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  1. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    IVA 1st February !

    Good luck tomorrow, I hope the weather is not too unkind to you, looks like your in an area that won't be suffering to much.
  2. Hello All, The February meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 3rd February. It's the first meet of the year, we'll be able to talk about our Westi related Christmas presents, winter upgrades (or fixes) and the plans for the year ahead. Hopefully see a few people for a chat. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  3. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    FW Half Hood

    From the profile picture you have It does not look like a standard roll bar, it looks to be more like an RAC bar. A picture of the roll bar may help check to see what you have.
  4. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Jacking the rear when a diffuser is fitted

    Not the FW version. I've the Carbon NV version and it does not extend forward past the body work. It does tidy up the rear lower body work though. Sorting air flow under the car is something I have thought about though, trying to think about how best to smooth it under the can of force to the sides and out.
  5. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Jacking the rear when a diffuser is fitted

    I remember having a conversation with Julian Turner about the FW rear diffuser. He told be they had tried it once when they were doing some wind tunnel testing and although it did not make a big difference they were surprised buy the positive effect it did have. So it's not quite cosmetic only. One that extended forward to the rear of the floor pan would be good though to help reduce the parachute effect. I've drilled some holes behind the number plate and spaced it out slightly to give the trapped air somewhere to escape through
  6. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Does the VED and MOT system actually work ?

    Report it and when plod does nothing you'll understand why they don't either.
  7. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Walker St Clair

    I've an RAC roll bar and use a half hood and doors when towing. I guess a tonneau would be better but as I don't have one I use what I have. My view is that it must help with aero dynamics and as I've driven in heavy rain with it having it on the trailer won't make it worse at keeping the moisture out. I've the Westfield Version but I understood that SB4S did a RAC bar version also
  8. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Is there another way?

    I use a battery charger and don't have any issues with the DRLs coming on. this version works off the ignition live. It's probably slightly more difficult to fit than the others because you have to get under under the dash and feed a wire through but it then just works. With mine, I turn the ignition on the DRLs then come on, When I turn the head lights on they dim, when I turn the ignition off the DRLs go off, when I plug the charger in nothing happens to the DRLs.
  9. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    Is there another way?

    I used one of these or very similar and not had an issue.
  10. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    DRL's - where to place them!

    I fitted a controller that works of the ignition so I don't get the issues associated with current sensing, it also dims the DRLs when I turn on the head lights. It's either this one of very much like it. My DRLs
  11. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO


    A Funny for the engineers
  12. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    With long neck
  13. The December meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 2nd December. It's the last meet of the year, sorry no Christmas meal this year, that's normally held on the 1st Saturday and sorry to say it clashes with my Works Christmas do. Hopefully see a few people for a Christmas Drink. There is no January meet, so the next one will be the February meet on Sunday 3rd Feb. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  14. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    New MD for Westfield

    Congratulations @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd hope it all goes well.
  15. Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    I'd like to see a little more of the what happens just before the crash, from what I saw at the time Ocon was much quicker than Max at the end of the straight and went to pass on the outside giving Max a lot of room, Max then just shut the door and the inevitable happened. Had they being racing Ocon would have been in the position to squeeze him going into turn one and would have then had the high ground going into turn two. I think sometimes the arrogance of the leaders means that they expect back markers to just disappear, brake, get off the track or what ever. I'm not sure it was a cut and dry as presented and I thought the Ocon penalty was a little harsh, but I concede that the powers that be have access to a lot more information than we do. I did wonder if Max attacked him to direct the anger outwards that he should have been pointing inwards. Lewis was correct in what he said afterwards, I remember him also tripping up on a back marker who did not get out of the way quick enough, at Spa I think. Personally I'd like to see the blue flag system changed a bit, I think you should know that it's a lapping car behind you but I'm not sure I fully agree with the you must jump out of the way within three corners rule, when you looked to what made some of the greats, greater it was the way they managed to deal with back markers, Senna being one of the best at dealing with back markers

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