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  1. DE04*

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    I use easy bleed I had trouble once pumping the pedal wouldn't move the fluid so bought a easy bleed and it done it easily
  2. DE04*

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Calipers looks ok,if you can spin the disk and it's not touching the calipers that's ok. I think the pads will be ok after you have bled them all up. Start furthest away so N/S/R outer first then the inner then O/S/R outer then inner. N/S/F outer then inner then O/S/F outer then inner. I bleed twice then use on the road for a few weeks then bleed again to get all the micro bubbles out. Hope this makes sense.
  3. DE04*

    Norway member getting started

    Good luck and enjoy the build.
  4. DE04*

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Yes mine is also an ap but I don't think they are the upgraded ap racing ones.
  5. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th October

    @Geezergs do you want me to pick you up on the way,not sure if I'll be in the Westy or tin top. The weather is not looking to good.
  6. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th October

    If raining I'll coming in tin top
  7. DE04*

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    When I built my Westfield in 2009 the kit came with discovery rears calipers on the front and gulf calipers on the rears. When I fitted the Hispec just bolted them on with out changing anything else and they work really well. I use the D'S 2500 Ferodo pads
  8. So far @DE04* @Kit Car Electronics @SootySport and @RobT are booked in,anyone else fancy it? It's a good price for Brands.
  9. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th October

    Yes very good Bernie
  10. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th October

    I will be there
  11. DE04*

    South East Meet

    Richard,where abouts are you in Kent? There is myself and a couple of other members in the Dartford area that travel over to Essex the second Sunday of the month. Your welcome to join us.
  12. DE04*

    Dry sumps - who has one?

    Interested why you want to go to a dry sump? You have a raceline baffled sump.

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