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  1. jonjh1964

    Morris' XI Build

    The kit looks like they've addressed some of the quality issues from 2016-17, even though I paid for polishing the bodywork still needed more work and the exhaust manifold also needed some work on it. One tip while I remember, once you have the engine and exhaust manifold fitted support the engine, loosen the mounts and then adjust the position of the exhaust pipe as it goes through the pontoon by moving the whole engine, once you have good clearance retighten the mounts. I ended up with a 5mm shim under the n/s mount to get it central. I fitted my tonneau (post IVA) with lift dot fasteners from Jclarkemarine, they also sell a tool for stamping out the holes in the tonneau which worked well. I refitted the doors with rivnuts and countersunk screws. Good luck with the build.
  2. jonjh1964

    Heater rad

    I fitted one of these as a replacement for the Westfield supplied matrix as it doesn't have the plastic joint https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-Mini-1984-1992-heater-matrix-Fairway-Driver-Taxi-ALL-METAL-NOT-PLASTIC/292785676210?hash=item442b62dfb2:g:QbsAAMXQmWdRHgM9:rk:40:pf:0 It needed the heater ducting to be slightly adjusted as it was slightly bigger, I added some aluminium angle - link to the best photo I have to hand. https://2js-westfield-build.blogspot.com/2016/02/late-2015early-2016.html no further leaks since fitting in Sep 15
  3. Just got home from the show, many thanks to Colin for booking and arranging everything. The weather was best on Saturday with good numbers and a very full car park of classic/kit cars. Sunday was mostly drizzle/rain but still good numbers even though the classic/kit cars in the car park were fewer.
  4. David, I was at the show ground this afternoon and the Dorset Area was already planned out and full so unfortunately no spare place indoors. If you come in your Westfield there's a separate parking area for classics/kits that is right next door where the Dorset Area are set up and the weathers looking good for tomorrow. Jon
  5. jonjh1964

    Bristol classic car show

    https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/131711-classic-vehicle-kitcar-hall-restoration-show-bath-west-showground-shepton-mallet-34-november/ Dorset Area will have one of the inside stands with 5-6 Westfields on it for Saturday & Sunday.
  6. David, I think it's full - I'll contact Colin who's organised things and let you know. Jon
  7. Woolly jumpers at the ready as it's club meet this Thursday. That's right 1st November already! This months hot topic will be 'The classic vehicle restoration show'. Hopefully see you all Thursday at the Crown Inn, Bridport.
  8. jonjh1964

    Bristol and Bath AO

    Start your Santa List Dear Tasmin/Santa, I've been a good boy can I have a heater for my boy's toy please? Chris
  9. jonjh1964

    Oil for Sierra viscous LSD

    Yes, standard diff oil, the vicious is in a sealed unit. I used a synthetic 75w90
  10. jonjh1964

    Is this the correct form?

    Yes, the IVA Kit should include 4 x rectangular covers for the door mount blocks - might be worth a dab of silicone to hold them in place
  11. Meeting as usual 8pm at the Crown Inn, 59 West Bay Road, Bridport DT6 4AX this Thursday
  12. About 5 to 6 litres

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