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  1. Well that last part is happening......heading offshore on Monday for 3 weeks so we won't make it this year guys. Hope you all have a safe and as usual great weekend
  2. Angela and I .....if I'm not offshore
  3. clansman

    Fitting a Raceline water rail to a Zetec

    Looks familiar
  4. clansman

    heated seats vs heated vest

    I bought the KEIS. Heated Gillet from the same place with the controller and it works a treat........or so I'm told as it has been commandeerd
  5. clansman

    WSCC Tool rolls at Silverstone.

    Was there a final outcome to the tool rolls? Been off here for a while sorry
  6. clansman

    Rear light housings

    I'm now looking for a pair..or where you can get a pair without the lights?
  7. clansman

    Who's changed to their winter tyres!

    Put mine on last week.......2days later the white stuff decended in anger.....phew as otherwise tin top is useless.
  8. clansman

    Newcomer to WSCC

    Welcome to the Clan from up here in the Shire of the Deen
  9. clansman

    WSCC Tool rolls at Silverstone.

    Would be nice if us northeners could get some........hell of a long way for us to drive
  10. clansman

    Replacement throttle cable

    Cheers Ian ...eventually found the info on your build thread. Need to measure the current cable length and then order the appropriate inner cable and maybe the outer as well.
  11. clansman

    Replacement throttle cable

    Anybody got a recomendation for a good quality teflon coated inner throttle cable? I had an issue with mine when it jammed on full !! Thankfully no major problem at the time but at least it tested the shift change light and the hard cut out rev limiter
  12. Thought I was going to need the same thing on Sunday...throttle jammed open but RAC got it sorted so I got home undee own steam.
  13. clansman

    A plan insurance renewal

    How you manage that??
  14. Looking like only one Westie going to make it from here

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