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  1. Looking at my aero screen I would expect that they would have to be removed!
  2. Once you have removed the screen and wiper arms, place the aero screen in position (not fixed) you'll soon know whether the rest have to be removed.
  3. Totally agree, no point disguising the issue and not identifying the cause. Checked the glow plugs and they are all fine, thankfully: as they can be a b*tch to remove on the vivaro. Want to avoid having to take it to the dealer if we can.
  4. Placed an order with Opie Oils for a bottle of cleaner. There is a specific one for bike engines. Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles (118ml)
  5. Will do, cheers Jon.
  6. My lads van failed this time; from a warning light on the dash. The light has been there for the past seven years and wasn't a problem before. Its not safety related as the fault code says that it is related to the glow plugs, but they are all fine!! Trouble is as has already been pointed out, the MoT system is flawed, when left to interpretation of the tester!
  7. Would value your opinion please folks, before I start delving? I have a Honda fireblade 919 engine installed in our Westy. It was put away for the winter months previously running sweet as a nut. Started it up, at the weekend (started off the button) and went down the road for a couple of mile, when I noticed the fuel was low! came back home and parked on the drive. When running on idle and just blipping the throttle, it sounds lumpy as if running on three cylinders. Topped fuel thinking it may have been that, but its still the same. However, this only appears on idol not when driving. Obviously something is a miss, what are your thoughts?
  8. I have a Teng 40-210 Nm and Halfords Professional 8-60 Nm and would rate both.
  9. Thanks Chris / Mark for your help. I'll check my email and action accordingly. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi Chris, Thanks for your assistance. Totally unintentional if my membership has lapsed. My membership just happens to coincide with when the Westy insurance is due, so its always a good prompt. Paul
  11. Hi Chris, I believe I am a paid up member. I've just been on my bank to check when the payment was last deducted from my account. Unfortunately I can't go back far enough! I've received the latest club magazine and calendar, which I trust I wouldn't have received if I was no longer a member? Cheers Paul
  12. As far as I am aware my membership is up to date!
  13. Hi Folks, Hopefully someone can shed some light please. Apologies if this is a daft question! I understand what SORN in terms of DVLA means, however, under my forum name in profile details, it shows WSCC S.O.R.N. What does this mean? Cheers Paul
  14. Hi Maurici, I have that very same trailer and would be very interested to know where you obtained the tube and brackets from to make the frame? also did you have the tarpaulin made or did to make that yourself?. Oh great adaption by the way. Cheers Paul
  15. Steering gaiter kit - part no. JUSUNISRG purchased from.CES UK Chester. £4.60 +vat www.cesuk.com Tel no. 01244 377118
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