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  1. Hi all, not much interest! Car is now also advertised on eBay, I'm open to offers. EBay advert here
  2. In conclusion for anyone reading this in the future, the fault was found to be that one of the relay terminals was not secure in the terminal block, therefore when pushing the relay inthe terminal pushed out of the back of the block and so did not make a connection! Problem solved pump priming as it should be, and all running nicely, thanks for the help provided!
  3. Hello, The time has come to sell my awesome Westfield, please find a full description and more photos on Pistonheads at the link below. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/other-models/2001-westfield-1800-gtz--factory-built/8661555 Fell free to call to discuss 07595732831 Thanks, James
  4. Hi all, After a couple of months of not using the car it won't start, the fuel pump is not priming when i turn on the ignition. It is a 2002 factory built 1.8 zetec with omex 600E ecu. I have ran a live wire to the pump and it fires and keeps running, does not cut out after 3 seconds like it used to then start up again when the engine is running. I thought it may be the imobiliser causing problems so I have bridged the starter and fuel pump wires to bypass the imobiliser, this didn't change anything but has removed one option. On the attached photo I think the far right fuse is the fuse for the fuel pump, there is no power here with the ignition turned on, I'm not sure if there should be? All the other fuses have power with the ignition on, if I run a wire from one of the other fuses to this fuse the fuel pump fires and keeps running, allowing me to start the car, but clearly this is not how it is designed to be wired up. There are two relays under the steering column, they're both the same configuration so I have tried swapping them but this made no difference, so i can assume they're both working as I can feel them click when I turn on the ignition. Any other ideas, or methods to find the cause of this issue would be appreciated. Thanks, James
  5. Update: On Wednesday last week I took the plugs out again, this time they hadn't built up any soot but the car was running badly. I gave them a quick flick over with a wire brush and popped them back in. I also disconnected and reconnected each of the injector wires. It then ran well. I fitted the new air filter on Friday evening, and the car continues to run well. I'm not sure if I've nudged something else or there was a poor connection somewhere but as the car is running well I don't want to touch anything, however when the end of the month rolls around I'll be ordering an ecu cable and will have a look over the numbers.
  6. Terry, Good question, I haven't checked them since I changed them 12 months ago. I guess you are suggesting that it may not be the sooty plugs that are causing the issues? However when the plugs were cleaned it appeared to solve the problems for a few days (these few days included approx. 200 miles)
  7. Just read up on the thermodynamics of temp sensors, and they're not affected by wind unless they are wet-bulb type, which those in cars are not. This pretty much rules out the temp sensor theory, however the new air filter has just arrived so I will fit this evening (PX600 matched existing). I can't plug in at present but it's about time I bought a cable for the ecu...
  8. As the title, the plugs are getting sooty, which I think is causing the hunting at idle and rough running at light throttle due to a weak spark not passing as it should, under medium to high load it revs and pulls as normal, more powerful spark can get through the soot. When I have cleaned the plugs the car runs perfectly. 1.8 Silvertop Zetec, Jenvey throttlebodies, MBE 956E ecu, (factory built) Of course I need to find the cause of the sooty plugs, I understand this is due to the engine running rich. This problem has only occurred in the last month or so, prior to this I had 18 months of good running. One thing that has changed is that there is a hole in my air filter approx. 50mm x 50mm on the front top corner (protrudes thorough bonnet) could this be affecting the air temp sensor on the filter backing plate, ie wind chill?! Would this cause the ecu to put more fuel in to compensate for the cold air? (New filter ordered and should arrive today) Are there any other things that could be affecting this? I have read somewhere about the lambda affecting the mixture at idle and under light throttle, I'm 99% sure my setup is running a lambda, if this is no longer working could this be the cause of the rich mixture, ecu reverts to a rich mixture to save valves? Something else? throttle position sensor? It'd be nice if I could determine the problem without an expensive remapping session, as I haven't played with the mapping it shouldn't be this. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. James
  9. Apart from the last few weeks I use my hood quite a lot. I really don't understand what the all the fuss is about, ok so it's not as easy to get in and out as a mondeo (or other similarly boring car), but once you're in it'll keep you dry in the summer (bit hot) and warm in winter, and you can still drive the car! I do intend to get a half hood at some point, it gets a bit hot inside if you have rain and warm weather.
