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  1. bollockybill

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Interesting car park at the Ponderosa today.
  2. bollockybill

    3.9 V8.

    Thanks Chris, Understand how to add files, just didn”t have any up to date pics of the car to upload. New pics taken today on a run to the Ponderosa on the Horse Shoe Pass. Sorted now and post edited. John.
  3. bollockybill

    Oulton Park Gold Cup 2019 (W/North Wales)

    If you want to go to the Gold Cup, one of the best meetings of the year, then you need to apply for your tickets yourself by following this link. https://shop.msv.com/DisplayCar/Register/OP-19-Gold-Cup?clubID=636 If you get a three day ticket then you can turn up on one day, two days and/or all three. We will again be raising money for our charity, St Luke's Hospice, and Jeff (aka Barbara) will be making fairy cakes, and tea and coffee will be available too. So it's up to you. See you there.
  4. bollockybill

    Ceramic heater elements.

    Anybody any experience with ceramic heater elements? Are they any good? Do they work? I have a Smiths heater from a Series 3 Defender, the water matrix is suspect. Thought about fitting a 12V ceramic heater in the unit. Draws a lot of current but that shouldn't be a problem. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions?
  5. bollockybill

    VDO fuel gauge.

    £10, buyer collects from the Wirral, or arranges courier.
  6. bollockybill

    Monza style fuel cap.

    Some corrosion but must be worth a tenner, buyer collects from the Wirral or arranges courier. 2” filler neck. Not locking type.
  7. bollockybill

    XE sump gaskets and windage trays.

    £25 for the lot, buyer collects from the Wirral, or arranges courier. Two windage trays, two cork gaskets, one composite gasket.
  8. bollockybill

    Roll hoops.

    £25 each, buyer collects from the Wirral, or arranges courier. From a wide body car.
  9. bollockybill

    3.9 V8.

    Registered 1994 on a Q plate. Red. Rover 3.9 efi V8, LT77 5 speed gearbox. Reconditioned engine installed last year, with new cam, timing gear , oil pump, water pump, bearings, rings, etc. 153 bhp at the wheels at AB Garage in Deeside. LT77 gearbox rebuilt at the same time, new synchros and bearings. Car is in exceptional condition, wide track front and rear suspension, Sierra diff, 7" alloys with Toyo tyres, full harness seat belts, sports seats, side exhausts. £13,250 or very nearest offer.
  10. bollockybill

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Ponderosa suits me. The cafe was closed after fears that a storm had dislodged gutters and roof tiles, and they didn't want anyone to suffer brain injuries from falling debris. Then they realised it's in Wales, so who could tell the difference. Also, the valentine's day celebration has been cancelled after the local farmer took his sheep home.
  11. bollockybill

    SOLD. Fuel filler cap 2

    Received today, thanks Matt.
  12. bollockybill

    7” headlamps. GONE.

    Pair of 7” headlamps and a pair of indicators. Rusty but in working order. Free if you collect from the Wirral, or will be at the British Motor Museum Gaydon on Sat 16th Feb.
  13. bollockybill

    SOLD. Fuel filler cap 2

    Hi Matt, First dibs please, pm your bank details and I’ll reply with my postal address. John.
  14. bollockybill

    what the devil!

    “What the devil” ? Presume the club has changed one word.
  15. bollockybill


    A. It had a nut on before. Came off quite easily. B. Don’t have a welder. C. What the devil do I do now? “What the devil” replaced my own comment, one word censored.

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