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  1. GuitarmanUK

    First post

    Hi Tim, welcome aboard. If you are in GL5, the Cotswolds area is the local one to you. @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO Tom Frankland is the Area Organiser if you wanted to know any more, but we meet on the last Thursday of every month at The Golden Heart at Nettleton Bottom on the A419 and you would be very welcome. We do runs out, trips abroad, days out to car shows, track days and other things, so is a very active area to be in.
  2. GuitarmanUK

    Few bits may be of use

    Hi I have a friend on the RHOCaR forum who has seen your add and may be interested in the exhaust link pipe and the radiator. He is only a community user so can't post in this section but wonders if the pipe is for a pinto and what the internal dimensions of the pipe is? He has a 6 Westie pipe but needs the link. Also, if the radiator is still available he would be interested in both. If you reply here, I can let him know and then put you in contact. Cheers
  3. Depending on where abouts in the Cotswolds you are thinking of, there is a classic car show at the GWSR railway station at Toddington that a couple of us will be attending. Might give you somewhere aim for if you wanted.
  4. GuitarmanUK


    I have seen a couple of Robin Hood 2Bs with trailers. The 2B chassis is a lot more 'industrial' but it can be done. I also saw a MEV Rocket at Stoneleigh last year with a trailer.
  5. GuitarmanUK

    Best place for replacement black headlights?

    I have the Dominators on my Zero and they have been perfectly adequate when I have had to drive at night, so don't let that worry you.
  6. GuitarmanUK

    Friday 13th - looking pretty unlucky!

    1st time pass, excellent news. Congratulations
  7. GuitarmanUK

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Tom beat me to the post. It my GBS Zero on the left !
  8. GuitarmanUK

    Wind Deflectors ??

    I have just ordered a set of these for my Zero. They are generic but I think they also do Westfield specific ones Wind Deflectors
  9. GuitarmanUK

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Oopps, sorry, not sure why the link didn't work, but it may be that I was signed in to the RHOCaR site. At least you have a working link now. I hope it helps.
  10. GuitarmanUK

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Not sure if this helps or not, but this thread is from a chap on RHOCaR who fitted the same engine in to a RH 2B. The 2B is a bit more agricultural than a Westie but there may be some useful links to parts etc. and he may have had to overcome some of the issues you may come up against. http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=40827&hl=jaguar&page=1
  11. This is a nice show at Ragley Hall near Alcester and might appeal to anyone in the Midlands area. https://www.classicmotorshows.co.uk/ragley-hall It is over 2 days on the Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday and is a cross section of old, new, kit, modified etc. Complete Kit Car organise the kit car presence on the Monday. I think it is £10 to get in but if you email Adam Wilkins at CKC, he can pass your details on to Grosvenor Events (the organisers) who will give you a ticket for free. ( I think it is adam@performancepublishing.co.uk ) I have been for the last couple of years and will be going again this year with a couple of others from the Cotswolds area.
  12. GuitarmanUK

    Le Mans - Ear Defenders, Radio, intercom

    Check out the rules for driving in France with regard to earphones and headsets. Normal headphones have been banned, so I suspect ear defenders may be as well.
  13. GuitarmanUK

    The hunt for a kit car, what to get and why?

    I have a GBS Zero and I am very happy with it. They are very similar in the build process except the Zero uses more aluminium panels over the fibreglass on the Westfield. Engine wise, the Zero can take most of the 4 pot motors, including the S2000 lump, I have even seen one with a Mazda V6 in it, but not the Rover V8. There is room to add a supercharger or turbo for more power. My car is built mainly for the road and touring. I have done 2 trips to France and 2 trips around Scotland with a trip to Switzerland coming up this June. I have a tillet fibreglass seat and that has been very comfortable on the long runs.
  14. GuitarmanUK

    Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Close enough for the Cotswold area for a nice little run out, @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO ?
  15. GuitarmanUK

    Tonight Car SOS on More 4

    I totally agree. I am sure the production company pay a fair rate for all the parts that Tim so called 'blags'!. I doubt even Matt Neal would have given away a set of wheels for the small amount of advertising he got. Caterham may have donated the time for the publicity but no one can afford to give parts away for free in the current economic climate!

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