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  1. Banshee

    Vibration - off topic not Westfield

    Think that the second hoses I have after the pump flex into the short copper pipe
  2. Banshee

    Vibration - off topic not Westfield

    Hi from pump threaded to push fit definitely 22mm then 2nd compression one end threaded the other pretty certain the second is a bath tap flex. If I remember correctly, it’s a 3.5 Stuart turner monsoon pump
  3. Banshee

    Vibration - off topic not Westfield

    Set up on my Monsoon pump armoured flex onto copper pump has isokating rubber ribbed pad underneath
  4. Good luck hope you don’t need it
  5. Banshee

    Locating an new electronic speedo sender

    I fitted a unit onto the type 9 in mine and wired to gauges calibrated and against sat bag it’s spot on
  6. Banshee

    Crossflow mechanical pump pressure high!

    Saw your other post pretty sure I’ve got a Facet LP pump I got with the bike carb conversion, as I fitted an R1 fuel pump to go with the carbs
  7. Banshee

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    I’ll be helping again on the Sunday
  8. Banshee

    Quick release steering wheel (NOW SORTED)

    I’ve got an Allegro column with a boss I bought of Luke I won’t be using now brand new with 2 keys it’s 870mm including the boss
  9. Banshee

    A good buyer's guide?

    Looking at the members map there are 5 in and around Norwich that have posted their location their may be others as well that haven’t, might be worth messaging them to see if they know the car
  10. Banshee

    A good buyer's guide?

    Looks nice, top money for the time of year
  11. Banshee

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    Ok mate let me know when you have one for sale
  12. Banshee

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    When will they be available in shop and what’s the price please Mike
  13. Banshee

    A good buyer's guide?

    Where’s the car advertised
  14. Banshee

    Sierra driveshaft gaiters

    Bernie I bought the universal ones that bond together saved stripping whole of rear drive to replace the gaiters something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-x-UNIVERSAL-STICKY-STICK-SPLIT-CV-BOOT-KIT-BRAND-NEW-EASY-FIT-BAILCAST-CVS18/282023276006?fits=Car+Make%3AWestfield&epid=248714547&hash=item41a9e5ade6:g:g6gAAOSw5FpZcIpv

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