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  1. I used mine in all weathers, Birmingham to South Devon every weekend. On the 2013 calander there's my car on December... Mar 2012 had a gorgeous, fresh morning, so left hood/doors off. Then when I finished my 13hour shift, a foot of snow!!! I had to find the fattest nurse that would fit in my car, offer her a lift home and hope she gave me traction! Was like driving through a pinball game!!!cars bouncing off each other all around me, cars driving along pavements and bouncing off curbs. I took the correct "softly softly, catchy monkey" approach. Using 2nd gear and no accelerator pedal, just careful clutch work, to get me home. SORN is for skin flints! Hahahaha
  2. There's a massive thread about this... If not a couple. After being part of the other threads I decided that EBC Green Stuff were best for myself, fast road use, and that the 1144's would be best for track day orientated ownership. Green Stuff work from cold, but can have issues at higher heats, where as 1144's work really well with some heat in them, but may have issues at low temperatures. I never got round to fitting the 1144's, but I have never had an issue with Green Stuff. You just need to be careful with the legal side of things, ensure that if you used the car on the road and had an incident where your brakes are checked after the incident... Could your "not for road use" pads end up making you liable for an incident (in the eyes of insurance and solicitors).
  3. From what I understand it is down to local council's policies. However it will take time, require photo's and evidence... But I know of several people that have claimed. As said by Adrian, it took them around the six month mark. From what I have been told by people the council have insurance that covers a pot hole claim, however it would cost them to repair it. So it's financially viable to leave them and just make it difficult for people to claim. At a guess I would say 99% of people would hit it then just shout and scream about it, 1% will do something and take photo's, then most of that 1% will give up before claim is complete... So as always it's the public suffering.
  4. I've been stupidly busy recently and after waiting 11 months for my car to be completed I gave up and sold it. Incomplete, in the factory. Almost finished... But I'm now moving to Jersey and due to very strict housing I'll not have a parking space... Let alone a drive or even a garage. Plus as I'm soon to be unemployed the is a years rent!
  5. You wouldn't believe how many bits of broken springs I see on the side if the road, normally just a 3-4 inch section... But if that bit has come off, what's the rest of it like? I spend a lot of time in my mates garage... Pretty much every car in has not had a service in several years and is the main reason for whatever issue it has... Then most customers will bring in a car for something minor and say "could you check..." Then refuse to pay for whatever the major issue was. Like wipers needed changing "could you check the exhaust, it's very loud..." My favorite is when people come in: "You're expensive, but can you..." Then when quote is given: "They will do it cheaper over at..." The reply they get is: "Go there then." Quite often they'll cone back and say: "Can you connect the computer and turn out the service light?" So clearly someone has done the service on the cheap... If at all, then wants the light turned out for free! I find it really entertaining! When I connected up my Volvo I checked it and every service is logged to who did what and all faults from day it was produced. That's what he uses as reason not to turn out lights.
  6. Since owning and driving a Volvo... These incidents have declined. Witness many incidents of idiocy and bits of car connected to walls still. However when I'm doing 28mph in a 30 area people sit behind me. In Mrs C's car they drive too close and flash their lights, in the they would treat me as they would a push bike... Then without looking pull in, to discover the is longer than a push bike... As I am hit and a yellow puff of fibreglass! However... Avoid driving in Birmingham completely, the wife refuses to even drive the three miles to work and I walk her to/from work. So 6 mile return trip, twice a day! And we have decided that walking a certain route (twice as long as direct route) to town is as safe as we can get. If pouring down or walking is not viable we have found a taxi company that has trackers in their cabs and is extremely strict with speed and driving of their drivers. Yes they do cost a couple of quid more... But compared to accident damage we save a fortune! Plus with moving anywhere south of Bristol/M4 in the near future has lifted spirits and with Jersey being the most likely outcome we're even happier. With cash saved so far and tax free in Jersey... I'm looking at SLK 350's... Automatic and just chilling out.
