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  1. I will be there on the sat so if u spot me pop over and say hi Kev.......
  2. Its a good day, was there in May in the Indy R1 I was the one who took the young lass from the food n' drink trailer and her sister around the track mid afternoon All i would say if your doing it, tape your car up as you get a lot of stone chips otherwise but its a good cheap day Kev..... If Clark and a few others from cambs area do it again i will book as well
  3. What a Fantastic day :yes: Thanks for organizing it A little video of my 2nd run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuwHxTYERrc
  4. Had a great day , After getting over being black flagged on 2nd lap for noise No videos as my SJ cam is dead after doing new update on it Was dry all day few little showers on way home till 1 mile away and the heavens opened Kev..... Clark get them Videos posted
  5. Yup Tomorrow will be very interesting as all i got is R888s just hope there's no standing water Kev....
  6. I will Meet u there Clark as better for me going diff way to u And Gimp suit is Packed Kev...
  7. Im not with u in Scotland but booked on at Blyton on the 8th can i justify doing this as well Must have a think about this as never done Rockingham and its only up the Road Kev...
  8. Will be nice to see u both there the more the better Kev...
  9. Im Booked on with the Indy again, see u all there,had a great day last year But rest of the camb's lot wont be there as there in Scotland on tour
  10. Oi u cheeky sod your not at mine that day your taken the day off u said so if u don't turn up not my fault I Should be there anyway :t-up:
  11. Meat you all down there i will go from work as normal. So will be in the tintop
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