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  1. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Happy Birthday Sparky Mart

    Thanks guys. been on night shift last night so at least I get to spend the day in bed
  2. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    What's the advantages of using DI water ? We have a DI plant at work and it's always springing leaks and I've been told by the water treatment guy it's because it's so pure it takes all the impuritys out of the pipe work which eventually causes the pipes to spring a leak . But if it's recommended for the car I'll give it a go .As we out thousands of litres a day down the drain no one will miss a couple of litres
  3. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Drivers foot rest

    That's looking good I've got the moulded plastic foot rest in mine but it not really in the right position and since adjusting my clutch it actually lower than the clutch pedal
  4. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Drivers foot rest

    Ok I see the bottom of your heel is pressing against it rest
  5. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    headlight bulb

    Very easy to fit you should be able to change them before the kettle has boiled...well nearly
  6. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Drivers foot rest

    So if you're feet are over the top of the brace doesn't it dig into the back of your heel? Also are you aiming to hold both heel's in the same position?
  7. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    I think you're pushing the truth a bit calling it singing
  8. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    +1 for coolex . speak to Alistair he's really helpful he welded mounting brackets on mine I only had to tell him what make and model the fan was I was so pleased with there service I called them again when the radiator on the V16 Cummings generator (which is about 6ft x6ft ) needed removing and rebuilding and once again they came up trumps
  9. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    I'll make sure I hide the bananas next year ...!
  10. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    Well at least I've got 9 months to prepare myself for Gail's late night singing
  11. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    All being well I'll be there again
  12. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Harness info

    Thanks Terry I've Just seen a Westfield specific harness on the msar website and that looks like a pull down . I might wait until Autosport so I can have a look at the different options
  13. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Axminster mini lathe.

    Have a look here at the lathes https://www.warco.co.uk I've not tried their stuff but they were recommended by a work colleague it might give you another option
  14. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Harness info

    This is what I worry about and why I was thinking about a 6 point but I don't think I will be able to as I don't have a hole in the bottom of my seat for the straps I have had it on a couple of occasions when I haven't managed to get them tight enough that my chest straps slip of my shoulders an the more I pull them tight the higher the lap belt goes which I know is wrong
  15. Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

    Harness info

    @Terryathome how do you intend to use yours ,pull up or pull down? I like the way you can set them up as you need them I wouldn't have an issue with pull down adjuster's if you could easily adjust them .My current Willans harnesses are a PITA as I need to feed the strap through the buckle to make them smaller an d just can't pull them tight Btw I've made an appointment with my mortgage advisor...!

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