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Craig Spooner

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  1. Craig Spooner

    Gluten Free Dinner Blyton 13th July 2018

    I'm and OK with the £5 Craig
  2. Craig Spooner

    SS Competiors Race 1 / 2 / 3

    Hi John will be at Rockingham
  3. Craig Spooner

    Rockingham, Croft and Anglesey weekend

    Will be at Rockingham
  4. Craig Spooner

    Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Hi Chris fitted caravan motor movers to mine, expensive but best thing I did due to tight space & slope on the access drive.
  5. Craig Spooner

    Radtec Aluminium Rad

    42 mm Works for me, same engine as your good self
  6. Craig Spooner

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Hi Graham & team , a big yes please from me , one of my favourite places.
  7. Craig Spooner

    Happy Birthday Panda

    Happy birthday John
  8. Craig Spooner

    Who is doing Loton Park??

    Me for definite, usually quite a good turn out
  9. Craig Spooner

    Parts required after lees argument with a bush

    pm sent Craig
  10. Craig Spooner

    Car transporter trailer in garage?

    Add caravan motor movers to trailer & it is a breeze
  11. Craig Spooner

    MHR to Steve Everall

    Have a great day
  12. Craig Spooner

    Garry Bunn's Birthday

    Have a great day Gary
  13. Craig Spooner

    It's Craig Spooner's Birthday!

    Thanks guys counting down to Rockingham
  14. Well at least Scott's old Catering van engine now resides my Westfield
  15. Craig Spooner

    MHR Stephenh

    Happy birthday Stephen

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