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  1. Master O

    Mega S2000 - The Tortoise Build

    Have to admit if I was ordering the kit today I probably wouldn't go with the yellow.
  2. Master O

    Mega S2000 - The Tortoise Build

    When I titled this thread 'The Tortoise Build' I knew it would be slow but I never envisaged it taking this long. In my defence in the last few years another child has arrived, a house extension (requiring the garage roof to be removed) has been completed, a new job, etc, etc. Anyway the 'car' is now out of storage and so the intention is get this build back up and running! I have done some work since 2015 and the car did end up as a rolling chassis with the engine and gearbox trial fitted and wiring started. This it being collected from my in-laws where it was in storage last year. Body side panels temporarily fitted it seemed the best way to transport them back home. So hopefully more updates to come as eventually this build gets finished. Anyone know how I move this thread to the build section? Don't think that existed when I was last active on the site!!
  3. Just noticed that the DVSA have published this on the 11th June, not sure if it's totally new but thought it might be handy! https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/individual-vehicle-approval-iva-for-cars-help-to-get-a-pass/individual-vehicle-approval-iva-for-cars-help-to-get-a-pass Mark
  4. Master O

    new style roll bar

    I have a brand new 'Half Cage , MSA Specification' as Westfield describe it....... http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/body-interior-electrical/body-fittings-trim-rollbars?product_id=706 Never been fitted, obviously I have all the fittings as well. Would be prepared to part with it for £300, save yourself £50ish and no wait. Collection from Bristol or delivery at your cost.
  5. Hopefully a simple question but does anyone know what the top ball joints used on the Reynolds tube wishbone is originally from? They're smaller than the 'normal' ones I believe, they're certainly smaller than the ones supplied by Rally Designs for the top wishbones anyway! Anyone need 2 new top ball joints?!?! Thanks Mark
  6. Pretty much as per the title, the ECU I'm thinking of using can take a wheel speed input and log the readings, use it for gear calculations, etc. Just wondered if I can feed the ECU and the speedo from the same sensor or would it require one sensor per function? Thanks Mark
  7. Master O

    Finally Started My S2000 Build

    Good luck tomorrow with the test.
  8. Master O

    Build Thread. Mega S2000

    Thanks Dave, I feared that it was an optional extra! I have the pin outs (at least what's shown in the ST700 manual) but may just bite the bullet and get the genuine item to avoid any issues.
  9. Master O

    Build Thread. Mega S2000

    Hi Dave, Good to hear your car running, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! Quick question when you bought your ST700 dash did you have to buy the loom that connects to the dash for the pressure/temp sensors separately? Just received my dash and I only have the connection for the engine speed, wheel speed, etc. The one I'm missing is another £135! Thanks Mark
  10. Master O

    Westfield or aftermarket front uprights (Cortina)

    Just sent you a e-mail regarding this. Mark
  11. Master O

    Caged Cage / RAC bar

    Apologies to those who have contacted me, currently in Scotland with no internet and flakey phone signal. Will respond properly once back home on Tuesday.
  12. Master O

    Caged Cage / RAC bar

    Hi, I was thinking of selling my MSA 'Half Cage' as shown on the Westfield site: http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/body-fittings-trim-rollbars?product_id=706 It's brand new, never been out of its bubble wrap! Not sure if you want to spend this much buit I was hoping to recoup as much of the original cost as possible, so around £300. It's also in Bristol which I appreciate is another issue. Mark
  13. Master O

    Finally Started My S2000 Build

    Just thinking about how a momentary switch would work and I could be missing something but as the power supply to the fog lights goes through the switch if you used a momentary switch wouldn't it cut the supply as soon as you released the switch? Also with a momentary switch how would you turn the fog lights off without having to turn the headlights off?
  14. Master O

    Order placed!

    Hi, I'm currently building mine in a single garage. I've built myself a rolling stand, as Darve has said it's really useful being able to push the chassis across to increase the space on the side you're working. I know this is stating the obvious but when you're storing parts, write the contents of each box on the outside so you don't have to try and remember what's in each box.

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