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  1. Hello All, The April meet is coming up and is scheduled for Sunday 7th. I back and available for this meet. Spring is now with us so hopefully some of you will now be back out in your cars. Hope to meet a few of you on Sunday to talk about our winter upgrades and plans for the year ahead. Location Sunday April 7th, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB.
  2. I've been doing some work on my suspension which means that I've taken a lot of the lock nuts off, I know it's not good practice to reuse lock nuts, especially on such critical components. I think that they are 7/16 UNF but what is the full spec and any recommendations for a good value source. I don't really just want to buy some of eBay. Thanks Rhett
  3. Wide track front, 7" rims. 195s on the front and 205s on the rear. there was no real requirement for the 205s on the rear that was don't to what was available. As you've got 8" rears the 205 rears may be better.
  4. T1Rs don't seem to be the best choice for the Westfield my car was transformed when I changed to R1Rs. A couple of general thoughts and observations. What pressures are you running, if your running TinTop pressures this will probably add to the problems, normal sort of settings are in the high teens (psi) If your concerned with wet handling then 888s or 888r may not be the answer, neither is a particularly good wet weather tyre. I do remember following some one running 888s in heavy ran while running R1Rs, my car felt absolutely fine, I ended up over taking and disappearing in to the distance. When we discussed it later he said he was travelling as fast as it felt safe to do so. I felt I could have run much much faster then I was. As others have said, make sure your Geo is correct first before moving in any particular direction.
  5. "The legislation is due to come into effect from May 2022 for new models that haven’t been designed yet and May 2024 for new versions of models currently on the market." from Autocar, looks like we may have a couple of extra years for some cars.
  6. Well the tech will need to be good as a lot of people will virtually switch off while driving. I think we'll see a lot more accidents, I guess they will be at 29.999 mph so the next thing will be to reduce the speed limits so that the impact of those accidents is less. How is all this going to affect the small car companies and kit car industry. the Westfield, Caterham, Ariel etc
  7. that looks a similar list to the one I used, with a heater. One question what is the straight reducer. 19mm to 16mm. used for as I did not purchase or need one of those.
  8. this is the one I use or it's very similar and have had no issues with it, It's not bothered by batter chargers etc
  9. I've been with virgin for years, the cost can be eye watering but I think for similar packages from other providers it's in the same ball park. the Broadband speed does tend to be fast and reliable, They do have the issues like most providers but when I've had then they do tend to get sorted reasonably quickly. I do now use the super hub as a router only as I've put my own switch/firewall and wireless access points in place which has made the whole setup more reliable.
  10. When I’ve flown from Manchester I’ve used the official meet and greet, which had not been bad value, a little more than the long stay, but so straight forward and gets the trip off to a great start. I would not use any old meet and greet though. I now tend to use the same service at Brum as well and have used purple parking meet and greet at Heathrow.
  11. Mine are with hiSpec at the moment, all they want is postage costs. They have had them for a while though but I wasn’t in a rush. Should be back soon. Best drop them an email or give them a call. They wanted a couple of pictures initially for them to confirm model. Good luck
  12. Hello All, The March meet is coming up and is scheduled for Sunday 3rd. Unfortunately I'm going to be away for this meet, as my son is no longer at home so he can't stand in for me. As it's quiet at this time of year it may not happen. If there is interest then @Martyn Vann - Joint Warwickshire AO will host, please keep an eye this topic for details. Location Sunday March 3rd, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  13. Good luck tomorrow, I hope the weather is not too unkind to you, looks like your in an area that won't be suffering to much.
  14. Hello All, The February meet is coming up and is scheduled for this Sunday 3rd February. It's the first meet of the year, we'll be able to talk about our Westi related Christmas presents, winter upgrades (or fixes) and the plans for the year ahead. Hopefully see a few people for a chat. Hope to see you on Sunday, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Thanks Rhett
  15. From the profile picture you have It does not look like a standard roll bar, it looks to be more like an RAC bar. A picture of the roll bar may help check to see what you have.
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