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  1. @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO make it so
  2. Link here: http://www.blytonsprintweekend.co.uk/the-gluten-free-meal-friday-night/ Surprised there's not more people signed up already....?
  3. BCF

    C type project

    Looks stunning Chris. Mighty @Marto303 strikes again.
  4. BCF

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, Jun 2018

    Yep I should be there Matt
  5. You just lost driving privileges my friend
  6. Yep of course he's welcome out in the Mazda for a bit of variety
  7. BCF

    Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    Was the contact I passed on to you any use Mark?
  8. Definitely an in joke! Goes back a few years when it was just a few of us and we had our initials down by our orders. Waitress came out and said "who's got the gluten free meal?" - all looked blank until we realised she mistook Graham Franklands initials to mean gluten free. Hence why he is now known as Glutey! One of those funny at the time things maybe!! But a legend none the less. As is Graham!
  9. BCF

    Sprint Tyres

    Bear in mind some are talking cold pressures where I am talking hot pressures and have tried to be explicit about this. Cold pressures seem to be in the ballpark as recommended by @John and @terry everall so probably a good place to start. Needs a tyre temp probe and a good test day to mess around to find what's right for you. The range from Alan at Toyo is huge in terms of hot pressures, so as said before, best to experiment for yourself and see what works for you, your set up and driving style.
  10. BCF

    Sprint Tyres

    Quick editorial for all those using forum based chat as their basis for car set up - 32psi hot is for the stripped out mx5, 28-30psi hot is where it needs to be for a Westfield. Apparently. Based on someone else's advice. Make up your own minds!
  11. BCF

    Sprint Tyres

    Fair enough, I thought maybe you had tested them and come up with that as the best solution. Really appreciate the benefit of your experience John, just for me at this stage I'm more inclined to listen to the guy that helped Nangang develop the tyre and has actual direct experience of using them (he also works with Toyo and confirmed similar for the new R888R). He was very amused when I reflected our sprint bias towards low pressures and asked if we had put the same level of testing into them - clearly I haven't, so have to bow to his greater knowledge and actual experience. His advice is run them at 32psi hot, up to all you lovely readers out there as to what you do. I bought some for the Mazda and will play around with the pressures, starting with his advice and then changing as I feel necessary. Will report back.
  12. BCF

    Sprint Tyres

    Based on what John?
  13. BCF

    Sprint Tyres

    @RussH is running them in 15", I didn't get to experience them unfortunately but he seems to like them. Can't say how quick they are though as he won't sprint yet (too scared)
  14. BCF

    Sprint Tyres

    Was chatting to the main tyre guy at Rockingham on Friday, he runs the AR1 on his race cars, they like to run at a high hot pressure apparently - 32 degrees he recommended, around 26-28psi cold. Thought that was useful info to share.
  15. BCF

    Rockingham track day 25th May

    I may have misread Will's email, thought he was offering to organise a day for us? Asks us for days that suit, although reading it again, he could well mean from the listed trackdays already available! So if he doesn't mean a day at our leisure, I'll go back to the drawing board!

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