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  1. Rob have got a 3.9,not what your after but close ,let me know if any good ,cheers John.
  2. looks like the wheel is catching the chassis /ali panel, the wheel offset will be different on a car with on axle to independent.try putting a small spacer between the wheel and the brake disc and check clearance on the in side of the wheel and the outside ,adjust thickness as required
  3. as title cosworth 4x4 turbo engine wanted, must have 200 block
  4. More pics,still for sale at asking price, crack in gel coat
  5. yes the wings are genuine westfield parts
  6. yes they are, sorry should of said
  7. Used inner and outer steering column , lock and 2 keys. Has had lower mount chopped of £40
  8. 1 new cycle wing in red unused/ undrilled £ 50
  9. Two rear wings in red, both wings are new, drivers side has slight crack/ chip from storage as shown in pics £175
  10. 4. 215/55/13 zzr a24 compound hillclimb / sprint tyres , very gentle use only☺️ , £ 40
  11. 2 slicks , lots of life left believed to be a15 compound size in pics,clean rapped to go £50
  12. 2 force split rim wheel edges,3 1/2 inches rim width , 4 inches overall £80
  13. Brand new ap racing master cylinder, not used a week old £250
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