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  1. Long story short, engine built Northampton Motor Sport, all steel internals, full spec available on request, made 305bhp, mated to 6 speed Sadev sequential box and geartronics closed loop paddle shift. All complete except manifold. Was built for me for a highly developed Westfield that I sold to a fellow WSCC member who used it for hill climbs (it won just about everything) unfortunately car was crashed and I bought it all back with a view of rebuilding it, I have now changed my mind and will be selling off all the parts, the first to go is the engine package. Ths is a turn key package that would cost around £35k to buy / build. Rather than go into reams of details I am more than happy to discuss with anyone who is genuinely interested in buying, I can also e mail over documents to substantiate the build etc.. Drop me a message or call me on 07771 650003 if you would like to discuss further. Cheers Steve
  2. Steve243

    300 hp nat asp engines

    That's far to technical for me ! I do the run the cars on Tesco Momentum petrol, obviously must be good stuff ! Apologies for previous post, I said the Millington made 245 torques, it is actually "only" 237.
  3. Steve243

    300 hp nat asp engines

    Just thought I would post these two graphs from NMS, one is my Millington Escort and the other is the Duratec Westfield. Not sure I understand the limitation on the torque from a n/a engine, but the Millington is definitely not turbo charged and it is 2.5l.
  4. Steve243

    300 hp nat asp engines

    These debates always make me smile ! My engine was built and commissioned by Troy at NMS, it made 299.8bhp at the flywheel from a n/a 2L duratec, it didn't come cheap though, however 300bhp + is certainly achievable if the pocket is deep enough ! Troy also mapped the Millington Diamond Series 2 engine in my Escort, that made just over 330bhp and 245ft/lbs of torque, those horses don't come cheap either. Troy is well respected in the mapping / tuning department so I have no reason to dispute his figures. Truth is headline figures are fairly useless (unless bragging down the pub) the real acid test is the driveability, in this department both the engines are superb.
  5. Steve243

    Westfield - 300bhp track day special SOLD

    Sale agreed to a fellow WSCC member
  6. Steve243

    Westfield - 300bhp track day special SOLD

    Pictures now uploaded. As the advert says if anyone is seriously interested I can send over the link to the dropbox which has more than 120 pictures. Thanks Steve
  7. Steve243

    Westfield - 300bhp track day special SOLD

    Hi Russ, thanks for that, sorry the exhaust didn't work out for you. My IT manager is back in tomorrow so I will post some pictures. Cheers Steve
  8. Steve243

    Westfield - 300bhp track day special SOLD

    would be delighted to post some pictures if I knew how ! Happy to do so if its easy !
  9. Steve243

    Compomotive cxr 8" by 13 "

    Hi I have some if you are still looking, I think there are 4 7 inch and 4 8 inch, might have only been used once or some of them not at all. If you are interested my number is 07771 650003 Cheers Steve
  10. Steve243

    Long range fuel tank (SEW)

    Hi I have a long range tank that came out of my 2009 2000s sat in my garage. Free to a good home if you can collect, I am based in Staffordshire. if you want a picture I can send one if you forward your e mail address Cheers Steve
  11. Steve243

    Tyres 205-60-13

    Hi, I have a set of R888 205 and 225, some have been used once but most of them have not been used. I you are still looking give me a call on 07771 650003, I am based in Staffordshire and they would need collecting if you are interested. Cheers Steve
  12. Steve243


    Hi Greggs they are both black faced

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