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  1. John Hoyle

    2019 Speed Series Organising Team ( SSOT)

    thank you all for your hard work
  2. John Hoyle

    Rear wings

    More pics,still for sale at asking price, crack in gel coat
  3. John Hoyle

    Rear wings

    yes the wings are genuine westfield parts
  4. John Hoyle

    Rear wings

    yes they are, sorry should of said
  5. John Hoyle

    Steering column

    Used inner and outer steering column , lock and 2 keys. Has had lower mount chopped of £40
  6. John Hoyle

    Front wing

    1 new cycle wing in red unused/ undrilled £ 50
  7. John Hoyle

    Rear wings

    Two rear wings in red, both wings are new, drivers side has slight crack/ chip from storage as shown in pics £175
  8. John Hoyle

    Avon tyres

    4. 215/55/13 zzr a24 compound hillclimb / sprint tyres , very gentle use only☺️ , £ 40
  9. John Hoyle

    2 large ish slicks

    2 slicks , lots of life left believed to be a15 compound size in pics,clean rapped to go £50
  10. John Hoyle

    Split rim edges

    2 force split rim wheel edges,3 1/2 inches rim width , 4 inches overall £80
  11. Brand new ap racing master cylinder, not used a week old £250
  12. John Hoyle

    Duratec water rail

    Duratec retro ford /sbd water rail kit, brand new not used £220
  13. John Hoyle


    1 pair of Aluminium hubs , in good condition have been anodized to stop corrosion £60
  14. John Hoyle

    2018 Regs and Explainations

    HI Stuart, by putting the 6 classes into 2 there would be more cars in each class , the competion would be harder. The man who's been running at his local venue on 1b,s wouldn't have to consider if he's got the right tyres synchro,dog or seqeuntial 4,5,6 speed box, which is a mine field in our series.the scoring would be simpler for tigger and the ssot would have less work. John all the cars have been developed over the years and that is part of the fun to develop and then test on timed runs. Terry I agree with you that all the car specs engines etc would still be covered nicely by the msa regs without the need to have lots of classes
  15. John Hoyle

    2018 Regs and Explainations

    Evening all, I personally would like to thank the ssot for all there effort as usual, with out them there wouldn't be a speed series . There always seems to be a lot of unrest at this time of year,perhaps the way forward would be to do away with classes abcdef and just have 2 road going classes that follow the msa rules regarding road going specialist production cars . The class split would be 1700cc and over as per harewood and may other venues, this would have the added benefit that 1b tyres are cheaper than 1c tyres.

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