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  1. Greggs

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Hi James, I have the same set up as you, ZZR1400 ITB, the only difference I think is my swirl pot is at the rear on top of the fuel tank. I had a faulty Throttle Position Sensor, which lead to all sorts of problems especially at idle and low speeds. As soon as I changed the TPS all was good.
  2. Greggs

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    A very soggy Spa...
  3. Greggs

    Narrow bodied (duratec ST170) zetec conversion

    Very nice James, bet it sounds amazing too.
  4. Greggs

    St170 engine oil capacity

    From memory it made around 165 at 6K , plenty for me......for now..
  5. Greggs

    St170 engine oil capacity

    Canems ECU? if so I can not fault mine, really user friendly a great bit of kit. A Duratec in a pre-lit should be very lively...
  6. Greggs

    St170 engine oil capacity

    Cant help with the oil capacity James, but transplant looks great, like its grown in there.. i did have a look at your car at Steves when it had the crossflow in it, the car is very nice .
  7. Greggs

    Wet Trackday Advice

    Cheers, i will tip toe round to begin with and then slow down... it is a road car but i will be trailering it there. it has R888s which i find great in the dry when they get warm, will see how they do in the wet... Thanks again all.
  8. Greggs

    Wet Trackday Advice

    Thanks all, much appreciated, good call with the bike gimp suit i have one from my old bike days, will dig it out. will take all advice on board and take it nice and easy. I usually have the tyres at 18psi so i will start at that and see how it feels, i have procomp dampers so will turn them down a bit. I wont be hooning round (even if its dry) just happy to be at such an amazing track. thanks again all, i will let you know how it goes. Cheers Greggs..
  9. Greggs

    Wet Trackday Advice

    Afternoon all, Going to Spa next week and i think it will be wet, thunderstorms forecast!! other than taking it easy, does anyone have any tips on wet trackdays? damper settings, tyre pressures etc.. Cheers Greggs..
  10. Greggs

    High line or Low Line Bonnet

    Mine has a highline bonnet which measures 195mm from the top of chassis to the bonnet at the nose cone, just be mindful if you measure the bonnet off the car that there is a fair bit of flex on the bonnet, so it may not give a true measurement. hope it helps.
  11. Greggs

    High line or Low Line Bonnet

    http://westfield-world.com/faq.html a very useful site..
  12. Greggs

    High line or Low Line Bonnet

    From memory a low-line is 6.5 inches from the chassis to the bonnet at the nosecone end. I will have a measure tonight.
  13. Cheers Marcus, i will get some M2 countersunks.
  14. Hi Marcus, just about to fit mine, whats the best way you have found? I was thinking of stainless steel tie wrap. cheers Greggs.
  15. Greggs

    Zetec manifold...yes again!

    Have you tried Wunoff James, they are not to far away either, Bradford. https://www.wunoff.co.uk/ Cheers Greggs

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