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  1. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    That's more understandable. happy hunting
  2. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Not sure I'd agree with 1 and 4 had a few Turbo diesel cars that I've use for towing and as they've had loads of torque they have made great tow cars, probably better then the revy petrol engines I've towed with. Latest car is an auto an again it's a great tow car. it's an 8 speed though so has lots of gear ratios to choose from. I would not discount diesel and auto's out of hand, especially if it's based on flexibility as they are flexible. they may not be revy but you don't really need revy for toeing plenty of torque is better.
  3. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    I purchased hoses from Auto Silicon hoses (ASH) 1 meter of each - 8mm, 16mm & 32mm plus a 90 degree elbow reducer 35mm to 32mm I also purchased a Coolex Radiator, but did not have the fan mounted on it. I'd advise having it done though as I'm going to get it shipped back to them over the winter to get a fan mounted direct to the radiator. I did have cooling problems while on track before but with the coolex and a ducted nose it's been great, the only remaining issue is that it can get very hot while moving slowly or stationary, which is why I'm going to get the fan mounted on the radiator rather than on the Westfield supplied mount which leaves a gap between the fan and radiator and therefore reduces its efficiency.
  4. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    If you don't get it resolved and do go through the small claims court, make sure the amount is large enough to then be able to get bailiffs involved. I successfully took a claim through the process only to find that they totally ignored the outcome and as my claim was not large enough (somewhere just north of £500 ) there was then nothing more I could do. There seems to be a minimum amount before you can start to use debt recovery services. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.
  5. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Zetec 2.0L Engine Parts - FREE

    Silvertop or Blacktop, if Blacktop I may be interested in a cylinder head.
  6. The October meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 7th October. the nights are drawing in and Westi use is probably now starting to tail off but I hope to see a few of you there, we can talk about our winter upgrades and any plans for next year. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  7. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Fuel pump on during battery charge?

    couple of observations, you should be able to see if the comfort panel is connected direct to the battery as you should be able to see the wires through to the battery, if it's not then I'd trace the current wiring and correct. I had a problem early on with the battery going flat when not used for a while and using a normal charger could not get it charged so replaced the battery with a lighter GEL batter and purchased the two items you've shown above. I've get the comfort charger connected direct to the battery and positioned so I can see through a grill in the bonnet. not had an issue since. With the old battery off I did recharge using the Ctek charger and my farther in law had it off me, his battery had gone and I told him he could give it a go but I was not sure how good it was, he is still using a couple of years later. May be worth disconnecting the battery and charging/conditioning with the Ctek, disconnecting the battery means that there won't be anything interfering with the conditioning/charging process.
  8. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Happy Birthday Sycho

    Happy birthday
  9. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    MSA safety device cage fitting / hole advice

    not quite what you are after as this was fitting an RAC roll bar but it may give you some inspiration
  10. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    DRL connection

    Looking at the details, it's got a time lapse power off function, I assume that means that the DRLs stay on for a short while once the ignition is turned off. Also as there is no feed to the switched live circuit my guessing is that it must be designed to work based on sensing current draw, I suspect there are others who have a much better idea of how these work but if it were me I'd wire as directed. From memory the DRL controller I have connects to the ignition switch live and I've configured mine to dim when I switch the lights on (rather then side lights) I think this is the version I have or if not very similar.
  11. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Camshaft issues - Zetec (solved!!!)

    Those look to be out of date diagrams. It may worth downloading the latest build docs from the Westfield site and looking at the cooling section.
  12. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Toyo T1R's

    Swapped my T1Rs for R1Rs after a couple of years even though hardly worn. In my opinion transformed the car. What I'd say is that if your going to drive your car hard or even reasonably hard then go for something better than the T1R. If your going to pootle around then the T1Rs will be fine. Still go the T1Rs in the garage, not quite sure what to do with them
  13. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    IVA List of bits for FW.

    yes should be in the kit with the other covers. they are soft plastic covers something like couple of inches long by 3/4 wide and half an inch deep (these are size estimates only)
  14. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    fuel gauge calibration

    Could be that for reason the arm was not moving freely and had stuck the shake down has subsequently freed it. I suspect you may need to keep an eye on it for a while. If it's anything like mine it will read empty well before it is.
  15. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    I can't fully comment on the direct difference between half and full hood but can comment on the half hood, as it's all I've got and I've no intention of getting a full hood. I've used the half hood in a variety of weather conditions and it's been excellent. I've used it with both wind deflectors and doors, while it offers good protection with wind deflectors it won't keep you fully dry with my right side slowly getting damp. Generally when I've used it like this it been as an emergency so to a degree I've been a little damp to start as I've had to put it up in the rain but at least it's very quick to put on and in general it's always with me. When used with doors it does a good job of keeping the rain out in the very wettest of conditions you can feel some dampness around the neck area but nothing to bad and having the back open does keep air flowing through the cabin. I used it last while traveling 60 miles or so on a very wet Sunday to travel up to Outlon Park for the gold cup with no problems at all both my passenger and I were fine and arrived dry and warm (with the half hood and doors on the heater is far more effective in keeping the cabin hot) what I realize now is that the open rear may not be an issue when moving but it can be when stationary, depending on the wind direction. so I now need to get a shower cap. The half hood and quite often doors are also very useful when travelling long distances at high speed on motorways or dual carriageways, as they stop the buffeting, turning what can be quite a trying journey in to one that's no bother at all.

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