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  1. Red Flash

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    Thanks Chris / Mark for your help. I'll check my email and action accordingly. Cheers Paul
  2. Red Flash

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    Hi Chris, Thanks for your assistance. Totally unintentional if my membership has lapsed. My membership just happens to coincide with when the Westy insurance is due, so its always a good prompt. Paul
  3. Red Flash

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    Hi Chris, I believe I am a paid up member. I've just been on my bank to check when the payment was last deducted from my account. Unfortunately I can't go back far enough! I've received the latest club magazine and calendar, which I trust I wouldn't have received if I was no longer a member? Cheers Paul
  4. Red Flash

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    As far as I am aware my membership is up to date!
  5. Red Flash

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    Hi Folks, Hopefully someone can shed some light please. Apologies if this is a daft question! I understand what SORN in terms of DVLA means, however, under my forum name in profile details, it shows WSCC S.O.R.N. What does this mean? Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Maurici, I have that very same trailer and would be very interested to know where you obtained the tube and brackets from to make the frame? also did you have the tarpaulin made or did to make that yourself?. Oh great adaption by the way. Cheers Paul
  7. Red Flash

    Steering Rack Gaitors - A little confusion

    Steering gaiter kit - part no. JUSUNISRG purchased from.CES UK Chester. £4.60 +vat www.cesuk.com Tel no. 01244 377118
  8. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    All sorted. Once the nut was past the nylon insert. I nipped the joint in a vice between the casing and the top of the stud. Could then turn the nut down on to the block, whilst hold it with anthother spanner. Cheers Oh and sailed through the MoT this morning.
  9. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    Ah yes. Had cortina uprights on our other Westy. On this one they Westfield hubs.
  10. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    When reassembled the nut is enclosed in the hub housing. I would have to disassemble, hope the weight of the car has compressed the block onto the taper, try a nip it then reassemble. What a ball ache, pardon the punn!
  11. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    Part number on mine was QSJ602S. Nyloc top nut the same. How did you hold the joint whilst you tighten thd nyloc?
  12. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    Yes they are maxi ball joints. Ive just this minute tried one and it appears to fit Thanks for your quick response Terry
  13. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    Thanks Terry. Did wonder about setting to and cutting it, but thought less haste and pose the question first to see what others have done.
  14. Red Flash

    Steering Rack Gaitors - A little confusion

    Ive just replaced mine with a universal kit from my local motor parts supplier. £5.00
  15. Red Flash

    Front lower ball joint issue!

    Hi Folks, Would value your advice please. I've come to replace the lower front ball joints on the Westy. However the replacments i've received have a longer ball stud. The one i have removed is 70mm long measured from the base plate to the top of the stud. The new ones are 4mm longer which isn't enough room to sit in the housing. As it clashes with the inside of the hub housing. The new ones are supplied by Quinton Hazel, not sure of the supplier of the ones that are on. If i order replacements how can i be sure they will be the correct ones. Would appreciate your suggestions. Cheers Paul

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