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    Westfield parts

    That's fair enough @3cxjay, didn't clock he'd enquired. Thanks anyway

    Westfield parts

    @3cxjay how much for the headlights and how's condition? I'm interested. Think @Steve (sdh2903) is after a set so if he doesn't want them I may. (Mine has lights but Steve's in a build so he can go first of he wants them)

    Cobra 427 Build

    Last time I had the westy in for a rolling road, I was informed that temp in the 80s is best generally??? How true? I just thought he's the man in the know. A mate of mine has an exige and he's runs in them 80 regions

    seight - emissions & mot

    My zetec is a 2004 on a Q plate, and my mot emission is visible inspection. Doesn't even need the probe in, I'm sure yours will be the same as this being a before 1975. According to a lad at work I've just asked who's a tester he's says he's sure it's visual.


    @darve mine were Velcro beyond Velcro, I swear I nearly pulled the alloy panels out too. I'd prefer to do that but wasn't sure if there would be problems with them moving


    All being well, should have some new carpets at some point in January. Question now is can anyone recommend some decent quality Velcro or where to get it? Or any other methods of securing in place?

    Westfield camera car

    Getting into @AdamR lobster build territory with that power and acclaimed weight on the video.

    Cobra 427 Build

    Looking lovely, takes me back to building a pilgrim with my dad when I was a lad. We built the SEV kit which was based on a cortina and could be put on the road for under 3k. Dad decided to do it for a laugh (his words not mine) see if it can be done he said. And he did it for just over as he fitted the halibrand replica wheels instead of budget steel ones instead. Sorry to babble, looking beautiful and some great fabrication and ideas being done.

    Engine not turning off

    The 4 pin plug under the bonnet has both permanent and an ignition feed. I've just changed mine so the ignition feed triggers a relay to power both my fuel pump and weber alpha. You'll have to make your own loom up but you can fit an additional fuse box this way if you wish for any future upgrades

    2019 WSCC Calendar

    Mine arrived today too, well chuffed I made it in! I keep winding the wife up saying I'm Mr April in a calendar (albeit 1 of 3)


    No worries @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary any recommendations are better than none, I'd have happily bought from Westfield. However they don't do my colour anymore and with my dash having cream and blue on it, I thought black carpets may look odd as there's an additional colour which 8snt really anywhere else. I've used my trim lad before for repairing the seats (which are Westfield seats in cream and blue) he did a great job so I do have confidence in him, especially having seen the old jags and Aaron's he's done. Just though a question may show some previous experience. Cheers


    So whilst replacing heater matrix and modifying my ecu wiring, I've started debating whether to change the carpets in the westy. They've discoloured over time and couple of stitch flaws also. Question is anywhere good to buy from? Westfield no longer do blue carpets anymore! I've spoken to a trim guy we use at work who said he can do a set for a similar price to Westfields so I have that as an option. But is there anymore options? Cheers in advance

    Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    Just read this whole build thread today, absolutely unreal. Seriously talented guy top job Mark

    Fuse box cover

    I'll look into changing that over once I've finished my other tinkering, did you change fuse boxes at all or stick with the same type with the terminals underside @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Fuse box cover

    Mine arrived also today @Andy_R but not had chance to open it yet. As @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said regards mounting boxes due to gearbox in the way, I'm not so sure even these ones will be the nicest of jobs. I'm sure mine are nut and bolt and the nuts don't seem very accessible although I could do with getting the car on ramps to investigate. I was hoping they may have been captives but they feel like nuts to me

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