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  1. Bigjas

    Westfield Seight 3.5 V8 - SOLD

    The car is now sold, and will be going to a fantastic new owner next week. Jas
  2. The car is sold, pending the usual. Westfield Seight – 3.5 V8 – 2002 For sale is my Westfield Seight. I bought this car from a member on WSCC in July 2013 and it was well known to the club then. I have not really used the car much during my ownership, (approx. 1700 miles) hence the sale. It has been a great and reliable car and has only been used in dry conditions and is always garaged. 12,600 Miles, MOT due in June 2018, Registered April 2002 Specification 3.5 Litre V8 Weber 500cfm carb Edelbrock performer manifold Vitesse pistons (Increased Comp Ratio) Real Steel Viper Hurricane Cam (mild road) Lumenition Optronic Ignition Mocal Remote oil filter and cooler Lightened Flywheel JE Developments Flat, baffled Sump Rover Vitesse 5-Speed Gearbox XR4x4 Limited Slip Diff Long range (36Litre) fuel injection tank Solid Disc brakes all round Greenstuff front brake pads TSW R-Type 16" wheels 205/45/16 Tyres Side Exit Exhausts Full Westfield Tonneau Willans Harness Steel the Scene Roll Bar Luggage Rack Autocom Dual Headset intercom with MP3/Sat Nav/Phone inputs Roll Bar Windbreak New Steering rack fitted 2015 – 2.4 Quickrack from Burton Power 210 Bhp @ 5610 rpm 221 lbft @ 4000 rpm 724 Kg with 3/4 tank fuel Lots of History, including build photos and build receipts. I have the build manuals and original brochures. All previous MOT Certificates. Comes with two sets of keys. No tyre kickers or test pilots please. Serious inquiries only please, I'm not going to entertain silly offers. Test Drive will only be offered on proof of appropriate comprehensive insurance cover. A video showing a walk around the car can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbXHF2J95iw £11,500 Contact Jason on bigjas42@googlemail.com for more info, pictures or to view the car.
  3. Bigjas

    Membership renewal

    I renewed mine a couple of days ago. I just clicked on the link in the email and it took me straight to the page to pay.
  4. Hi Bigjas

    As I am just down the road from you, it would be nice if we could meet up.



  5. Bigjas

    New member

    Hi and welcome. I'm just down the road from you in Fareham (Catisfield area). I joined the club in 2013 after buying my Seight from a member on here. Loads of really helpful info and people on here. Good luck with your car Jas
  6. Bigjas

    Loss of oil pressure in my RV8 Seight

    A quick update just to inform anyone else with the same problem. It was indeed oil draining out of the oil pump. I bought the tool needed to turn the oil pump from good old ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-V8-Oil-pump-priming-tool-Buick-TVR-Morgan-Range-Rover-Land-Rover-/122431815105 I took the dizzy out, inserted the tool and used my drill to spin it up. It turned very easily with no resistance, so I assumed it was empty of oil. I have a remote oil filter, so I took off the oil hose, inserted a funnel and poured some oil in. I put the drill in to reverse to suck the oil in to the pump, re connected the oil hose and spun the pump on the drill. Lots of resistance so assumed it had worked. Got Mrs Bigjas to watch the oil pressure gauge to see if it moved whilst spinning the pump and success. Took the car out for its first outing this year and all was well. Thanks to everyone who commented and gave ideas on this thread, I wouldn't of known how to do it without you guys. Jas
  7. Bigjas

    Front Lights

    I am after a pair of front lights for my Seight. Ideally chrome finish. Thanks Jas
  8. Bigjas

    Loss of oil pressure in my RV8 Seight

    Huge thanks to all your replies. I have assumed from your info that it is the oil pump that needs priming. So I have bought a tool to go on my drill and take off the dizzy and prime it that way. I will fill it up through the remote oil filter line and see what happens. I take it Vaseline is ok in the engine? I'll pack the pump with it if filling it with oil doesn't work. Thanks again everyone Jas
  9. Bigjas

    Loss of oil pressure in my RV8 Seight

    Thanks for the replies. No work has happened on the car since it was last started, so I am thinking the oil pump needs priming? I will try turning it over in short bursts without plugs/fuel and see what happens at the weekend. Thanks again Jas
  10. Bigjas

    Points replacement

    I fitted the Lumenition kit to my Seight and it works very well. Fit it and forget it. Jas
  11. I got the car out at the weekend as the weather has been so nice. I went over it checking everything was ok as it has not been started since last October. It started on the button, but there was a tappet knocking noise, so I glanced at the pressure gauge and it was sat on zero pressure. I turned the engine off straight away, it was probably running for about 30 seconds. I hope I have not done any damage? I'm not sure what the problem could be? The gauge seems to be working as when I turn the ignition on, it moves from its resting position to zero. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should be looking at? I assume the oil pump is broken? There is plenty of oil in the engine, but no pressure, so assume a broken pump or a pick up problem? It was running fine last October with the usual oil pressure of about 1.5 - 2 bar. The engine is a Rover V8 3.5 with a remote filter and oil cooler. Thanks Jas
  12. Bigjas

    100 PCD Boss to 70 PCD Boss Adapter

    I have done the same with a similar adapter and not had any issues at MOT time. For me it was s lot easier than getting a weld on boss. Jas
  13. Bigjas

    wind deflectors

    I have the Westfield one. It kind of works a bit with a standard screen and doors fitted. I can't see why you would fit it to an aero screened car though (as in the ad). Jas
  14. Bigjas

    Hello - new owner

    Hi Alex and welcome to the club. As Ross says, there are a couple of Seights in Fareham and I have one of them. I have not been able to use it much recently due to life getting in the way, but will hopefully get some time in the summer. Enjoy your new car, looks great. Jas
  15. Bigjas

    Quick Seight Question

    I have a Seight, I didn't build it myself but have the build pictures from the previous owner. It was certainly not a rolling chassis looking at the pictures. Mine is a 2002 car. So I presume they could be built from a kit? Hope this helps Jas

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