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  1. RussH

    Ignition lead help - urgent!

    Regarding option two - you can cut down the rubber boot to make it fit the head quite easily (I have!)
  2. RussH

    Nasty "accident", general advice anyone?

    Regardless of what happened, I’d avoid posting about it on the internet tbh.
  3. RussH

    Duratec coolant issues

    Hi Steve...yes...new HG :D Do a sniff test on the coolant first to confirm. Nice to meet you yesterday.
  4. Great day thanks all
  5. RussH

    Passenger footrest

    Check the width of it, otherwise you’ll end up having it too far forward due to the shape of the footwell.
  6. RussH

    Blyton Park Track day briefing

    You only need one wristband though
  7. RussH

    Blyton Park Track day briefing

    I’ve passengered at Blyton without needing to attend the briefing.
  8. RussH

    Friday 13th - looking pretty unlucky!

    I’ve got an umbrella you can borrow.
  9. RussH

    Friday 13th - looking pretty unlucky!

    Carpets can be a pain to dry out so it might be worth removing them - otherwise fine IMO.
  10. If I can source something to drive.
  11. RussH

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    You'll look stupid though. Leather for a road car.
  12. RussH

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    http://www.bexleystarters.co.uk http://alternatorrepair.co.uk/index.html etc...
  13. RussH

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    Get it repaired.
  14. RussH

    Overheard in kwik fit

    I have to use KF by the way, company car.
  15. RussH

    Overheard in kwik fit

    and chatting to a guy with a GBS about the WSCC sprint series!

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