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  1. thanks terry i will probably try to keep the width
  2. thanks that is handy to see the graphic of the wheel, so in a nutshell the lower the et the further the wheel sticks out,
  3. thanks Ken, that is very useful
  4. i will second this, i had a 2.1 pinto on twin 45's and went for a redtop with throttle bodies swap, it cost me an absolute fortune, loads of hassel and never really got it running properly! in the end i had to sell it, because i ran out of funds, unless you have all the parts and can do the work yourself i would go with what NigelO says and sell it and buy a more powerful one
  5. I posted on here a while ago about my chrome wheels flaking, i cannot find anyone who can fix the chrome so the best i can do is get them all stripped and coated for £80 a corner. so this gives me the chance to get a second hand set (the tyres are brand new) but i cant find any with the same offset which i believe is standard westfield? my question is which way around is the difference ie if the offset is bigger than the +38 (which i believe it to be), will that make the wheel stick out further or in closer to the car? this might seem like a daft question but i don't want to buy a set only to find they wont fit particularly on the front as the arches are close to the wheels! thanks wayne
  6. b16gnr


    yes mate, i dyed the dash, arm rests and the centre consul bit and covered the worn bits on my seat, it definitely needs sealing though as i have rubbed bits off the arm rests kicking them before i sealed them
  7. b16gnr


    andy i only used a little bit of the leather dye, but used all of the 500ml of carpet dye, i will probably go over the carpet again to get all the bits complete.
  8. b16gnr


    No worries Andy I got it off eBay, I have just bought some clear sealant top coat as well https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F380494665096
  9. b16gnr


    cheers Chris, i am pretty happy with the results and at £14 for the carpet dye and £10 for the leather dye saves me the cost of a new carpet and dash!
  10. i dont suppose anyone has got a black drivers side front mat going spare? (to replace the bit of rubber i have there, see pics in the start line) Thanks
  11. b16gnr


    Yes, I probably will do them just so it looks neat, let me know when you want to go out and I will come over
  12. b16gnr


    Now done the dash
  13. b16gnr


    Well after no luck getting a second hand carpet set I decided to dye my old tired grey ones, using carpet dye and leather/ vinyl dye for the arm rests and crash pad and I’m pretty happy with the results, just the dash left to do.
  14. hi, what is the clamp in the middle of the roll bar for?
  15. Thanks chaps I will probably mask it off and spray as I could probably get a second hand set for the price of getting it re-chromed
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