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  1. * Sold * Westfield SEiW . I am selling my Westfield SEiW with FW bodywork. Based near Market Drayton, Shropshire 2.0l Zetec Omex 600 ECUOmex Thottle Bodies Type 9 gearbox 4 Pot front callipers Heater Heated windscreen Rear stone guards Rear Defuser Contoured dash Bonnet locks Tonneau cover All above parts supplied by Westfield Other parts fitted :- Cobra Immobilizer Daytime driving lights Indicator on warning buzzer ( after 10 secs.) Locking wheel nuts Walker St Clair cockpit dust cover First registered 11 2014 MOT till 11 2018 Present mileage 1380 Asking £15750 Please PM me or call on 07583453240
  2. I had a garage like that years ago and I sold it and had a brick one built is a peaked roof. Now when I’m in it I look up at all the rubbish I have stuffed in the roof and think my sons will have to sort that lot when I’m dead cause I just haven’t got the energy.
  3. The trouble is today we take the perfect fit of body parts on our cars for granted." When I was a lad" a long time ago, if you went to pick up a new car the first thing you checked was the gaps round the doors, the bonnet and the boot lid to see they were something like. When I built my FW I really struggled trying to get the perfect fit but these bodies are fibreglass so you just have to do the best you can. I find on a sunny day in June when you are out and about you forget all about it
  4. I bought a indicator waring buzzer for a bike off EBay. .ebay.co.uk/itm/MOTORBIKE-INDICATOR-WARNING-BUZZER-ADJUSTABLE-DELAY-WITH-BRAKE-MOD-/251337237605?hash=item3a84dde465:g:LFUAAOxyuUZSL5t- It easy to fit and works a treat.
  5. Hi Sorry to be a bit late in replying to this topic, not been on site for a few days. Have got a spare duct as there was one with my kit and another already bonded in the scuttle. You can have it if you would like to pay the postage. When we were ordering the kit the other half thought it would be a good idea but if you are weight consious its a heck of a lump. Don't think I would like to fit the heater with the scuttle in place, it woud be a bit of a studdle. Finished my build in the late last year so not had many outings. Did go out last Saturday and the other half started fiddling the switches as they do and switched the heater fan on. I had not used it before. Can,t say I noticed any difference but wifey was quite impressed. Send a PM with your email if the duct is any use to you.
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