  10. I'll admit she was pretty tired and the sun was on her face, but my girlfriend managed to fall asleep in the car with the roof off but doors on while I was doing 60mph along a quiet A road recently. The screen and doors on make it a fairly civilised environment up to 65mph I'd say. Doors off at speed is a bit different... I love the idea of aeroscreens but it'd seriously reduce the likleyhood of me being allowed to use the Westfield as often (when she is accompanying me of course). Maybe with a screen and hood you'd be able to use the car much more regularly an wouldn't want to sell at all as it would be getting much more use? Around once a month I do 120 mile motorway trips with the hood on, give the girlfriend some noise cancelling headphones and she's happy enough. With regards to rain I've sealed the car fairly well and am happy to do the 120 motorway miles in the rain, and of course I get out of the car 100% dry, not even a damp elbow.
  11. Very good videos, the pistonheads 'Time for Tea' videos also pointed me in the direction of the 'petrolicious' videos on youtube, some amazing cars and good shots, they can be a bit cheesy though. Watched one about a beautiful yellow Ferrari 250 GTO last night, my dream car...
  12. GUZ? Assuming this is a bit of Cornwall/Devon banter or Plymouth Bashing? It's ok, I say Plymouth but I mean Wembury, next time I'll say South Devon. Edit: Navy slang...
  13. Ceriloi, I've read some of you're other posts I too use the car for longer journeys, one or two times a month I do Bristol to Plymouth at the weekends, I boughts some of these for motorway driving: http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/30882992/774083073/Pioneer-SE-NC31CK-In-Ear-Design-Headphones-Portable-Speakers/ListingDetails.html?_%24ja=tsid:11518%7Ccat:30882992%7Cprd:30882992 When I turn the noise cancelling off as I exit the motorway I can't beileive how loud my car is, the headphones are very very impressive, even with no music playing and just the noise cancelling function turned on. I thought about an S2000 and test drove a few, but as you have stated numerous times, they're just not that involving to drive. I am very happy with my westy, but going back to the OP the right TVR would be a nice fixed roof non drafty alternative, I'll let you know if I can convince the mrs that one would suit her transport needs...
  14. Totally agree, I'm 27 the Westy is my only car, I cycle to work in all weather and use the car for evenings and weekends. Even when driven slowly I love the feel of the car, the fact that any small adjustment on the throttle or steering actually does something, why would I want to spend my journeys in a car which I get no enjoyment out of? Going back to your previous posts Dave I asked about sealing the bottom edge of the doors, I have now done this by using an impact adhesive to glue a 'jumbo' seal to the door, I also have almost ground touching mud flaps on the front cycle arches/wings. This solves the problem of water spraying up off the rear arch, even at 70mph in heavy rain. The only leaks I have at the moment are spray from the bottom corners of the screen (solved with rags) and drips onto my left leg at mid shin, which I am yet to investigate and seal. Somehow I can fit a surfboard in with the roof on, and with the roof off can easily strap my bike to the roll bar using the spare wheel bracket for wheels and a bit of pipe lagging over the roll bar for protection. The next thing I'll be looking at are heater mods, I will need to be able to blow in cool/ambient air on those hot wet summers days. Have you got any pics of your setup Dave? The only things that I'm restricted from doing in the Westy are going over big speedbumps and parallel parking, as don't want to get the nose crunched when a chelsea tractor that can't see it in the mirrors parks up. M older brother and my mum both have Elises, but it's just not the same, even with the roof off you're pretty well cocooned.
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