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  1. bigals

    Bodywork for sale seiw

    now on ebay numbers below 142966224117 142966211778 142966250537 142967783585 142966192419
  2. bigals

    Washing/cleaning. Waterless wash?

    I just use a hose but with the tap only turned on a little to reduce the flow then a bucket and sponge with normal car shampoo followed by a quick dry with a microfiber . Then if I feel like it a quick wax or polish . I find for scratches old fashioned t-cut works well .
  3. bigals

    Bodywork for sale seiw

    24cm wide, measured from side to side at the top at the widest part so guessing that they are standard
  4. bigals

    Bodywork for sale seiw

    I have a selection of bodywork for sale all zk style. Black nose cone painted with cut outs for a antiroll bar some small stress fractures but quite presentable Black zk bonet cut outs for air filter on the right-hand side and over rail exhaust on the left Black Rear removable rear wings with arch protectors . Race condition - note round lights cut in from behind Black zk windscreen filet White new zk boot box never fitted New zk kit detachable arches never fitted in white 24cm wide Sensible offers please . I am not expecting a huge amount for the old bodywork but would like a fare price for the as new items. Collection from.rg17 or from work at 0x127bz Thanks Alan
  5. bigals

    New Member in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    Welcome from hungerford
  6. bigals

    Rear view mirror attachment

    Loctight rear veiw mirror fixing kit is what you need . Used one years ago and it stuck solid after I was having the same issue . Just make sure you clean any old adhesive and pad of first with a sharp Blade www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=255230&productId=168190&storeId=10001 Hth Alan
  7. bigals

    Cycle wing fixing

    Have a look at probolt looks like the sort of thing they would sell
  8. bigals

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Can't remember 100% but if the old grey matter is correct it was twice loosely round the perforated tube to allow for expansion but this might be more help https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.textiletechnologies.co.uk/attachments/download/download/%3Fd%3D0%26file%3Dcustom%2Fupload%2FFile-1452689260.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwj6jcfS2drbAhVbF8AKHb1rDKUQFggcMAA&usg=AOvVaw1QtbjztfcssQ8jitKpFTyc
  9. bigals

    Paint colour

    Presuming only the bonnet s painted and the rest of the car is in gell coat , in my opinion it will be almost impossible to get the exact colour match due to the difference in what your eyes are actually seeing with gel coat your looking at a more transparent but deeper surface of coating while with paint it's a thinner but more opaque coating . It might be worth trying to get a second hand bonnet but even gel coat changes from batch to batch plus it depends on how the colour has faded . How old is the car ? If it is Quite new you might get a match . But an exact match is also unlikey and what improvement it would be on your current bonnet you would only know when you fit. would you consider some graphics to distract the eye from the difference in shade? And to draw your eye away ?
  10. bigals

    It should have been so easy.....

    garage time is the female equivalent of............i am just gong to pop in to into this shop and try on this, dress/top/shoes/and bags
  11. bigals

    kitcardirct rear arches

    yes looking at his work i am hopping it will really finish the car off nicely as all his parts look beautifully finished, i just hope i don't develop a carbon habit. I do plan to do the dash next year and wold like some arch protectors oh and some cycle wings oh god i am already spending next years wages
  12. bigals

    kitcardirct rear arches

    perhaps make some noise down the A4 , I took her round the block yesterday very slowly just to get the engine up to temp and came back with a big grin on my face
  13. bigals

    kitcardirct rear arches

    So after posting the above I sent one more email and got a response from kitcardirect. They have now pulled the arches of their website and have offered a small refund as a good will gesture . And are continuing to follow it up with the suppier. So i have received some customer service . The wings were posted direct from the manufacturer so I do have some understanding in there predicament . On a plus note I now love how gel coat polishes up and can't wait until all the dirty jobs are over and I can get the car clean. I just whish I had got my original white arches painted locally to get round the lead time . Anyway as the cars going back together quite nicely I am not going to let it spoil all my hard work . A couple more days and then is just a couple of week Waite for my carbon nv aero screen and hopfuly back on the road
  14. bigals

    Howwwww much!

    on the plus side a 36k new car makes a lot of ours look very good value on the used market

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