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  1. mr_mcp

    SEiW 2.0 Zetec - 185BHP

    Carbon-NV It's a top quality item, would highly recommend
  2. After much deliberation, I've made the decision to sell my fantastic Westfield after 6 years of cherished ownership. I'm planning to undertake an Ultima build, so sadly this must go. Full spec listed below: ENGINE & DRIVETRAIN 2.0 litre Ford Zetec engine (new piston rings fitted <4k ago) Twin Weber carbs with a pipercross sausage filter (recently serviced) Fully ported head (recently skimmed and valves etc fully serviced, at great expense!) Balanced crank Kent Cams FZ2002 Sports camshafts Dunnell lightweight flywheel Dunnell lowline baffled sump High efficiency radiator ASH silicon hoses throughout Alloy catch can Malpassi Competition Filter King Fuel Pressure Regulator, Gauge & Filter Heat wrapped 4:1 exhaust manifold Wunoff re-packable exhaust filled with acoustafill (95dB) Dyno tested at 185bhp and 156 lbs/ft torque at the back wheels (Pulls hard from virtually any revs) RS2000 alloy bellhousing BGH Geartech E7 Pro road & track Type 9 close ratio gearbox - Ratios: 2.66, 1.75, 1.26, 1.0, 0.84 Quaife ATB limited slip diff (lifetime warranty) New half shaft UJs recently fitted RUNNING GEAR Wilwood Dynalite 4 pot calipers and uprated discs and pads on the front (fluid recently changed) Standard drums at the rear (lightweight compared to discs and very effective on such a light car) Genuine magnesium alloy 13" Minilite wheels Toyo R888 tyres (GG compound). 205/60/13 at the rear and 185/60/13 on the front. Adjustable Spax coilovers Nylon suspension bushes Bespoke rose jointed front upper wishbones Full suspension geometry setup and corner weighted - brilliant on both road and track. Weighs only 580Kg dry with full wet weather gear, so less with the aero screen setup and no heater etc. INTERIOR JK Composites seats with 5 piece padding set and red piping 4 point harnesses Carbon effect panels on the rear bulkhead and transmission tunnel Aerodynamix carbon fibre dash Brown & Geeson (official MOMO) quick release steering boss Sparco suade steering wheel Starcom intercom 12V power socket EXTERIOR Aerodynamix carbon fibre aeroscreen (which retains the same fixings used for the full screen. Makes for easy switching between screen setups should you wish) Carbon-NV rear diffuser with added strakes Carbon-NV ducted CSR style cycle wings Full LED rear light units with carbon effect housings Carbon effect boot lid Carbon effect wheel arch protectors Carbon effect centre and wing mirrors Carbon effect nosecone canards Carbon effect LED front indicators MSA approved LED rear rain light RAC roll bar Quick release nosecone fixings Bodywork in great condition for age. Minor repair carried out on drivers side rear arch where the previous owner ran over a traffic cone (about the size of a 50 pence piece) which you can't notice unless you look closely. I have the colour matched gel coat and hardener if you wish to tidy-up further. BAD BITS - as reflected in the sale price (Very) Minor oil leak - will lose less than a teaspoon over the course of a month Chip on the rim of the pass front alloy (can be seen in the pics - cosmetic only) Occasionally the starter motor won't engage fully and requires putting in gear and rolling an inch or two. I suspect the starter needs replacing, but as it happens so rarely (maybe one in every thirty starts) I've never felt inclined to change it. Sailed through the MOT last week, so will come with 12 months. Fully serviced with massive history and receipts. Asking price £10K ono Full asking price will include the following, if desired: Full screen with pillars and integrated wing mirrors Wipers and wiper motor Heater and silicone hoses Side screens Tonneau cover Original dash Original front indicators Original rear lights Breathable indoor car cover (some slight wear and tear) Please message directly or call for further info 07737352805, based in Swindon.
  3. mr_mcp

    *SOLD* Dunnell exhaust can

    I don't suppose you're also selling the manifold are you (presuming that's Dunnell too)?
  4. mr_mcp

    Cycle wing flap

    Same here, no flap or contact with the tyres experienced on mine...
  5. mr_mcp

    Zetec manifold

    Raceline or dunnell exhaust manifold wanted for a 2.0L Zetec. Cheers
  6. mr_mcp

    Supercharging a Duratec

    A thing of beauty! Where did you get that intake plenum from?
  7. mr_mcp

    need help guys

    I've heard of 625cc Siemans Daka injectors being ideal for a 2.0 Zetec turbo. That was on a Bailey performance motor and I know they do these on the regular, so might be a good starting point?
  8. Ah ok, no good for me unfortunately. Thanks for the quick response!
  9. Hi, what engine are the plugs for?
  10. mr_mcp

    Bought myself a new toy

  11. mr_mcp

    Carbon NV ducted aero cycle wings

    Great work, looks the business!!
  12. mr_mcp

    Silvertop Crank Pin - where?

    Pm'd a couple of pics to you, sounds like you're on the money!
  13. mr_mcp

    Clear out. Last few bits

    Will pm about cycle wing brackets
  14. mr_mcp

    Silvertop Crank Pin - where?

    It's on the exhaust side, beneath the manifold from memory. I'll grab a pic when I'm next in the garage if it helps
  15. mr_mcp

    Big Power Duratec Conversion Project

    ha, very true (doh).... Impressive power!

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