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  1. I'm moving on to an Ultima. Picking it up tomorrow, can't bl**** wait! I'll report back on how it compares
  2. Bump. Ideal for an Ecoboost. Open to offers
  3. Picture added. Can bring to stoneleigh
  4. My pleasure! Was great to meet you and Kelly, it's nice to see the car going to a good home and staying in the club - I'm sure you'll both have a blast in it!
  5. Lovely bike. What's your budget?
  6. ACF50 is a popular choice, and widely available
  7. Yeah I've also had a number of 'overseas' timewasters too, wouldn't even bother entertaining. It's a shame as I'm sure there are a genuine few out there
  8. Brand new turbo engine package from radtec (link). Bought from another member off here, although now surplus to requirements. £810 from radtec. Looking to get back what I paid = £650 Ideally collected from Swindon, or can post at cost.
  9. I've also adopted the channel bar approach - works very well
  10. As above. I've fitted mine with two retaining bolts, so it's a doodle to remove in situ.... Do it
  11. Buy my car, it ticks all the boxes... I also have a black "soft bits for sevens" boot bag with red piping, for additional storage over and above the boot box. Looks much slicker than a holdall and possibly greater capacity.
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