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  1. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Exhaust Wrap recomendations

    I wrapped my exhaust with black wrap but within a few hundred miles it's already turned white I think ceramic coating it my next step
  2. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Trying to locate post about headlights from Aliexpress

    This is the links https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20180319171512&SearchText=5.75+led+motorcycle+headlight
  3. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Bonding metal to plastic. Glue recommendations?

    I've used this in the past with good results http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/resin-gel-silicone-adhesive/structural-adhesives/20min-rigid-polyurethane-adhesive.html If you read the spec it states good for plastic to metal but http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/resin-gel-silicone-adhesive/structural-adhesives/rigid-5min-epoxy-adhesive.html but this looks looks stronger but I've not used this one
  4. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Whats yours called and why!

    My wife calls mine "The bottomless pit" as in a bottomless pit for money ,and it's generally called that when any packages arrive in the post...
  5. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    That's not a bad price and also available in 5 &6 inch as well. Shame they don't do a carbon one .I could try a get a carbon heat shield to go over it
  6. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    2l zetec silver top
  7. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    That is what I was worried about buying something that was as loud or louder than what I've already got.
  8. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    He said "all in" but I'm sure a mount could be negotiated into the price
  9. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    I've found another company that makes silencers called PJ Engineering . very helpful ok no the phone. The max diameter for a carbon can they can make is 127mm (5") So for a silencer approximately 750mm long x 127mm repackable with link pipe will be approximately £240 to £250 but he can give me a definite price once they see photos with detailed dimensions which I thought was a pretty price Has anybody used PJEngineering before ?
  10. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    Well I've just tried calling motsds number from their Facebook page but I just get a message saying I've called an incorrect number .so looks like they might be out of business
  11. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Manifold wrapping.....

    My stainless manifold was wrapped since I bought the car about about 4 years ago (might be longer) but when I went to replace the wrap before I put it back on the road this year I spotted two big cracks at the top of the header's which I had to get welded up
  12. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    I've come to the same conclusion nothing since last year . I'll give the number on Facebook a call on Monday and see if there is any joy
  13. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    I've had a quick look in Google land and I can't find much on motad but I did find a Facebook page but the last post was a year ago
  14. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    I'm looking at getting a new exhaust (silencer) I got the standard Westfield 4" one on a 2L zetec and it is loud especially at 4.45 AM when I set of to work .I was looking at a 6" from wunoff but I've since seen the carbon silencer on the Westfield site but it's saying 3 to 4 weeks lead time .is there anyone else making these and at better money ? Cheers Martin
  15. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Doors, again?

    What about using window safety film something like this..https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F271942448426

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