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  1. jonjh1964

    Morris' XI Build

    +1 for taper bearings ~£60 from Moss and setup following MGB hub installation procedure. The gearbox from Westfield will almost certainly be the standard Type 9 ratios so would benefit from a longer 1st. The Midget looks very nice.
  2. jonjh1964

    IAC valve

    Most ITBs don’t have one as standard (Jenvey/Omex), they help with cold start/idle and close when the engine is warm. Not much of an issue during the summer but without one I need a bit of throttle to start in the winter and get the engine warm before setting off.
  3. jonjh1964

    Toyo T1R's

    18,000 miles on my Westfield and the rears were shot but the fronts like new. Okay-ish for a road going Westfield that's used year round and had fun with them on wet trackdays when the 888 boys didn't want to go out but much prefer the R1Rs that replaced them.
  4. jonjh1964

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    The centre of my mounting holes is 15 mm from the front edge of the plate
  5. jonjh1964

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    I'll try to get out to the garage this morning and measure it for you
  6. jonjh1964

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    Assuming your using a Type 9 gearbox, this is mine drilled - paint still wet
  7. jonjh1964

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    Hello and welcome from Yeovil
  8. jonjh1964

    MG Midget or AH Sprite

    Mk1 1100cc £750 1972 currently £2300 1973 currently £2500 - in Buckingham 1967 1275 wire wheels £3450 buy now 4 potential donors on eBay today - I'd probably look at the 3rd (I think it's close to you in Buckingham) and 4th if you want wirewheels (different axles) and a buy now - if you want to fully refurbish everything and overhaul/upgrade the engine regardless of current condition the 1st. Just don't tell them you're only after it as a donor for a kit car...…
  9. jonjh1964

    Venom Headlights & IVA

    One of the many Chinese ‘Harley’ replacement headlights availability from your favourite online auction site.... the 4 x horizontal elements are either the indicators (can be triggered left or right side) or the DRL (all 8). The centre vertical elements are the dipped beam and the 3 lower elements the high beam (with the dipped beam elements remain on) so far very impressed the look very well made, fitted straight into the shell without any modifications and the wiring was straight forward on a standard Westfields chassis loom. First run out in the dark will be Thursday for the club meeting but I can already say they’re much brighter than the Venoms
  10. The summer is almost gone, but hopefully another chance to meet with a few cars The meeting is this Thursday 6th September at The Crown Inn Bridport 20:00 hours Hope to see you there
  11. jonjh1964

    Venom Headlights & IVA

    I replaced my venom headlights this weekend for virtually the same issues as stated above. almost the same functionality (indicator, high/dipped beam/DRL) - just need to work out a way to dim the DRL for the side lights although it would probably get through an MOT because it’s a lot dimmer than the dipped beam.
  12. On my experience - if you leave the cap off when it's burped a whole load of coolant on the garage floor and you've switched it off Leave the cap on, go around all the rubber hoses squeezing the after the car has fully heated up, go for a drive and top up once it's cooled down. After a couple of 'spirited blats' and top ups it will settle down and not need topping up.
  13. jonjh1964

    SDV Registration - Top Tip

    My recent SDV registration noted the 'IVA as visual test only' and stated first registration as 2018 with 'reassembled using parts some or all of which not new'. Good thing is no MOT for 3 years,, a clear statement on visual test only, and now the possibility of keeping the private plate and getting an 18 plate if I sell it on - happy days https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/123396-jonjh1964s-xi-build/?page=12
  14. jonjh1964

    Wscc magazine

    Nothing wrong with mine
  15. jonjh1964

    Morris' XI Build

    Good luck with the build, sound advice from Mark on shock absorbers. I find the tonneau very useful. Mark Davis Racing/Jacob Engineering make a Springall steering wheel that’s the same as originally fitted to the Eleven (15”) or as fitted to the original Seven (14”). The standard 65bhp should get a shift on as the Eleven is a lot lighter than a Midget and upgrades to the A Series don’t come cheap. MG Metro head, fast road cam and 45mm/1.75” carb should give 80+bhp which gives a nice car to drive although not overly fast by modern standards.

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