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  1. BCF

    Cheap seat! SORTED!!

    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions, we're now sorted thanks to the man, the legend @tkm_dave
  2. MBE 956 is a good ECU, no need to replace it. All decent RR tuners can map them because it was one of the better and more popular ECU's several years ago. Track n Road are very good, as is Lynx AE. We used to use Swift Motorsport in Wilts but I believe they've moved out to Bath now.
  3. Think I get the picture, have got some bits of hose, might take some with me on Monday and have a go during the day!
  4. Anything I can do here Adman? Could be helpful to us all!
  5. Our brakes were cooking. We were burning through a full set of pads every trackday (standard apec pads). Partly I think because the discs were effed, partly because of a couple of seized calipers, but anything that helps brake temps can't be a bad thing!
  6. BCF

    Duratec woes!

    SBD's oil recommendation... SBD Duratec Oil Recommendation sheet.pdf
  7. It's got a chequered flag on it and says race, must be brilliant
  8. That'll happen a lot. We're on our second set of calipers now. As they're all refurb units they don't seem to last long (especially as ours is kept outside). Interested to see if the better brake fluid helps in any way.
  9. BCF

    2019 Trackday chat

    Could be a potential, will check the diary!
  10. There's a mental image you just can't get rid of, Martin in a thong (An emoticon that both represents his face on putting such an item on, and the look on the faces of all he passes!!) I'll be there Matt
  11. Ta, think we might be sorted, got a couple of options now though
  12. BCF

    Duratec woes!

    Were all these duratec failures on wet sumps? I know @Archibald Meatpants issue was specific, although the lack of dry sump can't have helped. Just thinking of the 3 duratecs that have gone in the last year, all were mainly track use yet all were wet sump...
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