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  1. For the steering rack restrictors I used hose cut to the length Westfield gave and then jubilee clips to hold them in place. After IVA I reduced them in size until I could get the smallest turning circle without the tyres hitting the bodywork as I couldn't cope with the ocean liner turning circle. I also had to fettle the rack mounts to clear the weld web on the near side of the chassis.
  2. Elder son waiting to go on track and then at the Bus Stop at Llandow with Omex/CKC Magazine
  3. I've got a alloy bell housing Sierra Bell housing that I had to cut the starter blister off in order to fit in the tunnel. It original had a 240mm Blacktop clutch fitted but I went to a 215mm clutch when I fitted at lightweight Flywheel Flywheel (TTV now sell a slightly heavier flywheel that allows you to keep the 240mm clutch) - no problem with either contacting the starter and I'd be surprised it there could be as it operates on the opposite side of the bell housing. If you don't want to cut anymore out of your expensive sump you could buy the sierra bell housing that's designed for a cable clutch at the first link and sell the RD one on.
  4. I don't think you'd have a problem removing material from the sump to clear the clutch cable bracket, I believe it's only there to close out the flywheel. You could replace the bolts holding the plate on the bell housing with countersunk to minimise the material removed - Raceline will be able to confirm if you're in any doubt.
  5. I can’t see from the photo, what’s underneath the alloy plate with the clutch cable hole - is there’s any possibility that you could drill a hole elsewhere in the bell housing that would line up?
  6. AFAIK the sump is designed for multiple bell housing/starter motor configurations. When I fitted mine to a Zetec I had to notch the LHS to clear the clutch cable - you can see a similar notch on yours - and remove additional material to clear the starter. I believe that as long as you don’t compromise the engine/sump flange you’re ok. If in doubt give raceline a call, they’re very helpful and can also supply new o rings for the oil pick up which I suggest you do if refitting.
  7. No, left it open with the original Westfield sump as that was how Westfield supplied it (would probably use a plate now however, now have a Raceline sump that closes the gap).
  8. Mine was done - ask them if you want to confirm.
  9. The 5th hole for the gearbox isn't a mounting hole it allows a rod to come out of the gearbox on gear change - make sure you don't get it restricted with RTV.
  10. I've fitted one - needs the starter motor blister removed 7 Kgs lighter than the original. I got mine from RWD Motorsport RWD MS Alloy
  11. quick google comes up with: 1997 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY LOCKHEED 3242-292C LEFT REAR BRAKE CALIPERS https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-LAND-ROVER-DISCOVERY-LOCKHEED-3242-292C-LEFT-REAR-BRAKE-CALIPERS-WITH-GOOD-/222556878015
  12. It's true - spin was so powerful it moved Silverstone to another county. donuts
  13. Best wishes with the build; what model and engine are you building?
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