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  1. Michael Whitworth

    Last fling at the Rock? Oct 21st

    Just doing final prep now and swapping from road tyres to slicks. See you in the morning.
  2. Michael Whitworth

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    Hi Paul, A friend of mine had a similar issue with flooring, he posted a you tube vid to highlight it. They eventually went to mediation and settled out of court.
  3. Michael Whitworth

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    And possibly two more. Myself and Captain Pugwash AKA Andrew Dixon.
  4. Michael Whitworth

    Last fling at the Rock? Oct 21st

    Me, Me , Me, Me , Me , Me!!!!
  5. Michael Whitworth

    What metal connectors are used with these..............

    That is why I suggested separating the two plugs and taking a picture of the terminal ends to get an idea of what the pins look like or remove a terminal from the socket as described above and take a photo.
  6. Michael Whitworth

    No Spark - Intermittent

  7. Michael Whitworth

    What metal connectors are used with these..............

    Might help if you took a picture of it unplugged so we can see the terminals too.
  8. DOH!!! That makes sense, I thought the were pix of the same thing. lol I didn't read it properly and thought it was just rears. Will the rears fit and 89 SEi and are they for golf calipers or Ford?
  9. Hi Luke, I don't recognise these. What do they fit? They look like they might have a clamp bolt at the top that a ball joint slides into rather than a through bolt like on the bottom.
  10. Michael Whitworth

    No Spark - Intermittent

    Result!!. I wasn't aware of that parameter in MAP4000 So may not have been able to help, Although Crank sensor Peak to peak may have been low and the trigger event from the missing tooth may not have been identifiable by the Omex unit. Good move contacting Omex, Sounds like their support is excellent.
  11. Michael Whitworth

    No Spark - Intermittent

    Hi Billy, I see you are in Stockport? I am in Swinton and run an Auto electrical and Diagnostic workshop. If you have a trailer and can get the car over to us I would be happy to do a couple of scope checks for you FOC. Regards, Mike
  12. Michael Whitworth

    Cadwell dates

    Apart from a final Rock?
  13. Michael Whitworth

    Trailer wanted

  14. Michael Whitworth

    Quaife unit for English axle

    Give me a call tomorrow Adam. You have my number.
  15. Michael Whitworth

    Quaife unit for English axle

    Hi Adam, I may have a 3.54 English diff with Quaife ATB LSD installed available some time soon from an SEi.

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