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  1. Castlecroft

    4 x Toyo R888's in SG for sale - SOLD

    tyres now sold ...
  2. i have a set of toyo r888's for sale - they are in the SG (soft) compound. These are part worn but still have plenty of life left in them and they are in great condition. They are all 205/60/13 ... manufactures date code is W5F1715 ... so were made in week 17 of 2015. These are list 1B tyres and are fully road legal --- these are NOT available from toyo any more... They are currently on some rims but i will be taking them off this week .... £150 buys the 4 ..... collection from Gloucester - or buyer pays postage / carriage
  3. Castlecroft

    busa slave clutch brackets

    after having a failure of both slave clutch brackets on our busa, we had some new ones made up as they are not available anymore from the factory.... the person who made them has done a fantastic job... in making them he also made some "jigs" so that more can be easily made at any time ... hence if anybody is after any new brackets then let me know and i can put you in touch .. they cost £30 for the pair.
  4. Castlecroft

    Tyres , 185x13", list 1b, 888sg etc

    Hi Stu, I will have a set of 205/60/13” R888’s in sg available soon... they are 3 years old and have done one season of hill climbs... there is plenty of tread left on them..... how soon do you need them as I’m not going to take them off, be available, for about month... but if you are not needing them till next season.... let me know if you want them? I can take some pics this pm...
  5. Castlecroft

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Attached... 26th Aug Entry List.docx
  6. Castlecroft

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Is the route south / east through nox to the A5 suitable for towing covered trailer's?
  7. Castlecroft

    Rolling Road in Wiltshire

    Try ringing JPR tuning.. (yate... not too far away).. John worked wonders on our previous Westie (cvh on twin Webber 40’s) http://www.jprtuning.co.uk/
  8. Castlecroft

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Another pic from snetterton courtesy of heritage snapper... (before posting I’ve checked it’s ok to share)
  9. Castlecroft

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    reply to Chris King, WSCC Webmaster no problem ..... as quoted on his facebook page ..... "As with so many events I've been to, one thing leads to another. This time a chat with a snapper at the British SuperBikes at Snetterton led me to this little event on Saturday, The Borough 19 Motor Club Snetterton Sprint 2018. More speedy thing snapping practice As always feel free to tag, comment and share these
  10. Castlecroft

    busa slave clutch bracket wanted

    before i go and get a new bracket fabricated -- has anybody got a busa slave clutch bottom bracket .... mine failed at Snetterton (tack welded up to get me back on circuit) ... i've tried Westfield and they haven't sold any for 4 plus years ... pics attached as to which bracket ... cheers
  11. Castlecroft

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Snetterton this weekend... photo by heritage snapper
  12. Castlecroft

    How to mount rear diffuser.

    Pics of how we have mounted ours... carbon diffuser to a megabusa... slotted rail at the front, rivnutted to the chassis, and at the rear a rivnut with bolt (don’t use bonnet pins as the fall out) , with rubber washers to take up any gap.. hope this helps..
  13. Castlecroft

    MSA Consultation, Type A licenses etc.

    I think the relevant proposed change is below Proposed Regulation (N)5.5.4. Any driver competing in a vehicle of 0.34bhp/kg or higher (excluding driver weight) and measured at the driven wheels, must be the holder of a Speed National ‘A’ licence, as a minimum. Date of Implementation: 1 st January 2019 Reason: To ensure that a driver of a powerful car has a heightened level of competition experience. The proposal mirrors Circuit Racing and the p/w break requirement. the Key being that this is for section N of the blue book... auto cross and rally cross.... but they have had misprints before
  14. Castlecroft

    Busa Oil Pump Bracket - Sold

    PM sent.
  15. Wow, from what I thought was just a simple innocent post it looks like I have opened up a big debate... let me just state that that was not my intention. Also thanks for all the comments and messages of encouragement, we recognise that winning is not everything, and we are realistic in our expectations... the social side does play a big part, and we don’t dismiss this aspect.... But the die is cast for this year, we have already entered the MSC, and have our schedule of 9+ events, hotels are already booked etc... some of these will coincide with wscc events, so I’m sure that there will be ample opportunity for your committee to test the 3.5% assumption. But back to my first point, debate is healthy, but I think that Maurici has articulated our considerations very well,,,, a true road going car will not be competitive in your class F... so until that aspect is addressed in your class structure then you will possibly not encourage new bike engined cars to join in..... So I guess that is the burning question.... how is the SS going to be an inclusive, and sustainable series and recruit new ordinary road car / novice driver combinations with limited budgets.....

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