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  1. MarkS2

    SEW shocks

    ^^ exactly this Dave, I am just about to order a set of Spax, Tony has been very helpful.
  2. MarkS2

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Good thread. Here's mine undergoing a throttle body conversion......
  3. MarkS2

    Are Westfields linked to a Williams FW Car ?

    Looks like a great day out, lovely pics thanks for posting them.
  4. Looks like a bargain to me!
  5. MarkS2

    OMEX 600 map for C20XE

    Many thanks
  6. MarkS2

    OMEX 600 map for C20XE

    I am in a simar position to you, I have an Omex 500 that has the map from a 225 bhp C20XE and my standard C20XE is is being converted from carbs to fuel injection so I wanted a base map to get it running or so I can drive it to the mappers, however after emailing Omex I got no response. Do you have the contact details of where you sent your email please?
  7. MarkS2

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Makes perfect sense thanks. Looks like I have 4 holes then! Pretty much same as your pic. You learn something new everyday!
  8. MarkS2

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Hi Nick had a quick look but not entirely sure which one you mean, from the attached pic can you say which one you mean?
  9. MarkS2

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Ok thanks Nick, will have a look after work tonight.
  10. MarkS2

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Hi Nick, Sorry I have no idea. If you know how to check let me know and I will have a look.
  11. Good set of twin 45 Webber carbs in great working order serviced around 1k ago by Phoenix Motorsports with genuine webcon service kit and fitted with new misab seals / washers etc. Taken from my 2.0 C20XE 16v redtop engine as am converting to throttle bodies. £300 collection from Manchester or could arrange postage at buyers expense. Thanks for looking.
  12. MarkS2

    Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Forgot to add I will update this thread will all the stuff i have bought and prices paid and list any issues etc and a review of my thoughts before and after. Then hopefully it might be of interest or help to some people in the future.
  13. MarkS2

    Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Many thanks for the recommendations. I have a fellow forum member who is going to do the work for me, then I will be taking it to get tuned on the rollers so thanks may look them up.
  14. MarkS2

    Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Ok thanks, engine is standard at the moment but will go for the Sytec 044 as might not always be standard
  15. MarkS2

    Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks Phil, Already got a fuel pressure regulator

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