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  1. DE04*

    Fuelling system?

    Also it won't interfere with the steering coloum.
  2. DE04*

    Fuelling system?

    Ditch the standard injection and put throttle bodies on. It is one of the best upgrades I have done,more power,runs a lot better and I love the noise. I put Omex ITB's and Omex ecu.
  3. DE04*

    Towing eye

    Got one of these and put a bolt through the chasis,works fine I've winched it up on the trailer. Got it from demon tweaks I think,you can also get a loop made of seat belt webbing. Don't know what they are called.
  4. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 12th August

    Should be there,as long as I survive Saturday.
  5. DE04*


    Booked,who else is coming out to play?
  6. DE04*

    Might as well show you all..

    Very nice Nick,looked like mine before I put the green go faster stripe on.
  7. DE04*


    Ok Rich I'm going to book this. It's with MSV
  8. DE04*


    I'm a bit confused now,are we talking about the 15th or 30th?
  9. DE04*

    Stainless v Carbon Silencer

    I have the carbon silencer and it has no cat so it's strait through. The stainless does have a cat in. If no cat required carbon will give better performance and sounds a lot better
  10. DE04*


    I'll book it if anybody else is
  11. DE04*

    Westfield Seight

    Terry,car looks very tidy.
  12. DE04*

    Help please - few little niggles

    The starting problem is heat sink,the starter being to close to the exhaust. I was always worried about it not starting at a petrol garage,so I made a heat shield and never had a problem since.
  13. DE04*

    New Westfield has arrived!

    From Kent,I do like that colour blue
  14. DE04*

    A Little Taste Of Stoneleigh 2018

    Enjoyed that
  15. DE04*

    Hi from Cornwall

    From Kent. Really do like that colour on a Westfield,very different.

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