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  1. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th February

    Can't make it this month I'm off crusing,not even sure where I'm gonna be Sunday.Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia,Vietnam or Cambodia. See you next month
  2. DE04*

    Hood for Playskool Cage

  3. DE04*

    Hood for Playskool Cage

    I took the car to soft bits and left it there for a couple of weeks. Jill made me a 3/4 hood and I can get the side screens on as well,which is what I wanted.
  4. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 13th January

    I should be there. Not sure if I'll be in Westy or tin top. Weather dependent.
  5. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th November

    Change of plan again,I will be there tomorrow.
  6. DE04*

    Tower of London Remembers

    Yeah,very strange I didn't think it really worked well with the remembrance. Just my opion.
  7. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th November

    Sorry change of plan,my son is in the F&G Company 7th Battalion The Rifles and they are having a memorial at Grosvenor Gardens this Sunday so I won't be able to make it to the Lodge this month. Only found out today. The Rifle Brigade Memorial
  8. I have a black Westfield and broke the plainess up with some stick on stripes from a graphics shop. Just another option.
  9. DE04*

    Tower of London Remembers

    We're going tonight to have a look. I was at the poppy as well. Will also be at the Lord Mayors show on Saturday,my son is on parade.
  10. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th November

    I should be there.
  11. DE04*

    Le 12 Heures du Hoddesdon

    Sounds fun
  12. DE04*

    Hello from Essex

    From Kent
  13. DE04*


    +1 Toyo R1R's are a good all rounder.
  14. DE04*

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    I use easy bleed I had trouble once pumping the pedal wouldn't move the fluid so bought a easy bleed and it done it easily
  15. DE04*

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Calipers looks ok,if you can spin the disk and it's not touching the calipers that's ok. I think the pads will be ok after you have bled them all up. Start furthest away so N/S/R outer first then the inner then O/S/R outer then inner. N/S/F outer then inner then O/S/F outer then inner. I bleed twice then use on the road for a few weeks then bleed again to get all the micro bubbles out. Hope this makes sense.

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