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  1. gparker

    Getting DRL's to switch off when headlights come on

    My Westfield inherited several switched-ground components from the MX-5 it was built from. The headlight switch itself is one of them: it is on the ground side of the headlight relay actuator.
  2. gparker

    Getting DRL's to switch off when headlights come on

    Be careful here. The wiring will look different if your headlight is already connected through a relay, or if your headlight uses switched ground instead of switched power.
  3. gparker

    Take the long way home

    My understanding is that owners of kit cars are legally required to avoid the direct route home from the grocery store.
  4. gparker

    Mazda SDV clutch master cylinder

    The Flyin' Miata folks were convinced that Westfield got the clutch pedal ratio wrong, albeit on the LHD cars which have a different pedal box design. They recommended a modification that moved the master's connection to the pedal.
  5. gparker

    Mazda SDV Fuel injection question.

    This sounds like normal behavior. On many ECUs the cold start sequence includes one squirt from all four fuel injectors.
  6. gparker

    KugaWestie's Winter Upgrade Thread 2015-16-17

    Do you have the 6-speed? That looks like transmission-breaking power for the 5-speed.
  7. gparker

    Orange is the New Black 1600 Mazda SDV Build

    My kit came with ten countersunk rivets mixed in with one of the other bags of rivets.
  8. gparker

    Acceptable length of cooling hose

    You can also use silicone hose reinforced with wire, either built into the hose or inserted separately. The wire prevents the hose from collapsing under vacuum.
  9. Here's how I measured the holes in the boot box for the RAC roll bar. 1. Use a bolt to secure a laser pointer in the top roll bar bracket. Aim the laser at the bolt in the bottom bracket. 2. Insert the boot box and mark the laser's point. 3. Do the same with the laser on the other side of the same roll bar bracket. The goal is to get marks on the top and the bottom of the boot box. 4. Cut a channel between the two laser marks. Mount a rod through the channel. I used a 1/4" threaded rod and drilled a scrap of wood to hold it on the bottom rose joint. 5. Measure and cut the hole using the rod as the center line. I used a scrap of wood cut to match the roll bar diameter to trace out the curve at the top and bottom.
  10. gparker

    Mazda SDV Build Diary

    The Venom matters. The relay configuration will be different. The Venom's main beam circuit does not interrupt the dipped beam circuit.
  11. gparker

    mx5 sdv heated screen - need harness?

    My instrument cluster had a lamp for the Mazda rear window heater. I wired the Westfield windscreen heater to that. Far more trouble than it was worth since (1) my switch also has a lamp and (2) I never use the windscreen heater anyway.
  12. gparker

    Orange is the New Black 1600 Mazda SDV Build

    The exhaust pipe will spoil that engine bay location anyway.
  13. gparker

    Mazda SDV Build Diary

    I tried measuring the current across my car's S terminal and it was off scale low. Either the current is less than 0.1 mA, or I performed the measurement incorrectly. The latter is quite possible because the alternator's terminals are hard to reach after the bodywork is in place. I was able to tell that the S terminal was at +12V and is therefore unswitched. My PC680 battery has held charge after at least a month idle; it certainly doesn't drain overnight.
  14. gparker

    Mazda SDV Build Diary

    Mazda's wiring diagrams are quite clear: the S terminal is unswitched. The current through it should be less than a milliamp when the car is off. The L terminal is supposed to connect to a lamp and a diode. An appropriate LED and resistor might work.

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