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  1. Archibald Meatpants

    Mx-5 Track car Build AKA The Prawn

    GT3 RS door pulls must knock off 10s a lap at Bedford
  2. Archibald Meatpants

    brake pads for road use

    You’re my hero Bernie
  3. Archibald Meatpants

    Device holder mount

    Surely you go out in the Westfield to get away from the wife? Live Location on Whatsapp is all you need!
  4. Archibald Meatpants

    brake pads for road use

    Nice excuse to upgrade to M16 calipers! :D :D
  5. Archibald Meatpants

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

  6. Archibald Meatpants

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    What paint did you use for the engine block David?
  7. Archibald Meatpants

    Trailer test

    Simple really isn’t it?
  8. Archibald Meatpants

    S2000 private plate, doesn't get any better!

    He called you a dishonourable ball sack! Seems harsh.
  9. Archibald Meatpants

    Clarke CFC100 Folding 1 ton engine crane & Load leveller

    No, but I’d like to know how to change the seals? Good luck with sale...
  10. Archibald Meatpants

    Oil Cooler

    What size was the laminiva Terry?
  11. Archibald Meatpants

    Oil Cooler

    Or option 3 fit a Laminova?
  12. Archibald Meatpants

    Differential leak

    I stand corrected, of course it’s not a drain plug doh
  13. Archibald Meatpants

    CCTV recommendations

    How loud can she shout? It could work.
  14. Archibald Meatpants

    CCTV recommendations

    I use one of these combined with a gravel drive. Nothing gets close without him being on high alert. Of course if they get in, they get licked to death. Other models are available.
  15. Archibald Meatpants

    Making Life Easier With Servicing and Repairs

    When setting off from a standstill, select reverse before first, to convince people behind that you drive one of those fancy automatics.

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