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  1. MarkS2

    OMP wheel - SOLD

    OMP wheel unfortunately I have damaged this trying to drill out some rounded bolts from it a while back so somebody with a bit of time & effort may be able to fix it up again so does require a repair as the pics show. Need to double check the size of it but is the same wheel as this without the band... https://www.demon-tweeks.com/omp-trecento-steering-wheel-246291/?sku=OMPOD1989NN&istCompanyId=a2904180-3a7d-4e56-b876-cf81c9512180&istItemId=-xpwaaxaixl&istBid=t&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-c_iBRChARIsAGCOpB3RdknEYUQNRRPe8LPZtxDqeEm0hz3w1vx56UYa9xmdn9Ii4ybFbL8aAri0EALw_wcB £25 plus p&p
  2. MarkS2

    Metal Airbox - SOLD

    Hi Dave will send you a PM.
  3. MarkS2

    Dash Camera

    Ideal for trackdays or even in main car. I have never got round to fitting just trialed it in the tin top and works well. £25 delivered.
  4. MarkS2

    Metal Airbox - SOLD

    Old school metal Airbox I believe is a k&n item, was fitted to throttle boddies on a C20XE. I have managed to get some paint on the bottom of it as per pics which I am sure would come off. £20 + P&P
  5. MarkS2

    SPAX Springs & Shocks

    Removed from my 2001 SeiW. The rears have covered approx 8000 miles of use and the fronts were new in 2014 and only covered around 3k. All works fine but I have now upgraded. Sorry i have not cleaned them so what you see is what you get.... £40 + P&P
  6. MarkS2

    Gearknob - SOLD

    Richbrook Speed Top gearknob. Packet opened but never fitted as new. Nice and heavy.. £20 delivered.
  7. MarkS2

    Carbon Sill Protectors/Kick Plates

    Thanks Justin
  8. MarkS2

    Carbon Sill Protectors/Kick Plates

    Anyone know the correct link to contact Mick on as want to get a set of these?
  9. That is my car I bought it in 2012 sold it in 2015 then bought it back in 2017 and the paint even to this day looks stunning and often still gets comments. So as has been said if done properly it is no different to any other non fibreglass car and will last.
  10. MarkS2

    OMEX 500 ecu

    All pms replied and sold to Barny. Special thanks goes to Dave who has given me the loom. Not many other forums with such great people on
  11. MarkS2

    OMEX 500 ecu

  12. MarkS2


    Thanks Mike Andy please PM me if the Megajolt is of any use to you. Cheers
  13. MarkS2

    OMEX 500 ecu

    Bought from a fellow club member but I now no longer need it, so advertising it for what I paid. Fully working in great condition. A map was added for a standard c20xe on throttle bodies by wgt, so that will be left on it. £200. Thanks

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