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  1. wont damage seals, should not get inside unless its done wrongly ................ all openings should be sealed.
  2. Having not long ago done same I can say that even doing it simple it's hard to keep it all neat. Leaving dash in position and removing scuttle is best where possible, it wasn't on mine.
  3. if i was to buy the items playo is selling as a job lot i would be looking to sell the weather gear, pics etc in the advert by playo. does the price inc post interest anyone ? or am i wide of the mark ? its for a narrow car and can include the headlights.

    M16 brakes

    From memory 247 mm but wait for confirmation
  5. Doesn't matter how or where dizzy is as long as rotor points to no1 when cyl 1 tdc on compression stroke.
  6. You need to time it, v.brief static - engine to tdc, no1 ink.valve closed , rotor arm points to no1 lead . Then engine running use timing light to fine set at 10 before etc by rotating dizzy. Above assumes it's not a fancy dizzy with built in ecu .


    Can't help but nice choice :-)
  8. alpha can more or less be eliminated, check tps is working and calibrated.
  9. alpha can more or less be eliminated, check tps is working and calibrated.
  10. if its alpha then its more or less locked (at least to people that may corrupt it ) so can probably be eliminated from issue. has tps been calibrated ? just in case its defunct etc.
  11. ok, lets start at the beginning............. forget the injector info as you have carbs ( blink missed this ) is max power not 169? i can only just make out pic. since you have carbs you must have some sort of ign only ecu, if it uses ford edis module then its good for 8k, most aftermarket ecu are at least that. even if carbs are limiting it should rev over 6k, as its not having issues reving to 7k then maybe rolling road backed off when asked to or power drops off (cant see it). wrong ign map or carbs - either not correct could cause the power to drop off early, you need to get it on the rollers and get advise as to whats holding it up - fuel or spark
  12. they are m10 lengths vary but theres plenty of depth on most holes.
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