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  1. bob25


    Cheers Ian, excellent build thread, having mirrors in the wrong place is so annoying so will take your advice and take my time and try and get it right . Regards Rob
  2. bob25


    Thanks Rob, a full roll cage is something I'm thinking of for a later date, also I would like one that is easily removed so I can go back to windscreen and roof when needed, something to sort for later. Regards Rob
  3. bob25


    I thought about mounting them on the aeroscreen but didn't thought they would crack the aeroscreen after a few track days appreciate the thought . Regards Rob
  4. bob25


    I did look at these but was unsure how they mounted onto the body
  5. bob25


    Cheers Archibald will check on Monday. Regards Rob
  6. bob25


    Cheers Andrew, I did try and ring WSC this morning, after 20 mins of being on hold I gave up, I will give them another try on Monday, just hope they have them in stock because I need them by next weekend. Regards Rob
  7. bob25


    I didn't take a lot of notice whether they were flat or convex I just found them crap. If I get sorted with a decent set of mirrors the old ones a free to a good home if anybody wants them.
  8. bob25


    My mate bought round a mirror of a GSXR that has possibilities.
  9. bob25


    Can't get the n/s mirror high enough or out far enough to see anything. I didn't know whether their was a standard type mirror and mounting bracket that fitted and worked well. Regards Rob
  10. does anybody have any suggestion on the best mirrors to fit for my new aeroscreen as the ones i have are useless and the best way to mount them . regards Rob
  11. no Honda/Ford war just a bit of teasing. nothing wrong with Ford petrol engines i have just replaced my cam chain, guides , tensioner, head gasket set, best part of £1500 from Honda just for parts, ouch that hurt
  12. A bit of Honda snake oil in a Ford might result in a little more reliability, nothings impossible
  13. a new engine for less than 30 quid, bargain
  14. sometimes its better to let somebody else do the thinking
  15. I just need to look in the mirror for somebody out of their depth but I'm not worried its just for fun
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