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  1. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Silverstone camping.

    I'll try and squeeze mine into the car tomorrow before I set off and some tape to try and mark off an area. How many are we expecting to camp ?
  2. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New WSCC member saying hello

    from Cornwall
  3. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Newcomer from Devon

    Hello from Cornwall 
  4. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Silverstone camping.

    I'm leaving Cornwall Thursday morning hopefully be there early afternoon
  5. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    I think I spotted you guys on Monday morning filling up in a garage on the other side of the airport. I definitely saw 4 or 5 Westfield's on being an lX . Gutted I didn't get mine down this year but 4 if us in one van on one pitch certainly kept the price down and Plymouth roscoff is the cheapest of crossings
  6. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Yeah that was the one .
  7. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO


    I replaced my old metalstic bushes with nylon and hardly noticed the difference (although I did replace all my shocks and springs at the same time)
  8. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Yeah I should have taken a photo but I was just to hot and my ice cream was melting.
  9. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Was it on of you guys that's that's parked there Westfield in the middle of all the caterhams on the lotus stand ...? Did make me chuckle
  10. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New front discs

    Thanks guys hopefully a good clean will sort it . while I've got the wheels of do you reckon it will be worth removing the disc's and cleaning the hub and disc mating face's or just clean first?
  11. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New front discs

    Only had the Geo adjusted on the front and that's the first thing he checked when the car was on the ramp and all was fine which is what made me think warped disc's but hopefully they will be ok 
  12. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New front discs

    Thanks Dave, I didn't realize it was that hard to warp a disc. I'll do what you suggest and clean the disc's and see what that's like As for run-out on the Hub's or bearings wouldn't I feel that all the time ? I'm off to le man's for the classic in Wednesday so when I get back I'll also try clocking them up and see how flat they are Cheers Martin
  13. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New front discs

    I think I've managed to warp my front discs (getting judder through the steering wheel when breaking) so looking for advice on replacement disc's I've got standard cortina Hub's and M16 calipers with mintex m1144 pads, sitting in a 14" wheel The current discs are just plain discs ,am I better going with vented,groved,drilled or all of the above ? what brand and what are they of off? Mainly used for road Thanks in advance Martin
  14. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Mounting dash to Dash bar

    Get some 5 or 6 mm stud bar (or bolts)and cut to the length you want .next get some 1mm X 10mm wide metal plate and cut to approximately 25mm long drill a hole in the centre and run a tap through ,screw together then get a friendly local welder to tack the studs into place then grind smooth .one you have them made bond to the back edge of dash and then drill the lip on the scuttle so the stud's line up with the new holes then just run a nut onto the stud .
  15. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Exhaust Wrap recomendations

    I wrapped my exhaust with black wrap but within a few hundred miles it's already turned white I think ceramic coating it my next step

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