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  1. DE04*

    New(ish) member

    From overcast Kent
  2. DE04*

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Can I turn up anytime after 3pm on Friday,I was thinking early hours Saturday morning or is there a locked gate. Thanks.
  3. DE04*

    New boy

    From Kent
  4. DE04*

    Running Temperatures

    I want to keep the fan switch in the rad just to keep engine bay more tidy.
  5. DE04*

    Running Temperatures

    So I ordered a new fan switch today 97/92 when I picked it up a couple of hours later it was a 98/93 oh well I'll try that. I have just fitted a race line water rail so I fitted the switch into the thermostat housing,got it up to temperature and the fan started on 98° brilliant. So just as a experiment I thought I would fit the same fan switch into the radiator and the fan didn't start until 101°. Later today I am going to fit my 92/87 switch into the rad to see if it comes on at 95°. The sensor for my VDO clock is at the rear of the water rail and fan switch is in the rad.
  6. DE04*

    Running Temperatures

    Does anybody know what is the correct running temperature for a 2L Zetec blacktop and what is the maximum temperature it can get to before it blows a head gasket? I have a 92/87 fan switch but fan is on most of the time so was thinking of getting a switch with a higher temperature to turn fan on.
  7. DE04*

    Ford Zetec Blacktop - Oil Breather

    Yes that would work,that's how I used to have mine.
  8. DE04*

    Snetterton 26 June

    Dought if I will make this one,I'm at Shelsy Walsh on Saturday and not coming home till Sunday 24th
  9. DE04*

    Alloy bellhousing

    Phone Raceline got mine from there type 9
  10. DE04*

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th June

    I'll be there and the breakfast run
  11. DE04*

    Type 9 Specialist recomendation required

    I used BGH but they are a bit of a way from you,they are in Kent but really know there stuff
  12. DE04*

    New to it All!

    Nice looking car From Kent
  13. DE04*

    Are Westfields linked to a Williams FW Car ?

    Really enjoyed reading this.
  14. DE04*

    New owner

    Looks nice From Kent
  15. DE04*

    Lydden hill trackdays

    I have heard some bad things about Lydden. They will not throw anybody out for poor driving or even contact between cars.

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