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  1. I am sure we could hook up although my car is going to be off the road for a few more weeks yet - Alan contacted me a few weeks back via our local FB page
  2. Hi all I am looking at stocks for this years Stoneleigh - in previous years the sales have varied massively, I guess mainly down to the weather (you will remember the amazing weather we had last year which was fantastic for all attending but killed the sales of our products by 2/3). This year I will have a few discontinued garments remaining from last year to sell off (these will be odd sizes of assorted products). The garments I will be bringing to the show are... The black softshell jacket The black/grey polo shirt The black fur lined hoody The navy blue/royal blue softshell jacket (small numbers) The black grand prix baseball cap The black knitted beannie WSCC stickers Umbrellas??? I am considering bringing in some umbrellas - as previous I would need to buy 25 so would prefer to have 15-20 pre-orders before I order these in. They will be the same nice quality ones as per last time. PLEASE POST IN HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PRE-ORDER ONE TO PICK UP AT THE SHOW Clothing Pre-orders If anyone would like to pre-order a garment for collection and payment at the show you can place your order below and I will ensure that I have your garment ready for you. WSCC Logo All items include the embroidered WSCC logo. Please make sure that you post your pre-orders in here - I look forwards to hearing back from you See you at Stoneleigh Clark
  3. I am in chaps as soon as I get a few running in miles on the rebuilt engine and a rolling road setup
  4. need to catch up on this thread - quick look and it seems to be going well m8
  5. only done one full track day there despite living 30 mins away - its a pretty good track Although my engine did implode
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