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  1. As I'm drawing nearer to decisions for next year, I'm wondering what your collective experience is of a MK2 Toyota MR2 Turbo? I'm liking them because it ticks the turbo box for me (never had a turbo as a hobby car) and the power/weight ratio is good, as is the relative value for money. But is an NA a better choice for a track car?
  2. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    Cheers mate, you're on.
  3. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    A totally rational suggestion, yet I haven't the faintest interest in owning one. I can't explain it, just not interested. Weird.
  4. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    I think too fragile for the age/wear of the car to be used for competition, I can forsee big running costs with one of those. But has certainly been on my dream list for a long while. I remember seeing a red one driving through the paddocks at a karting event when I was a kid, I chased it on my bike as I thought it was my childhood dream car, a Dodge Viper!
  5. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    Yeah I'd be up for that. Not convinced about finding a decent, reliable one for sensible money though. I'll have a look. I'm not certain at the moment I'll ever go back to a Westfield, I absolutely loved my experience with one but feel like that box is ticked. We'll see though, never say never...
  6. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    I do like an RX8 and there's only one other in the series so might be a good shout. Not convinced on the power to weight though, they're a big ol' lump!
  7. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    My toy car ponderings at the moment, following an effective wife "ban" on a big American V8, is as follows: Porsche 986 Boxster S Porsche 996 (but I can only afford the cheaper end so might be a mistake) Anything similar money to a Boxster S that offers the same values - roof down, compliant drive, bit of power? Not into Beemers. I'm also seriously considering entering the Japanese Sprint Series so looking at various options for something competitive there. Current thoughts are: MX5 turbo Nissan 350Z Toyota Corolla Levin Anything from the JDM scene I'm missing that offers good value to buy, rear wheel drive and a strong power to weight ratio?
  8. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    I must admit I'm very tempted. But if I went in that direction, I think would go the turbo route. Just has the best bang for buck ratio.
  9. BCF

    Life after Westy's?

    Quick update - as mentioned before, I had a lovely MK1 MX5 which Sophia and I enjoyed thoroughly - a fantastic car for high days and dry days This went to @AdamR and was replaced with something a little unorthodox (and supplied by Adam!)... I kept the competitive urge going with some sprints and hillclimbs in my dad's mini, quite a successful start to the season with a new class record in the up to 1400cc road going class at Gurston Down, followed by a new class record at Llandow, but the season got cut short with a bump at Charmouth Then the most utterly incredible experience of my life: an intensely generous offer to warm the tyres for @Paul Morcom in his wonderful Swift SE Formula Ford. I can honestly say this was the scariest, most daunting experience that turned into one of the most fun weekends ever! Sitting on the start line at Blyton, having never driven the car before, it was more than once that I thought "what on earth am I doing??"! But once I got the grips of the gearbox, it all worked out pretty well with some trophies to boot. A mega thanks again to Paul for that once in a lifetime opportunity - I will never forget it. All the while the track hack Mazda MX-5 that I co-own with @Marto303, affectionately known as the Silver S***ter kept its unflinching value for money ethos alive with plenty of trackdays, lapping up the abuse. It even got a spin at a Javelin sprint event at Snetterton as a season ender, and even somehow managed to come second in class. A piece of crap car like that, on ancient worn out tyres, was not supposed to be able to do that!!! And that pretty much brings us up to date. Super excited about what 2019 will bring from a competitive perspective but options still open. Still umming and arring about what to buy as a toy car now the garage is empty, but not in any particular rush as the garage has to be cleared out first. Decisions, decisions....
  10. BCF

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Awesome. Just awesome. And the genuine application of the word too.
  11. Getting worried Simon??
  12. BCF

    EBC brake pads

    Oi, get your balanced opinion off this EBC bashing thread!! Sensible balanced opinions not welcome on forum threads!
  13. BCF

    EBC brake pads

    Great post MOTCO, proof of what we all know. I can't believe they're still being sold, worst still, that EBC still promote them as performance pads! And @maurici - lots of us completely agree with you, just can't be bothered with forum nonsense so stay out of it. I'm 100% with you - if a car is described as "race proven" or "track developed" but has a component we all know to be inappropriate to that use, you have to approach it with a great sense of caution. Whether the pads were fitted recently or not is irrelevant, the person who fitted them is the one describing the car, therefore their judgment needs to be taken with a huge great big pinch of salt and if other comparable options are available, it may be preferential to look elsewhere. Not necessarily walk away, just be very, very wary. My advice with this forum (and any forum) is to offer your opinion if you choose to do so, but leave it there - don't bother to respond to other people's opinion of your opinion, even if it winds you up. Let the reader decide. Big hug
  14. BCF

    Selection of indicator pods

    Ad updated to reflect sold items

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