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  1. How much are the wheels? Presume they're 18s?
  2. Was it anyone on here trailering their yellow Westfield on the southbound M4 5 or M6 (I've no idea which I was on at the time!) near Birmingham late morning today? I was on my way home having picked up my Porsche 996 from an engine rebuild in Bolton. Looked like a nice car from what I could see.
  3. Pretty much a years BBC salary per episode. I have the feeling the audience won't be very big for them. If it was free they'd have a very good chance. Look at something like F1 Sky vs BBC audiences. If wager the F1 audience is more dedicated than that of a 'light entertainment' show like Top Gear. We'll see.
  4. The BBC has no option with this one. If it doesn't work TG is probably dead as a brand unless they bring JC back.
  5. I'm deeply unedited about Sabine joining based on previous presenting but perhaps she had improved. It's not like she'll lack the driving talent. Chris Harris deserves a big break. He's a proper journalist, can handle a car better than most but doesn't think he's a racing driver, and knows how to make a video for most of the petrol head demographic. Not sure that will translate to the TG target audience (assuming that hasn't changed). Chris Evans knows how to put a show together at least as well as Jeremy Clarkson. Will his style translate? Not sure but I'd be more confident than I would if roles reversed and they gave Clarkson the Radio2 breakfast show! What people have long forgotten, and need to remember before they inevitably slate the first series of new new Top Gear, is that the old line up didn't appear until series 2 and then took time to build the on screen chemistry we all enjoyed. I'm not sure the new line up will quite get there but they need to be given time.
  6. I enjoyed the first series and in thriftiest episode or two didn't really gel with this follow up. However it's easily the best to series of 2015 if not longer.
  7. It's only when you regularly see people using both a smart phone and a urinal at the same time that you're likely to get the pay off. Seeing someone drop their phone into the urinal is priceless. It quite literally made my day the first time I saw it happen.
  8. I got my winter wheels out last weekend. Managed to snap a wheel bolt along the way resulting in a new hub, bearing and ABS sensor Hope we get some snow this year as you can really feel the difference then. When it's 1degC and wet you just have to know they're better!
  9. It's for a 'paper' for tools. I didn't bother to read it but did it say what his house was worth?
  10. Nothing has changed. London in 2007 is just one example that this stuff isn't just on tv in a far away land but can very easily be your friends and family in your capital city.
  11. Good salesmanship of a vision combined with McLaren falling apart
  12. I hate those points along dual carriageways. They're totally unsuited to the speed, density and attention of modern traffic.
  13. If you go that route check explicitly that they will check for bore scoring. Some very well know experts don't. I've no idea why though.
  14. The larger the engine the greater the risk of bore score. The 911 (997) gen 2 seemed to solve this but not sure if that applies to Boxsters and Cayman nor which year the switch took place. A friend just had his low mileage Cayman S 3.4 engine replaced but was lucky and Porsche paid. I'm having a rebuild of my 996's 3.6 to solve all the issues (apparent and potential) and the cost isn't pretty.
  15. I sold my Westfield to buy a 996 Carrera 4 and don't regret it in the slightest. That's despite it needing an engine rebuild, which I'm going to go over the top with. I've done the same mileage in the 911 since December as I did in Westfield in three years. That speaks for itself really. For me the ideal two car garage (assuming a third estate car also!) would be a 911 Turbo S and a Westfield MegaS2000. Perhaps one day.
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