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  1. betarev3

    Anyone other than Andy Bates?

    He is hard to get hold of. But without a doubt, top of the game
  2. betarev3

    Megabusa fuel pump

    Would it still work if the pump was above the tank?
  3. betarev3

    Megabusa fuel pump

    Hi Dave, the filter is under the bonnet, was thinking of moving it to here
  4. betarev3

    Megabusa fuel pump

  5. betarev3

    Megabusa fuel pump

    Has any one got any photos of where their fuel pump is located. I am going to fit a rear diffuser Andy. It appears the pump is to low? Any one else relocated theirs or has this been previously fitted in the wrong place?
  6. betarev3

    Carbon Nv rear diffuser

    Hi thanks for the info was after some pics of the zk rear, not sure whether to use some quick release bonnet pins?
  7. betarev3

    Carbon Nv rear diffuser

    Thanks for the reply, what did you screw the socket cap bolts into? Do you tap a thread or riv nut?
  8. betarev3

    Carbon Nv rear diffuser

    Hi, could any one with a carbon Nv rear diffuser share their photos of the rear fixing arrangements they used. Thinking riv nuts or quick release bonnet pins? Thanks Tom
  9. betarev3

    Spa wing mirrors or similar

    Cheaper than I thought the ones I was looking at on demon tweeks were over £100 each
  10. betarev3

    Spa wing mirrors or similar

    Just fitted full cage after some spa mirrors or similar design, nice to be in carbon. 07580260832 tom
  11. betarev3

    Msa roll bar seiw SOLD

    Just taken of my msa roll bar from a 2014 wide body, to replace for a full cage. I fitted this bar from new this time last year. Theirs the odd mark on it but nothing major and would probably polish out. Checked on Westfield site https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=706&search=Roll+bar&description=true they retail at £363.00 looking for £220 the buyer would need to collect or arrange courier. Located in Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Thanks Tom 07580260832
  12. betarev3

    Cage fittings

    That's what I was after, Thanks
  13. betarev3

    Cage fittings

    Okay thanks I think the spacers are already trimmed as it's a second hand cage. Could do with knowing the size and length of bolts so I can buy in the week. Any tips on fitting it?
  14. betarev3

    Cage fittings

    Not sure if any one can advise, I plan to fit a new caged cage the weekend, I have the fittings off my existing rac bar to re use at the rear, but all I have for the front is 4 large spacers. Would any one beable to know the size of the remaining bolts required, think it's 4 per side. Want to try and buy in the week whilst shops are open so I can complete the weekend. thanks Tom
  15. betarev3

    Megabusa Reverse Box solution

    Have text you

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