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  1. Good luck with the sale, they look great. I've a similar set on my westy and it's absolutely transformed the handling
  2. mr_mcp

    SEiW 2.0 Zetec - 185BHP

    Thank you! Sure, which ones are you referring to?
  3. mr_mcp

    SEiW 2.0 Zetec - 185BHP

    Please, no time wasters, serious enquiries only (I've had a few now!).
  4. mr_mcp

    Zetec crankshaft seal

    Cheers Ian, I may give the Burton seal a whirl then
  5. mr_mcp

    Zetec crankshaft seal

    Haha, yeah for similar reasons I'm personally not bothered by it, but was considering addressing it for the next owner. I'm also having second thoughts about selling, so maybe it's a good excuse to keep hold of it and tinker for a little longer
  6. mr_mcp

    Zetec crankshaft seal

    Calling the (silvertop) zetec gurus out there! Is there a general consensus on whether genuine or aftermarket front main oil seals do the job best? Having searched the forum there seems to be a divide on what's most effective. I used a genuine item from ford last year and it still suffers a minor weep after it's left standing for a couple of weeks or more (less than a teaspoon), so it doesn't appear to have bedded in fully. Cheers, Joel
  7. mr_mcp

    Ceramic coating (bodywork)

    Ceramic coatings look to be gaining more and more popularity on the detailing scene. I'm tempted to give it a go on the Westfield. Has anyone on here tried it?
  8. mr_mcp

    SEiW 2.0 Zetec - 185BHP

    Starter issue now resolved
  9. mr_mcp

    1.8 zetec turbo engine package - £250

    No, I'm afraid not
  10. mr_mcp

    Zetec bottom end

    I'm advertising a 1.8 engine in the for sale section, pm if interested. Cheers, Joel
  11. mr_mcp

    Narrow cycle wings

    I have some new unused brackets to suit Cortina uprights, although I'd struggle to find the time to post them. Happy to pass them on at cost if you're likely to venture to Swindon (significantly cheaper then Westfield directly)
  12. mr_mcp

    Zetec 1.8 Silvertop. 8000 miles since recon

    @Gareth Morris
  13. Originally bought as I fancied a turbo project and this offered good bang for buck, although family life got in the way and I never did anything with it. Just looking to get back what I paid. Sold as a package deal for collection from Swindon (I just don't have the time to deal with postage unfortunately). The engine turns fine by hand, although never had it running so it will be sold as seen. 1.8 zetec (silvertop) with new head gasket and decompression plate. I was informed it also has the 130 cams. T3 Garrett turbo with a k&n filter. RS turbo exhaust manifold with a T3 flange. Custom inlet manifold.
  14. mr_mcp

    Well sorted road car wanted

    Hi, mine is still up for sale, drop me a pm if you think it fits the bill. Cheers, Joel
  15. mr_mcp

    SEiW 2.0 Zetec - 185BHP

    Thanks for the kind comments gents I went for a drive last night... Was meant to be a quick one, but had too much fun and stayed out for 2.5hrs, I'll certainly be sad to see it go to the next lucky owner. A couple of snaps from my outing:

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