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  1. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    E-mail preference

    https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/notifications/options/ top option
  2. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Too tall a thermostat housing on a xflow

    I've had the same issue with my oil cap when I swapped Xflow to Zetec. I put the nose cone on two 5mm thick alu strips, which in turn raises the bonnet just enough where it matters. You can't see the alu strips with the nose cone fitted.
  3. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    December 2018

    Nothing to report Last month: £ 8749.45This month: £ 0.00 ----------+Total: £ 8749.45
  4. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    November 2018

    The half shaft hubs are 'staggered' in circumference. So if they are 50mm wide (I do not know the exact dimensions), the 1st 40mm is the same diameter as the wheels, but the last 10mm is slightly bigger in diameter. So if I can machine the last 10mm to be the same diameter, my wheels will fit all the way against the hub flange, without having to resort to using a spacer. As it is this spacer (or rather the new ET on the new wheels) that prevent them from fitting in the arches.
  5. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    3D printing (plastics)

    I've used https://www.3dhubs.com for 3D printing of some keyboard feet (the flip out ones to raise the keyboard). A pair was £5 (incl £3 postage), and I had it in less than a week. You can pick the material and supply your own file. Quality was good and a year later still holds the keyboard up.
  6. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    November 2018

    November 2nd, 2018 Spend: £0.00 Oooh, it's fresh today... November 29th, 2018 Spend: £0.00 Realistically, I'm not seeing the weather being nice enough to drive the car to work and back without getting p*ssed on, so I SORNed it today. I need to get the half-shafts machined so my new wheels fit, and I need to take the petrol tank out to re-fit the pump so it reads on the gauge again. Plenty to do this winter! Last month: £ 8749.45This month: £ 0.00 ----------+Total: £ 8749.45
  7. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Kitfest 2019 Santa pod

    Looks like it is just a clubstand of NWKOC at the Retro Show: http://www.retroshow.co.uk/index.php ?
  8. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    October 2018

    October 5th, 2018 Spend: £0.00 What a muppet... ran out of petrol on the way into work. Must! Fix! The! Petrol! Gauge! Last month: £ 8749.45This month: £ 0.00 ----------+Total: £ 8749.45
  9. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Winter wear

    I use waterproof+windproof snowboarding gear over my normal clothes. Layers is the key to keeping warm though. Motorcycle gloves are also good, but very stiff.
  10. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Speedo reading slow

    Would this help?
  11. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    4 point harness flaping around when strapped in

    I put the excess underneath the lap belts. Strap on the left underneath the left side, and strap on the right underneath the right side.
  12. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Wirrai N/Wales Pensioners Section Run Out

    You've been spotted by my son!
  13. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Fixing my petrol gauge for once and for all...
  14. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    September 2018

    September 1st, 2018 Spend: £4.99 New exhaust bobbin of 4cm high instead of 3cm, to give it a little more clearance. Last month: £ 8744.46This month: £ 4.99 ----------+Total: £ 8749.45
  15. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Recent snap of your Westfield


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