  7. I had an idea... You can not climb if a bird is nesting, with land owners permission I can use rifle/pistol to exterminate pests... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  8. Cheers, Yes normally banter, but the 0.01% then made me react badly to the banter. It wasn't massive stress as I didn't cry in the shower. Cheers for the vote on posts, that's what I aimed for, a bit of entertainment. The driving updates was actually fun to write, but found some people took it seriously and got a bit anti guest about it all. They were all actual events, and I still see moron's driving the wrong way down a one way street... In a bus lane or impatient (swear filter...) using pavements to cut through a queue of traffic. I recoded it all do a while, but every journey would be saved and I don't have the time or space to store it all. However locals see this as the norm and accept it. I'll still be about on the odd post and will respond to PM's. But will steer clear of many subjects. Just avoiding a bit as I'm upset from selling the Westfield... It's not finished and I've spent a fortune on bits I'll never see or use!
  9. Just found this thread... You're all kinda right! I spent mid December-mid January shopping... Grr! EVERDAY!!! Birmingham, London, Paris, Milan... I came back with a pair of calves skin driving gloves... Then sold the Westfield!!! Mrs C came back with more than I took!!! I'm running from Birmingham, have been trying to escape for 5 years and now there's light in the distance and that tunnel's getting shorter. Due to end of nursing and military career I'm doing plenty of courses... As Jersey looks pretty much where I'll spend the future I thought "A lot of money... Lots of millionaires... How can I get my hands on some?" I'm a qualified, competent and experienced chef (worked in a Michelin star restaurant pre army), pre nursing I was a computer tech and I have nursing... So I've decided locksmith and security system installation/maintenance... Plus summer work in restaurants/bars. If I can't find work in locksmith/security install... I could become a successful thief! Driving is still insane in Birmingham and nothing changes... Other than I now drive a Volvo C70 T5 GT... Automatic! And people's attitudes towards it are completely different. When I drive at 28mph through a 30, they sit behind me. In the Westfield they would overtake dangerously and pull in too close, almost taking the nose cone off! Still see an accident every other day (or remains thereof) and still morons attack roundabouts as if they're going to explode if it takes longer than 4 seconds to negotiate and do not follow any road markings. But, as most people from Birmingham, I accept it as normal and no longer care... Within weeks I'll be gone, never to return. I'm here much less as life's snowballed and I have much going on. Locksmith practising (I got into my own place with a pick keyring), shooting everyday (concentration, relaxation and the fact that while travelling to/from ranges I feel much safer!) and sorting out everything ready for the escape... I've just not been here. Finally, I found that no matter what I wrote on here it would have negative replies and for the last however long it's been I've ended up stressed due to having to correct responses from other members and explain myself. Now life's moved on and I've had a year waiting for my Westfield, to then sell it before it's finished!!! I'm putting effort into other things and avoiding anything to do with driving until out of Birmingham. My next marque will be an XJS V12 Convertible, XK8 Convertible or an SLK350... Depending on where I am, how much I have and what parking there is. I'd love to return to a Westfield, but I'm not a fast enough driver to warrant one anymore.
  10. I'm with 6carjon. The caravan caught my eye! My mother has a Daimler double six, has had it since the late 80's. No rear seat belts, leather seats, Devon's many lanes, a little Nova SR thinking it could overtake and causing my mother to put her foot down! As a 10yr old I had many bruises after being bounced about in the back of it!
  11. I have moved houses many many times, I've had 34 postcodes and I'm only 30!!! Pretty much every house I have had the bill for previous occupants and an estimate for usage. I admit, most postcodes were while growing up and I don't know what happened with bills, and many postcodes I did not pay bills (military accommodation). But every time I've been responsible for energy bills I've had issues. Sending off proof of date I moved in and trying to sort it out. Usually I move to another address and start it all again before issue was resolved and I'm phoning two companies trying to extract money!
  12. Nope, last week I checked (phone) and now looking for brake parts. They have been very good and has been a lot more reasons than excuses. So I'm not sniping or whining. But with my career now ending in a few weeks, retraining and moving, I decided to sell and let someone else drive a completely sorted car. Within 30 mins I had five offers and the car is provisionally sold. I'm thinking I should've asked for more! Hahahaha I've got a Volvo C70 T5 GT and with potentially moving to Jersey very shortly I think even that will be too much car! 40mph speed limit, that is strictly enforced. I'd be booted back to Birmingham before I move in, if I kept the Westfield.
  13. I agree, I enjoy going there and everyone there is always happy and helpful.
  14. Did you see my car? CU54 DWY It's been there 11 months...
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