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  1. jonjh1964

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    The IVA requirement is: 'When the vehicle is driven at speeds above 10mph, there must be a degree of steering “self centring” evident.' Sounds like what you've got
  2. jonjh1964

    Interior / exterior projections

    AdgeC, As long as you pick me up at 2:15 for this afternoon's Dorchester pub crawl I don't mind
  3. jonjh1964

    Interior / exterior projections

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-Steel-Hollow-Ball-Seamless-Ball-Mirror-Metal-Decorative-Sphere-304/401631440868?hash=item5d83196fe4:m:m-gaGG70_pA-1kC1PxIbIPA:rk:19:pf:0 These are available in 100mm and 150mm, might be more robust that polystyrene
  4. jonjh1964

    LED Headlights All in one

    The Venom 5:1 has a single bulb for high/dipped beam using a metal mask that flips down for high beam powered by an electrical solenoid. To change over to standard or LED lights requires the high/dipped beam switch to be rewired to remove the permanent +12V to the bulb, then use the bulb feed for high beam and use the mask solenoid wire for the dipped, everything else should just be wired like for like including indicators if fitted. Most LED lights don't have side lights so if you want to remain 'legal' you would need to workout how to dim the DRL when the sidelights are switched on or fit extra LED sidelights.
  5. jonjh1964

    IVA date 14 of December

    When I registered mine I just left it blank for parts without a serial number - the only things I had with numbers were the chassis and engine
  6. jonjh1964

    i need an x1 in my life

    My Eleven weighed 515 kgs on the corner weights and 84 bhp on the rolling road at Slark Race Engineering. I was advised that with some porting the engine was easily capable of producing 100+ bhp which is what Stephen's and Simon's cars both produce. Whilst the car doesn't have the stop/go performance of my SEIW it's capable of keeping up with other Westfields on a run out and suited to the 'Sunday & Summer evening drives' you're planning. I took mine to this years Le Mans Classic and completed 6 'parade' laps and also to Shelsey Walsh where I did about a dozen 'fun' runs up the hill. Shelsey Walsh Le Mans Classic A couple of videos, Tricia was in the car with me at Shelsey and it was only 2 weeks before the trip to Le Mans. The lap at Le Mans is 8.5 miles and the video times it at just over 8 minutes so an average of around 64 mph to put the performance into perspective. At 5'7" I can't really comment on size but I believe my 6'er (non-slim) son fitted in - he's away at Uni so I can't confirm. Summary of my car's spec. Engine 1380cc with lots of MED goodies restored and rebuilt by Hurley Engine Services, Bath. Gearbox Ford Type 9 with MFK long 1st (2.98:1), standard MG Midget 3.9:1 rear axle . Fuel delivery HIF44 with MED Stack, Maniflow Manifold, Facet Red Top pump with Filter King regulator. Ignition Megajolt Lite with Ford EDIS4/Coil Pack with NGK B8ES spark plugs. Wheels and tyres Minilite 7J x 13 with Dunlop StreetResponse Tyres 155/80R13. Brakes Front cross drilled/slotted discs with EBC 'Green Stuff' pads, rear standard Midget drums.
  7. jonjh1964

    New Zetec - no cover for flywheel?

    Westfield don't fit anything on their Zetec engine cars. I haven't got one fitted and the only person I know who's had a problem competed in Class R of the MCC Exeter Trial after storms the preceding week and picked up debris from the middle of the road that jammed his clutch arm. If the roads in Norway aren't well swept you might be better to fit one.
  8. jonjh1964

    Cycle wing advice

    Mine do, unbolt, tilt the top in - bottom out and remove in a downward motion. 195/55R15. also didn’t have a problem with 205/50R15
  9. jonjh1964

    Cycle wing advice

    When I first fibre glassed bighead bolts to the ABS carbon effect Cycle Wings it delaminated. I redid it using epoxy resin rather than polyester and all has been well since. CW Debond I subsequently fitted CSR carbon fibre Cycle Wings and they've stayed in place ever since and are much easier to fit/remove because I used captured nuts on the rear stay and bolts on the front. CSR CW
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omSQYkrAZa8&t=8s Leisurely run up the hill with Mrs H
  11. jonjh1964

    Morris' XI Build

    Without, and checked for free movement lock-to-lock once everything was torqued up.
  12. jonjh1964

    Morris' XI Build

    Having removed one from my donor I did some digging on the 'interweb' during my build, IIRC they were required on the Midget to correctly align the steering rack/column because of a lack of UJs on the steering column and hence not required for an Eleven which has 2 x UJs. Might be worth adding to the list of things for your next call to Ian/Mark at Westfield.
  13. jonjh1964

    help.. i cant post anywhere

    Paul - your profile says you're SORN'd, this usually happens when your membership has lapsed, I suggest you check as this would limit your ability to post on the forum. Best wishes for sorting the car and getting back on the road in 2019.
  14. jonjh1964

    Happy Birthday AdgeC

    Happy Birthday Adge - don't forget to take a very big breath before you try and blow out all those candles...….
  15. 2020 - yes please followed by Alpine Pass Tour - I'll bring my route planner to next month's meeting Helmetcam was better than the camera under the Aeroscreen that picked up a bug early on but I can't decide whether the movement of the head adds to the experience or is annoying

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