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  1. hi, i fitted one of these ( although mine is blacktop ) with jenvey tbs space is tight but fits ok, i used 75mm as not enough room to get 100mm to the front for cold intake. jjem53
  2. as per title has anyone got a standard crashpad for a fw , anything considered thanks
  3. jjem53

    fw hood

    fw hood for sale , purchased with kit in 2012 and in my loft ever since. £180 including postage
  4. had similar problem with brakes at my IVA examiner said just needed a few more miles to bed in properly, drove home (60 miles )and back next day for retest and no problem
  5. no the pump does not run when i switch ignition on , will see if i can determine where ecu power comes from .
  6. as above , went to go for a drive in the sunshine fuel pump not priming . checked power at relay all ok but no switching power to operate the relay , switched the relay manually pump primes is this controlled by the ECU ( omex 600 ) thanks in advance
  7. as the keys are brass you can get them welded
  8. hi, the edda-eddg numbers are for zetec engines in ford cars(focus/mondeo etc) mine was n***** stamped near g/box so the number you have should be correct.
  9. hi , my iva certificate says power 111 kw @ 6000 revs, i think i put 130 mph which i got from westfield.
  10. was already using a heat shield i made , but the damage must have done earlier but will fit it again with the new one ( hopefully no more probs )
  11. thanks don will order one tomorrow
  12. hi all , my starter motor is cooked on my blacktop zetec & so i need a part number if anyone can help, thanks in advance as am sure someone on here will know. jjem53
  13. hood for fw body , bought this with my kit in 2012 , change of plan during build so never fitted has been in a box in my loft ever since £180 including postage. also contoured dash ( used ) £50 including postage sold
  14. hi, i have a 2013 blacktop purchased from westfield i always use 2001 focus 2.0 at my local autospares shop never let me down yet
  15. hi all , have not been able to look at the car until today , replaced crank sensor & now up and running again . thanks again for info
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