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  1. Westfield Parts Dept

    rough bodywork for some testing...

    we have a fair few parts in different colours that have all failed at quality check that we are just trying to recover what costs we can, if you are interested i can get some pictures across to you.
  2. Westfield Parts Dept

    Wind deflectors

    Hi Miller, we keep these in stock, price including UK delivery would be £102.50 and i can get them out to you on a next day courier. Give me a call if you're interested on 01384 400077. Kind regards, westfield parts.
  3. Westfield Parts Dept

    Body work and more

    Hi Jay, if you want i can put you a quote together, but i would need you to send some photos through of the car just so i can confirm we are pricing the correct parts. just drop us an email with some photos if you would like a quote, parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk kind regards, westfield parts dept
  4. Westfield Parts Dept

    15" 7" pro race 1.2

    how many are you loooking for? Also what colour? we have got some black ones due in to us for stock in the next 7-14 days and we can do them for £145.00 inc vat and delivery each.
  5. Westfield Parts Dept

    Contoured dash wanted.

    hi Stuart, we are running an offer from now until Sunday, if you check the link below and then enter the coupon code SUMMER10 at checkout you will get 10% discount. https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=598&search=contour&description=true Kind regards, Westfield Sportscars
  6. Westfield Parts Dept

    Westfield 4 Point Harnesses

    Hi Vogalogue, we have a pair of black 2" harnesses in stock, we can do them to you including UK delivery £120.00. if ordered today i can get them out to you for tomorrow. Kind regards, Westfield sportscars
  7. Westfield Parts Dept

    Sports Turbo Seats - pair now found

    Good afternoon, we can do you a pair for £750 with free UK postage, lead time would be 5-6 weeks. Give me a call if you interested on 01384 400077.
  8. Westfield Parts Dept

    Standard track front bottom wishbone

    Hi, we have 1 in stock, with a choice of bushes depending what you are currently running either nylon, metalastic or powerflex, £145 including next day UK delivery. Let me know if its of interest to you 01384 400077. Kind regards, Richard.
  9. Westfield Parts Dept

    Silencer Silence

    Hi, Sorry to hear that you have not had a response, however the contacts part of our webpage seems to be quite temperamental and doesn't always show that customers have contacted us. it is always best to give us a direct contact via phone or our email which i will provide below to get a guaranteed response If i can help any more in anyway then just drop us a message and i will help you as much as i can Thanks Matt Parts Dept. Parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk Matt.hayward@westfield-sportscars.co.uk 01384400077
  10. Westfield Parts Dept

    Carpet set black

    Hi Craig, We are trying to help you as much as we can and i apologise it has taken so long, we are just trying to avoid any issues with an incorrect carpet set. i hope you can bear with us Thanks Matt
  11. Westfield Parts Dept

    carbon pics

  12. Don't forget our factory open day here at Westfield this Saturday 24th October!! What's on offer?... Get the chance to meet and talk to staff about any query's with your car. Take a look around our factory. Buy parts and see what offers/deals we have.
  13. Westfield Parts Dept


  14. Westfield Parts Dept

    Westfield Sports Cars Factory Open Day 11th April

    There will be a special offer on all parts order on the day!
  15. Westfield Parts Dept

    Pro race wheels on R1R tyres

    Morning All, Unfortunately the wheels and tyres were sold on Friday. Thanks for all the inquiries, i will inform further on any future offers. Kind regards Kyle

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