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  1. Probably one of the best sorted Megabusa's is now up for sale. The car was originally factory built for the original owner. I am only the second owner and have owned this car for 9 years during which time it has been refined to its current state. It has a Gen1 engine with a Gen 2 crank taking it to 1340cc. Quaiffe reverse gearbox 3.36 Limited slip diff Modified Hayabusa air box with minimal induction noise. Westfield Dry sump system. Suzuki in tank fuel pump system H.I.D headlamps Hayabusa full functioning dashboard including fuel gauge and fuel consumption 3 sets of wheels with tyres 2 sets Team Dynamics 15" and 1 set 13" Image split rims Full wet weather soft top and doors Dynojet Power Commander Protech shocks Age related number plate NOT Q plate Modified clutch mechanism with nice bite point Has been timed at 12.9 seconds on the 1/4 mile with a terminal speed of 113 MPH The car is very quick and yet smooth to drive and is very mild mannered when driven conservatively. Please contact me if you are interested on 07703 777103
  2. cosmick

    Megabusa airbox wanted

    Are you sorted now?
  3. cosmick

    Fuel filter / pressure reg location

    Hi Matt, I was at Castle Combe with you remember? My megabusa runs on a non return system where the fuel pressure is regulated by the pump before it leaves the tank. therefore, it should make no difference if you mount your regulator at the back of the car instead of at the front. hope this helps.
  4. cosmick

    Well Done Stoneleigh Team

    I would also like to add my thanks to all the volunteers and members who make the Westfield Club site probably the best and well attended square of grass in the showground. For me, this was my 5th visit to Stoneleigh, 5 years ago i didn't own a kit car and I am so glad that i bought a Westfield. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and i have been able to talk to other Hayabusa engined car owners to share experience with. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm, it counts for everything. See you next year. Kind regards, Cosmick
  5. cosmick

    busa clutch cylinder rebuild?

    Wye I, Terry. You are right about the Westfield clutch slave being poor, the mounting is also very weak. The best solution is to replace the slave cylinder with one made by Nova. This can be purchased from many sources and is probably available from Andy Bates. I got mine from Radical. It is simply the best way to deal with your problem and it will never give any more trouble after. If you are using the Suzuki water pump, you need to tell whoever you buy from that it is for a standard water pump fixing. The length of the bolts and spacers vary depending on what you are using. Hope this helps. See you at Stoneleigh. P.S. I have also replaced the rather over complicated master cylinder with a standard 5/8" clutch cylinder which fits straight onto the 2 threads in the bulkhead.
  6. Anyone got an oil cooler to mount in front of the radiator please.
  7. I am looking for any parts for the dry sump kit. Oil pump, brackets, pulley, belt, pipework etc.
  8. cosmick

    Barn Finds - Many Items Now Sold

    I would be interested in the wheel nuts if they are chrome and you are willing to post them. i live in Sussex so distance is a problem. willing to pay P&P.
  9. I have the chassis number and it is indeed a 1994 as it starts 94seiw but i am thinking that it might have been re bodied if it has detachable arches.
  10. I am looking at perhaps buying an SEiW supposedly new in1994. it has a Sierra diff with independent rear suspension and rear disc brakes. It also has detachable rear arches. I didn't think SEiW's were as early as 1994 but i may be wrong. can anyone help please. Particularly, when did detachable rear arches start?
  11. cosmick

    Raf Wittering Track Day 22Nd July

    I was watching the entrees building and thought i might have a go. when the weather forecast started to look good i signed up but only on Thursday before the weekend so i was a late entry. This was a bit of a journey for me as i live in Eastbourne and i think Cottismore is even further but i might consider it. i will keep an eye on what track days are being booked. cheers for now.
  12. cosmick

    Raf Wittering Track Day 22Nd July

    Hey Cleggy, good to meet up again after the North Weald event, this was 10 times better. Good weather, good company , a very good circuit that suited the Westy's and lots of track time. Thanks for the loan of the gaffer tape, i have got more stones in my car than ever before. Lets do it again if there is the opportunity at Wittering. Oh and thanks for the photo of my car. cosmick
  13. Hi Matt, My ticket has arrived safe and sound. Looking forwards to meeting you on Saturday. Kind regards, Mike
  14. Hi Matt, I live in Eastbourne but will be showing my car in Devon on Sunday 1st July and I would be interested in visiting Castle Combe on my way down. Are there any tickets still available. My car is a Megabusa and has been round Castle Combe before. The day looks pretty busy. Is your stand full yet? Mike. (cosmick)

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