  4. RoboS

    VDO Rev counter

    Does anyone know what could be wrong with my new VDO rev counter. The dip switches are set correctly but the needle shows the gauge is over revving. Am i missing the point somewhere? Thanks Rob
  5. RoboS

    Smoke blowing back thro carb

    Yes, i did, and i thought it might be the issue, but ive checked and i sure every thing is correct. However now that youve mentioned it i think im going to re-check it again
  6. RoboS

    Smoke blowing back thro carb

    Hi Its none of these, all have been checked. Ive not had much time to check it our recently with work. However ive noticed that when the lead to the dizzy is checked against the chassis i only get a single spark as the ignition is switched off. Rob
  7. Can anyone help? Ive refurbed my scuttle, replaced all the dials etc and since trying to restart the car i'm getting smoke blowing back through my Holley 4 barrel when trying to start. I cannot think of anything i may have done. The cars not being started since last November! It appears to be a problem with my ignition timing but none of this has been touched. Thanks Rob
  8. RoboS

    Alternator fouling chassis

    Jeff Yes thats what im probably going to sort, once ive fitted the new engine mounts, i will fab up some new brackets Rob
  9. RoboS

    Alternator fouling chassis

    Jeff A change in belt wont work, as the part of the alternator thats fouling is its pivot point Rob
  10. RoboS

    Alternator fouling chassis

    Thanks for the info, well worth a try, i will order a set tomorrow Rob
  11. RoboS

    Alternator fouling chassis

    I had the car on ramps this evening looking at them, they look ok, however looking at the rest of the car it may be worth changing them. Rob
  12. RoboS

    Alternator fouling chassis

    Its only about 2mm clear, its made a small dent in the cross member with the engine movement. The last owner fitted a couple of washers on the engine mounting to try to lift the engine slightly but with no joy
  13. I have a Halfords 409 alternator on my V8 and its fouling on the chassis diagonal cross member. Ideally it needs lifting up by approx 20mm. To enable the pulley to match up to the ones on my water pump and crankshaft the alternator is "spaced" 25mm forward of the cast mounting bracket. Its pretty obvious that something is not right, can anyone advise the correct alternator or another way to solve this problem Thanks Rob
  14. RoboS

    Lifting ramps at Stoneleigh

    Photo 1/11 You can drive the car onto the ramps when in their lowered position. Then raise them up with the remote hydraulic pump.. Very strong and has a safety lock to prevent the ramps from dropping. I use mine quite a lot.
  15. RoboS

    Lifting ramps at Stoneleigh

    The ramps from CJ Autos are really good, i have a pair. Rob

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