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  1. Ian Bunker

    SE Narrow for Sale NOW SOLD 14th June

    I am based in Broadstone which is part of Poole in Dorset. Its taxed and insured so test drives no problem.
  2. Westfield SE (Narrow Body) First Registered in July 1995 and upgraded over the last 5 years. Painted in Alfa Corsa red with MOT until September 2018. Spec: - 2.0L Ford Pinto with Kent FR Cam and twin Weber 40 DCOE’s. Ford Type 9. Five speed gearbox with remote. Upgraded twin pot front discs and calipers. Adjustable shocks. New custom made seats and seat belts. Full wet weather side screens and hood. Lots of bits some new as yet unfitted, Very tidy car ready for summer outings. Must go hence bargain price of £5150.00 ono or near offer. Done very few miles since I acquired it six years ago.
  3. Ian Bunker

    Wing Mirrors

    The wing mirrors on my SE Narrow (came with the car, no idea of make) are pretty useless as being lightweight plastic they move far too easily from the wind and vibration. I noticed that Car Builder Solutions offer very sturdy "Caterham Style" mirrors but these appear to be for horizontal mounting of the fixing rather than vertically on the windscreen frame. It might be possible to cut and reweld but is there a better mirror out there with that same 105mm centre fitting Any advice appreciated Ian B.
  4. Ian Bunker

    Very noisy rear suspension

    Thanks very much indeed for these very useful replies. I do have access to a friend pit so I think that's the solution. So with the wheels on I propose to slacken the bolts then bounce the car up and down a bit and then torque up the bolts again. Not really sure of the torque setting. Should I put one or two people in the car while the bolts are torqued or just let it sit neutral? Thanks again what a great bunch you are.
  5. Ian Bunker

    Very noisy rear suspension

    Hi, During the winter I renewed all the metalastic bushes on the rear suspension of my SE narrow- like for like not polybushes. I’m pretty sure they were the originals on there for over 20 years. Several of them had the bolts totally seized (effectively welded) in the bushes However now, whilst the ride might be better the noise is really bad, It squeaks and groans horribly on both sides of the car which it never did before. Any ideas please where to start to silence the suspension as I cannot live with it. I don’t believe it’s the shock absorber pivots and far more likely to be one or more of ten metalastic bushes. I did use copper slip on the bolts. Was that wrong? Too much or not enough? Is it more likely the noise is coming from the outside edge of the bushes against the chassis “U” brackets? I did torque up the bolts with the wheels pushed up. Might they need to be tighter? Has anyone any ideas please? Many thanks. Ian
  6. Ian Bunker

    Clutch footrest on a SE Narrow

    Could anyone please advise on how it might be possible to fabricate a footrest for the clutch foot in a SE Narrow footwell? It has got pendant pedals and short of tucking your foot under the clutch pedal its just so uncomfortable holding your foot & leg in the air. Any ideas welcome. Thanks very much
  7. Ian Bunker

    SE Narrow Dashboard Template?

    Might anyone be able to supply me with a template (drawing) for an 1995 SE Narrow Dashboard please? I can get it printed out on a large format plotter so it could be pretty much any kind of file format If it did the steering column position that would be a real bonus Many many thanks Ian Bunker
  8. Ian Bunker

    Buzzer for indicators?

    All to frequently i confess to leaving the indicators on. My excuse is that the individual left & right warning lights (not LED) are in the centre of the dash. I plan to fit an audible warning and have bought a 12V buzzer from Maplins. They also sole Piezzo buzzers - are they a better bet? Different sound ? Louder? I have also bought two diodes although Maplins did not understand that they are necessary. The flasher unit has three spade terminals - is the wiring straightforward - i guess it doesn't matter if the buzzer sounds when the lights are lit or not. Does it need a fuse in circuit? Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks, Ian Bunker
  9. Ian Bunker

    Remote Brake Servo - worth fitting?

    Many many thanks Jen. Very helpful and makes total sense. I think i will stick with what i have and not waste the money. I love my "narrow" - its a min classic Regards Ian
  10. I have a SE Narrow with a single brake master cylinder. Has anyone fitted a remote brake servo such as supplied by Car Builder Solutions for under £200? It seems fairly straightforward to fit and plumb in and has a bleed screw. Any comments, hints, fitting tips would be very much appreciated. The car has Midilite twin pot discs at the front and drums at the rear. Belated Happy New Year to all. Thanks Ian B.
  11. Ian Bunker

    Guide to wishbone bushes

    A couple of weeks back I started the process of re-bushing the rear suspension of my SE Narrow and opted to fit new metalastic bushes. I reckon the existing ones have been on the vehicle for 20+ years. Now the question - all the forums say not to torque tighten the bushes until the "wheels are under their own weight. Does this mean the car has to be on the ground in which case i will have to get the car over a pit to gain access - or is it ok to just have the weight of the wheels acting on the suspension while the car is up on axle stands? Thanks in advance for the advice. Ian Bunker
  12. Ian Bunker

    Purple or Black Bushes

    I know that Powerflex supply Westfield SC with both their Purple (Road) and Black (Sports/Track) bushes. I have a 1995 SE Narrow with a beam Escort ear axle. I only use the car for general road use and doubt if I will ever use it for track days etc. Has anyone else bought and fitted the purple Powerflex bushes to a similar car and did it help the ride over the original metalastic / rubber bushes please? Many thanks Ian Bunker
  13. Ian Bunker

    Best value suspension bushes?

    Hi magellan - thanks for responding. I take it you bought rubber bushes as opposed to Poly ? Have you really got a Toyota Twin Cam in a narrow body- thats food for thought - has it always had that engine in it? Cheers Ian
  14. Ian Bunker

    Best value suspension bushes?

    I have decided that this winter i will re-bush at least the rear end of my 1995 SE Narrow. I strongly suspect its never been done even though it has not been on the road for all of its 20 years. After much reading and picking others brains i have decided to go Metalastic/Rubber as despite maybe aggro to fit they seem a safer option. I was told the nylon half bushes can peel back as they are force fitted? Can anyone please recommend the best most economic (yes i mean cheapest) source for these and a decent brand. Many thanks Ian Bunker - Dorset
  15. I have a 1995 SE narrow with a 2.0 L Pinto with Kent FR Cam. I bought it 4 yrs ago and it was in a bit of a sorry state so it has had a lot of TLC over the last few years. It had a single 32/36 DGAV downdraught Weber and last winter I decided to upgrade to a pair of twin choke 40’s with the slimmest 28mm Mangoletsi manifold. They look great and function well BUT my enjoyment is being spoilt by a horrible popping and banging whenever I come off the throttle. This has only happened since I fitted the new carbs. As far as I know they are correctly jetted for the engine and from the look of the plugs the mixture is fine. Now talking to others they say abandon the twin twin-choke route as “you will never get them working properly” . I used all the right gaskets and “O” rings and have sprayed water around to check for leaks. Obviously I spent a few quid on the update so I really want to sort it. Does anyone have an approx. idea of the correct jet sizes and timing please. Thanks very much. Ian Bunker

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