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  1. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    With long neck
  2. The December meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 2nd December. It's the last meet of the year, sorry no Christmas meal this year, that's normally held on the 1st Saturday and sorry to say it clashes with my Works Christmas do. Hopefully see a few people for a Christmas Drink. There is no January meet, so the next one will be the February meet on Sunday 3rd Feb. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  3. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    New MD for Westfield

    Congratulations @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd hope it all goes well.
  4. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    I'd like to see a little more of the what happens just before the crash, from what I saw at the time Ocon was much quicker than Max at the end of the straight and went to pass on the outside giving Max a lot of room, Max then just shut the door and the inevitable happened. Had they being racing Ocon would have been in the position to squeeze him going into turn one and would have then had the high ground going into turn two. I think sometimes the arrogance of the leaders means that they expect back markers to just disappear, brake, get off the track or what ever. I'm not sure it was a cut and dry as presented and I thought the Ocon penalty was a little harsh, but I concede that the powers that be have access to a lot more information than we do. I did wonder if Max attacked him to direct the anger outwards that he should have been pointing inwards. Lewis was correct in what he said afterwards, I remember him also tripping up on a back marker who did not get out of the way quick enough, at Spa I think. Personally I'd like to see the blue flag system changed a bit, I think you should know that it's a lapping car behind you but I'm not sure I fully agree with the you must jump out of the way within three corners rule, when you looked to what made some of the greats, greater it was the way they managed to deal with back markers, Senna being one of the best at dealing with back markers
  5. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Sprint car wiring

    If it were me I'd start with the current (or as close to) wiring diagram. You should be able to identify what's needed and what is not and go from there.
  6. Hello All, The November meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 4th November. the nights are drawing in and Westi use is probably now starting to tail off but I hope to see a few of you there, we can talk about our winter upgrades and any plans for next year. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  7. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    It’s all I purchased, I did keep one original hose though, the bottom hose to the rad which is the bent hose or offset hose, not really sure what the official name for it is though
  8. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Rear Caliper removal

    Good point, I guess in that case I'll need to something to blank the union once disconnected to minimize fluid loss and contamination. Anyone got any recommendation as to what to use. I'd though about the lever and had resolved myself to the fact I was going to have to take the seats out.
  9. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Rear Caliper removal

    I'm planning to take my rear HiSpec brake calipers off to send them back and get handbrake adjustment grub screw retro fitted. What's the general advise and guidance re removing calipers with the minimum of fuss. I did a fluid change earlier in the summer so don't want have to fully drain and re-fill the system. My base plan is to use brake pipe clamps and then just remove and drain the calipers thus minimizing fluid loss. Are there any recommendations on the type of clamp or experience of the type to avoid. Based upon no pre-knowledge I was considering these.
  10. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Speedo reading slow

    It's quite straight forward to work out but it does depend on your front tire choice. Number of rotations per miles X number of heads per rotation = pulses per mile. I think you need to get a doc of Westfield though to help with the IVA verification and I think this should have the value on it so that it can be matched to the speedo, without the doc you may well have problems with the IVA process. .
  11. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Speedo reading slow

    This may be of help 80mm Progammable Speedometer.pdf
  12. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    That's more understandable. happy hunting
  13. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Not sure I'd agree with 1 and 4 had a few Turbo diesel cars that I've use for towing and as they've had loads of torque they have made great tow cars, probably better then the revy petrol engines I've towed with. Latest car is an auto an again it's a great tow car. it's an 8 speed though so has lots of gear ratios to choose from. I would not discount diesel and auto's out of hand, especially if it's based on flexibility as they are flexible. they may not be revy but you don't really need revy for toeing plenty of torque is better.
  14. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    I purchased hoses from Auto Silicon hoses (ASH) 1 meter of each - 8mm, 16mm & 32mm plus a 90 degree elbow reducer 35mm to 32mm I also purchased a Coolex Radiator, but did not have the fan mounted on it. I'd advise having it done though as I'm going to get it shipped back to them over the winter to get a fan mounted direct to the radiator. I did have cooling problems while on track before but with the coolex and a ducted nose it's been great, the only remaining issue is that it can get very hot while moving slowly or stationary, which is why I'm going to get the fan mounted on the radiator rather than on the Westfield supplied mount which leaves a gap between the fan and radiator and therefore reduces its efficiency.
  15. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    If you don't get it resolved and do go through the small claims court, make sure the amount is large enough to then be able to get bailiffs involved. I successfully took a claim through the process only to find that they totally ignored the outcome and as my claim was not large enough (somewhere just north of £500 ) there was then nothing more I could do. There seems to be a minimum amount before you can start to use debt recovery services. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.

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