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  1. Wesley

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    He's going to flat it all back and re-polish but I'm guessing due to the metallic paint and the uneven gloss it'll need a full respray as it shows up straight away when stood in front of the car. They guy who sprayed it was with us and he admitted it was a bit of a rush job and said it will need blowing over with paint to be 100%. It's actually darker in colour than the photos perceive too. If it was a little cheaper I'd have taken it and given it a full re-pspray too made it perfect. I'm sure someone (hopefully) will spend the time and money on it and make it into the stunner it deserves to be.
  2. Wesley

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    Yeah it was a real shame because I had high hopes. Yeah nothing was fixed, it was just dry fitted for the photos as you say. What had been done on the car was done to a high standard though .....apart from the paint.
  3. Wesley

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    I agree. The car needs a complete respray, seats, full exhaust system, new brakes all round and various other parts and that coupled with the IVA fees it just didn't stack up for me. Thanks for the heads up on it though.
  4. Wesley

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    Thanks mate. Yeah went to view it yesterday but the paintwork was shocking. I was gutted as it looked great in the photos and asking was asking 9k too!
  5. As per titile I'm looking for a new project so anything you have or may know about will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wes 07515 934136
  6. After a main wiring loom please and Zetec engine loom if possible? Thanks Wes
  7. Wesley

    Unstarted/Unfinished Project

    Still looking of anyone has or knows of anything?
  8. Wesley

    Winter projects

    Pm'd regarding 52 Widebody
  9. Wesley

    SOLD Piper Fast Road Cams

    Text you mate.
  10. Wesley

    Westfield Inboard Anti-Roll Bar

    Pmd. I'll take it if it's still available. 07515934136
  11. Wesley

    Westfield Inboard Anti-Roll Bar

    I'll take it if still availabl. 07515934136
  12. Wesley

    Various parts for sale

    Hi Paul. PMd Jenvey throttle bodies and air horns Thanks
  13. Hi Andy. Any luck with the mirrors? Please can you let me know on 07515934136 or text me a number to contact you on. Thanks mate.
  14. Your a good man Andy and I'll be happy to buy you a pint and add the donation to the charity. If you could let me know on the number above and we canare arrangements to meet up etc. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Andy. Oh life saver. How much you want for theme and are you going to Stoneleigh at all? 07515934136

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