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  1. Hi mate, sorry to hear about your Dad. thoughts with you and the family right now and I hope we get to catch up soon
  2. Bob, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that this is a blow to the annual McWesty Gathering! I was always clear at 'ma wee thank you' speech at the Applecross Inn that the weekend wouldn't happen if it wasn't for your input and support, especially with the support van and BBQ! I'm sure Gary will be along shortly and concur. We'll need to discuss new logistics at the first meeting this year..
  3. Clan McWesty: Strathfillan Wigwams aka Just a Bunch of Cowboys! Hi ALL I'm writing this to you on behalf of Gary Taylor our new AO, saving him just having to repeat the info that I'd send him, and the fact that the Strathfillan Wigwams are managed by the organisation that I work for! Many of you will recall (if you read your emails and/or check the forum) that we agreed to look at a new venue for our annual June long weekend and the Strathfillan Wigwams came up as the most agreeable and I was to chase it along and I have. A few members have said that they've stayed there before when in the area and it's very good. Details can be found here: https://www.sruc.ac.uk/info/120216/strathfillan_wigwams I spoke with Rena (the campsite manager) today and we're all go for Friday 21st June check-in to Sunday 23rd June check-out (2 nights). Rena has set aside 7 wigwams (W14-W20) and 2 lodges (Firewater and Beaver, snigger snigger) for us but has said it's not a problem if we need more as there are still other wigwams available for now and also pitches for tents. Okay, so for the details and points to note: PLEASE check out the webpage for the campsite from the link above to view the wigwams and lodges and decide on what you personally would like to book and also look at the attached 'hand drawn' plan for bearings. Members have mentioned that this would definitely be a nice alternative to basecamp for tours on roads that we haven't done before. 1. Wigwams (sleep up to 4 if I recall) have basic beds and wee fridges (a slight improvement on Applecross). Lodges (sleep 4-6 if I recall) have en-suite toilet and shower and also microwaves and kettles. 2. There's a shower/kitchen block for well .. .. for showering and kitchening! Kitchen has cookers and microwaves. Showers are £1 for 8 minutes .. I only take 4 minutes so if someone wants to share!!! 3. There's a small shop on-site that has a wee bit extra BBQ food, sweeties, soups, pot noodles, etc .. but I don't think any drink? 4. Every wigwam and lodge has a BBQ pit out front but it might be best to still bring our communal BBQ for our gatherings. 5. I suggest we each bring our own grub (even if just for the second night) and it can be kept fresh in your fridges. 6. We should still take up our Clan shelter but may struggle to pitch it by the wigwams. 7. We can go out for breakfast or the wee shop does hot rolls/coffee in the morning if we give Rena notice! WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NEXT! 1. You need to call 01838 400251 and ask for Rena, then mention that you are part of the Reid group for 2 nights, 21st/22nd June! DO NOT call the 0131 number on the website!! 2. Have a chat with Rena as to what you want ie a wigwam, a lodge or a tent pitch. Note for all you campers - we're not supposed to put up tents next to the wigwams but Rena may be able to allow you to put a couple up. 3. There is a deposit to pay so have your payment details handy! I think that's all for now. Any questions, just get in touch with me. That is all! Rab
  4. Whilst I think that kit cars are 'harder to shift on' than classics are, it pays to regularly check your car after you've been parked up in public or at a show..
  5. .. and I bought my 1302S in 1988! That cockpit is crying out for a new pair of composite seats! Although, there are some very good second-hand head restraint-ed seats that pop up in the For Sale section but all dependant on your driving style as I'm sure you'll appreciate!
  6. Ah, the famous Keith Seume of the aircooled VW fame! I recall you answering a question (or two) of mine 'back in the day' .. how long ago, I do not want to recall but my baby son at the time is coming on 30 next year! I'm sure it was for VolksWorld that you wrote, and I still have Issue 1 in my attic! Welcome to the world of Westfield .. someone already uses the title Westfield World so you can't have it! With fixed seats, you have the option of fabricating longer rear upright brackets (assuming that's how the seats are fixed), and re-positioning the floor mounted strap. I can't quite see from the photo if you've got composite seats or padded Clubman type which are quite common. Alternatively, you could fit the seats on runners if they're compatible with them. Runners will raise your driving position though unless you lower the floor which is another option .. ooh, check me out offering Keith Seume advice where it was the other way around for so long! Enjoy your Westfield ownership and happy blatting!
  7. Gary, can I just remind everyone that it's usually the third weekend in June that we traditionally go to Applecross and this would be the weekend that we would still use for Strathfillan Wigwams! This would make it Fri 21st - Sun 23rd June 2019.
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