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  1. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Weight loss diet.

    As mentioned in another recent post you could go for a swappable scuttle, your current setup with screen and heater etc and another with aeroscreen. Not only do you reduce weight by quite a bit when set up for the track but remove quite a lot of drag as well. I'm sure I've read that 13" wheels with 205/60 tires weigh less than the 15" equivalents.
  2. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    I did notice that as well, I may be wrong but I think for this situation the line needs to be across the threads (bolt) and nut and not the nut and washer. As it's a moving part I suspect the washer could move in relation to the nut, what's important it that the nut does not move in relation to the bolt.
  3. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    I had problems with tank venting when I first built my Westi, I checked and checked the venting system but it would still do it. With mine if I'd been on a spirited drive and then pulled up as it dropped to idle it would cut out, it would start again and run OK afterwards. I spoke to Westfield about the problem and from what they said my conclusion was that the vent pipe was collapsing on it self when the tank was under negative pressure, thus blocking the pipe. when stopped it would slowly release and all would be OK. I ended up drilling a very small hole in the fuel cap, not ideal I know, but I have not had an issue again.
  4. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Piston Party - Market Drayton 9th Aug

    May try and make it looks like it might be a nice evening
  5. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO


    I suspect it's not that simple. It's an interesting question so I had a bit of a look and found this quote "Type-approval of towbars only applies to vehicle which themselves have to be type-approved. Kit cars and commercial vehicles, including motorhomes, aren't subject to towbar type-approval regulations, at least not in the UK." I also found this on Gov.uk "Alternatively the vehicle’s ‘gross train weight’ may be listed on the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate on the car. This is normally under the bonnet or inside the driver’s door. The gross train weight is the weight of the fully-loaded car plus fully-loaded trailer and must not be exceeded. If your VIN plate doesn’t list a train weight, you should not use your vehicle for towing." I'm also sure I've seen a Westfield somewhere with a towbar best to check with the DVLA and Westfield themselves.
  6. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Fitting engine on build stands

    I did not fit my engine until it was a rolling chassis, I used the engine crane to help lift the chassis off the build stands. While fitting the engine I seem to remember lifting the front of the car on to ramps as the angle helped.
  7. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Pre IVA Images

    As you're using a driven wheel you should be OK, assuming you've set it correctly and as you'll have the chance to check before hand I think you should be OK. My concern was based on the problems people have with verifying when the sensor picks up a non driven wheel.
  8. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Pre IVA Images

    if the speed is calculated from a non driven wheel, make sure you have the documentation that fully explains how the speedo is calibrated. the fact that you checked against GPS yourself, I suspect won't be enough. Using the WF supplied clocks and wheels this is in a doc supplied by Mark. If you've got a different set up you'll need to effectively reproduce this information and may need more detail. With My IVA they had the doc from Mark and I then needed to show them the calibration information on the clock to show that it matched. The fact that all other parts were known meant this was enough. Looks a tidy build and good luck
  9. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Under 25 insurance

    Strange, I got a quote this year for my son from A-Plan, he's 23 and his daily is an MX 5 and I did say he drove it on track days , which may have been a factor. it was not cheap though (£200 ish) so I did not add him.
  10. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    MX-5 Torsen Diff

    @AdamRMy son has got one in a mk2.5 s-vt he is breaking. He says it’s a 3.6.
  11. The August meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 5th August. The weather for this weekend is still looking good, unlike last weekend. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Rhett
  12. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Trickle Chargers.

    I've got a CTEK to, MXS 5.0 as its got a mode for AGM type batteries. I also went for one of the comfort indicators, positioned so I can see it through a bonnet grill, meaning I get early warning if the battery is starting to go flat.
  13. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Lost me a wiper, looking for reasonable replacement

    blade can be found here and arm here somewhat less than Westfield want
  14. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Lost me a wiper, looking for reasonable replacement

    As it happens I was tiding the garage a little at the weekend and came across a Westfield bag, in it was the packaging for the wipers. I put the card in the recycling but its not gone yet so checked and pulled the codes off them. This may be of help. Wiper arm W70324E Elite Arm - 5.2 mm, Bayonet, black Bland B05108E 5.2mm Bayonet - 8" - though I binned my standard Westfield supplied blades very quickly and replaced with 16" cut in half universal blades from Halfords Good Luck
  15. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    Interesting wording on that advert, it never says it's Genuine Honda Clutch it just references the Genuine Honda stamp a couple of times. Makes you wonder.

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