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  1. If you can post and no one else has already got it? i will happily take the "Oil cooler, sandwich plate and fittings including hose all brand new and never fitted £60"
  2. Sorry strange question to ask, but does it still have the FIA sticker on it with date etc.. As normally the cut down version doesn't but as yours was a full size and cut down at a later stage sticker might still be in there? As need FIA sticker for my racing regs, but factory full size one won't fit in our cars :-( so have a Cobra lightweight one, but could be tempted if sticker valid and price right? Cheers Stu
  3. Sorry Just a little to far for me to be able to get to you ASAP as good 6hr round trip and no immediate plans to venture your way for any races etc.. In the next week or so Yep no location shown on mobile version
  4. i'll take it depending on your location :-)
  5. Most Audi's use the under tray using the Naca ducts to assist gearbox cooling. Agreed most wont notice the difference, depends how you drive etc.. And ambient temperature. I cable tie mine on the RS4 as its got stuck on a few curbs and speed bumps, but does help on track I found Also can help stop damage to oil coolers etc from driving over debris etc..
  6. Steve, if you can get the full product number it should fill in the blanks the above require, as i was looking for ages for one, and just bought a Elite via Troy QUAIFE 26Z 6-speed dog engagement gearbox with top gear 1:1 (Alloy maincase) QBE26Z611 QUAIFE 26Z 6-speed dog engagement gearbox with 5th 1:1 and 6th overdrive (Alloy maincase) QBE26Z6OD QUAIFE 26Z 6-speed dog engagement, helical gearbox with 5th 1:1 and 6th overdrive (Alloy maincase) QBE26Z6H 6th OD could be either 0:871 or 0.930 as factory options
  7. Do they self seal when they blow through?
  8. Just noticed even with the package they add 15% tip on top you have to pay My mum and dad go on a few a year, and next one is for 30days, I'm sure they just pay for what they get
  9. A quick google shows this part of the site with all the drink packages and what you get for each http://www.celebritycruises.com/onboard/tabLanding.do?pagename=onboard_beverage_packages
  10. I've done a few different type and some don't have a IP from the start, and dont use DHCP they have there own tools to scan for the MAC address and do the rest of the work for you for example tools like this http://www.axis.com/techsup/software/iputility/index.htm Or need you reset them with switched inside the unit http://support.y-cam.com/index.php?action=kb&article=310
  11. Cool :-) at least you know where it is now
  12. If you backup your original iPhone you can restore it onto a newer one fine, using iTunes, as iCloud not available on older iPhones You can also cut the SIM card down yourself, if your operator will not allow you to change sims, as they will try to get you on a iPhone tariff for more money sometimes
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