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  1. cabbie

    Looking for my first Westfield

    my westie will be up for sale in next couple of weeks It is undoubtedly the best i have ever owned and has great spec unfortunately cannot upload photos to computer at present but can email pics to you if you provide you email address Mike
  2. cabbie

    Heavy Duty waterproof cover

    Good quality heavy duty cover Car being stored outside during garage refurb thanks
  3. cabbie

    Essex Westy Expert Wanted

    will pop up to you thanks again what time?
  4. cabbie

    Essex Westy Expert Wanted

    Hi Pete I believe I know you Roys friend, Got a very clunky shift when clutch is dipped and probably in need of a good tune I am just off Woodbrooke please give me a call I value your advice Thank you Mike
  5. cabbie

    Essex Westy Expert Wanted

    Does anyone know of a Westy mechanic near me in Corringham Essex,need advice on drivetrain. Thanks
  6. cabbie


    what are the best front suspension arm bushes to buy and where?
  7. cabbie

    Front Wings

    Pair of Front Cycle wings,no cracks. £60 collected £70 posted! Essex
  8. cabbie

    Front antirollbar

    can you pm me a picture please
  9. cabbie

    freelander diff

    hard to tell where it originates mt75 box
  10. cabbie

    Front antirollbar

    Looking for a front antirollbar for wide body sport thanks
  11. cabbie

    freelander diff

    I have a freelander diff fitted would that be the cause of clunky gearchange?
  12. cabbie

    Wing mirrors

    westfield wing mirrors what vehicle are they originally from
  13. cabbie

    MT75 sloppy shift

    thanks all
  14. cabbie

    Wheel bearing

    Thanks Chris you have been very helpful to me since I rejoined!
  15. cabbie

    Front antirollbar

    Looking for front antirollbar Widebody!

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