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    Engine's fixed :) Where's the next track day :D
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    Mazda SDV, omex ECU, Blink optimized head and piper re-profiled cams
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  1. darve

    Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    I used to BMX on that trading estate as a wee lad remember asking if they would help weld up a mates cracked forks.....they said no lol bizarre how I could remember the logo ~17 years later before opening the link
  2. darve

    Turbo Mazda SDV

    slightly less affordable when you do it after the initial build
  3. darve

    CNC micro mill conversion

    Only bit I understood of that post was "£120"
  4. darve

    Winter upgrades

    My shortened mx5 sump is level with the bellhousing and has a few scrapes on it the bell housing is lower than the hoop
  5. darve

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Looks tidy that
  6. darve

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Someone will confirm but think crank case breather (seem to remember seeing it on another thread)
  7. I found a lot of it stayed in the bag
  8. darve

    Corsa D VXR turbo

    He’s gone for a refurbished unit
  9. darve

    Corsa D VXR turbo

    Mate has a seized turbo on his Corsa D VXR and is taking the sensible approach of fitting a 2nd hand turbo rather than fitting a brand new one (small risk there is some wear on the engine....) Anyone know a good place to source one? breakers? here: https://www.aet-turbos-shop.com/collections/turbos/products/test-vauxhall-corsa-vxr-1-6p-189hp-2007-turbo-53039880110-oem-55355617 recon on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Turbocharger-for-Vauxhall-Astra-Corsa-Insignia-Meriva-1-6-Turbo-VXR/162792668343?hash=item25e732fcb7:g:QnIAAOSwh1haMOw Thanks Dave
  10. darve

    Westfield Mazda Turbo

    Please do keep a close eye on water temps Don't go on track expecting it to hold up with the stock rad and an intercooler in front of it Give it some welly on the road (lots of hard acceleration - legal of course) and see how both your intake and water temps behave Good luck
  11. darve

    Choosing a sheet metal folder

    2mm is a bit thick for ducting
  12. darve

    Winter upgrades

    I cut it back for some reason. Mark will know
  13. darve

    Winter upgrades

    Needs cutting back or risks hitting a tube in the tunnel..... @Mark (smokey mow)?
  14. darve

    Mazda SDV, Build Number 3

    Is it much smaller / lighter?
  15. darve

    Hello from Essex

    Whereabouts in Essex are you Tom?

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