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  1. I insure both my road car and my Westie with the Chester A Plan office as they offer the WSCC discount too. However, still waiting for a reply to my classic car enquiry from 2nd March. Are they really that busy? In the meantime my Westie insurance was due 1st April. Renewed with them. Called them last Friday to say I hadn't received my certificate. They said they had it and would post it that day. Today, Thursday, a week later, I was in Chester and called into their office to ask about the certificate. 15 minutes later it was found "in a folder". I complained about the service, and they said they were sorry. But that's just not good enough. Don't like to post negative comments but I'm paying for a service that I'm just not getting.
  2. MOT'd the Westie today, passed with no advisories, although the clutch slave cylinder needs a new set of seals, slight leak. 3,997 miles over the last 12 months, compared with 3,807 miles in my road car.
  3. Happy birthday Gary,

    Best wishes from Wirral and North Wales.


  4. Cosford sounds good. Always a great day out. You can fly a Spitfire simulator too.
  5. Great roads, Jeff, always ending in either bacon bap or apple pie. Actually both today.
  6. What makes you think we're going to the Ponderosa?
  7. Hi Tim,

    Handbrake grip arrived this morning, now fitted, perfect.

    Thanks again,


  8. Good God, not another one.

    Happy birthday anyway.

  9. Hi Tim, £5 paid. Please post. thanks again, John.
  10. Hi Tim, Yes, standard Sierra. How much to post please? John.
  11. Handbrake grip, to suit a Ford lever.
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