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  1. bhouse

    Lighting for a garage

    I had 4 x twin 5 ft fluoros in my old garage 6m x 6m. They gave very good light. However, I've been looking for ages for some led floodlights for my new garage which is about 12x14m. So far, all the ones I've tried have had really bad light colour, spread, or both. I'd prefer led to fluoros because of running costs - any suggestions? Sorry for the hijack but as we're both after the same info I thought I'd dive in Brian
  2. 1GB data, 500 mins calls, 500 texts per month. £5 per month. Plus VAT. Orange. Sim only.
  3. bhouse

    Netflix - working abroad

    As has been said elsethread, Hola is an excellent piece of software that will let you access any content that is usually restricted to a specific area. I use it as an extension on Google Chrome. It's free and it works. What could be better
  4. bhouse

    heads up Guy Martin's Spitfire C4 7:30pm

    Fixed that for you...
  5. bhouse

    SteveD is a trendsetter

    Well, SteveD got there first but it seems that Britain's august academic institutions are now catching up!
  6. bhouse

    A cringe-worthy moment...

    Well I'm afraid that, in my experience, you are completely wrong. Apart from the 'simple' bit. A real redneck is like the worst bits of an Express reader genetically mixed with the worst bits of a Mail reader for a few generations. Once the characteristics are suitably amplified AND they have access to a formidable arsenal of firearms, then they're a redneck...
  7. bhouse

    slow motion

    If it's proper scientific stuff you'll get better results if you hire someone with the right kit - and that includes the right lighting as well as the right camera. We use a guy from Manchester for our high speed stuff. He can go up to tens of thousands of frames per second. Look for Phantom Flex in Google to find someone local to you.
  8. bhouse

    Low flying Fiesta WRC !

    "I was in complete control until I hit the trees..."
  9. bhouse

    slow motion

    After Effects will make a reasonable stab at interpolating the missing frames. Try to get as much light on the subject as possible as that will force the camera to use a fast exposure - that way each image will be as sharp as possible and the interpolation will be better.
  10. bhouse

    A Plan - not living up to expectations

    There y'go. New customer: "No charge for that small change, Sir!" Existing customer: "That's £30 increased premium, plus insurance tax, plus £25 admin fee, Sir..."
  11. bhouse

    A Plan - not living up to expectations

    I think Iain M had the right approach...
  12. bhouse

    A Plan - not living up to expectations

    Ah - so does that equate to "actuaries make mistakes and we all have to pay"? Edit to complain about the spell check. I originally used a two word phrase familiar to anyone who has watched James May on TV (well before the watershed) and the filter changed it from "banned_word up" to "dangler up". This makes no sense and I don't see how it's protecting our children/wildlife/fluffy bunnies. Post now edited to avoid the potential for the swear filter to do its c*****g best.
  13. I've just moved and phoned A-Plan to let them have the new address. Two things annoyed me: £25 admin fee for changing the address - I know many insurance companies do this but I somehow had higher expectations for A-Plan Premium increased by about 10% even though new postcode I'm moving to is in exactly the same risk category as the address I'm moving from Nothing I can do about it I just feel disappointed...
  14. bhouse

    Concrete cleaner

    "I hear coke works well ?" A bit pricey though...
  15. bhouse

    Driving through Le Mans in Sept

    If you have any interest in cars that raced at Le Mans I'd say it's well worth a visit. The first time I went I actually changed my travel plans so I could visit again the next morning.

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