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  1. Castlecroft

    Megabusa rolling road

    Hi tom, I was browsing around and found this web site.... I don’t know of it’s pedigree, or any of the companies listed, but it may give you some leads https://www.rollingroadregister.com/
  2. IMO i dont think it would pass an mot - also other clauses that the blue book states which MAY also be relevant are below ---- but if in doubt then ask a scrute..... however, if you are really that desperate to save the weight then go on a diet ... its the cheapest weight saving option by far Page 166 section k – competition safety 2.2. Seats. All seats should be correctly located and securely anchored in such a way as to allow no movement in squab or backrest page 341 - Sprint and Hill Climb Vehicles 10.1.8. Road-Going Series Production and Road-Going Specialist Cars: front seats may be replaced by fully trimmed Competition versions
  3. Castlecroft

    Quaife reverse gearbox

    But if you are competing / running in a road going class then a reverse gear is required.
  4. Castlecroft

    1C tyres for Road Going in 2019

    Hmmm.... but zzr (no numbers) are still listed in list 1c... so is it a compound type?
  5. Castlecroft

    1C tyres for Road Going in 2019

    Received my 2019 licence today, no blue book, it’s now all on line.. so browsing through, and specifically looking at the tyre lists, they have in list 1b in red text “ZZR (8018 & 8019)” as well as the previously stated ZZR (15156 & 15157)... so what are ZZR 8018 & 8019 ?
  6. Castlecroft

    1C tyres for Road Going in 2019

    I have it on good authority (a member of the tyre panel) that ...... No tyres have been moved from 1C to 1B. The Avon ZZR still remains in 1C, except for the OE Caterham sizes which are in 1B, these sizes can only be used on a Caterham
  7. Castlecroft

    Megablade wiring diagram

    also found this
  8. Castlecroft

    Megablade wiring diagram

    here are some other reference files re wiring the busa that may be of use Section-14 - Dashboard Wiring Loom - Part 1.doc Section-14 - Dashboard Wiring Loom - Part 2.doc GSX-1300R_E-03_Wiring_Diagram.pdf
  9. Castlecroft

    pressure washer - recommendations please

    Thanks for all the recommendations... decided to go for a nilfisk C120... from Amazon (£35 cheaper than cleanstore - and yes I have checked that it is the same product..) re “what have I been doing to the karcher’s”... always stored them dry over winter.. and kept in the shed at all times...but the last one only managed 6 weeks, motor burn out after 2 minutes when using it for the second time !! phoned karcher to report, and being fair they offered a replacement to be couriered out with the old one being picked up... but I ask you, failing after 6 weeks does not build confidence in a replacement. i think there is probably a big difference in build quality between the “home use” karcher units and the “professional units”.. either way time to try another brand....
  10. After having two karcher pressure washers (the first lasting less than 2 years - the second and most recent lasting just 6 weeks !!!) - i need a new pressure washer ... what recommendations are there for a different brand as a replacement - used for general cleaning - car / trailer / patio --- nothing too lavish - or too expensive..
  11. Castlecroft

    4 x Toyo R888's in SG for sale - SOLD

    tyres now sold ...
  12. i have a set of toyo r888's for sale - they are in the SG (soft) compound. These are part worn but still have plenty of life left in them and they are in great condition. They are all 205/60/13 ... manufactures date code is W5F1715 ... so were made in week 17 of 2015. These are list 1B tyres and are fully road legal --- these are NOT available from toyo any more... They are currently on some rims but i will be taking them off this week .... £150 buys the 4 ..... collection from Gloucester - or buyer pays postage / carriage
  13. Castlecroft

    busa slave clutch brackets

    after having a failure of both slave clutch brackets on our busa, we had some new ones made up as they are not available anymore from the factory.... the person who made them has done a fantastic job... in making them he also made some "jigs" so that more can be easily made at any time ... hence if anybody is after any new brackets then let me know and i can put you in touch .. they cost £30 for the pair.
  14. Castlecroft

    Tyres , 185x13", list 1b, 888sg etc

    Hi Stu, I will have a set of 205/60/13” R888’s in sg available soon... they are 3 years old and have done one season of hill climbs... there is plenty of tread left on them..... how soon do you need them as I’m not going to take them off, be available, for about month... but if you are not needing them till next season.... let me know if you want them? I can take some pics this pm...
  15. Castlecroft

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Attached... 26th Aug Entry List.docx

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