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  1. Busiest I've ever seen the Ponderosa.
  2. bollockybill

    It slipped my mind.

    Picked my kit up from the factory in October 98, SVA pass, first time, in April 2000. On the road May 2000. Happy days.
  3. bollockybill

    Wirral and North Wales Sunday run.

    Crossroad? What crossroad? I just follow you Jeff. Could have gone either way, Ruthin is a nice run. We could have gone over the top, Moel Fammau is always good.
  4. bollockybill

    Wirral and North Wales Sunday run.

    It's falling to bits. Too much front wing?
  5. bollockybill

    Happy Birthday Mr Hurdsfield.

    69? You must have had a hard life. Happy birthday Paul, make the most of it.
  6. bollockybill

    Wirral and North Wales Sunday run.

    Wales is green and there's a reason for that. Had more soakings there than a blanched potato. Forecast is good, fingers crossed, it's worth it for the breakfast at the Ponderosa.
  7. bollockybill

    Wirral and North Wales Sunday run.

    Ponderosa for a change. Might be a bit cooler up there so don't forget the thermals. Farmer John is meeting his grandson there, are you coming Nic? You know you want to.
  8. Tudor Rose, 4th November, heading into Wales to find a breakfast. Meet at 9 for a 9.30 start. Tudor Rose is on the A540 at Two Mills, near the A550 junction.
  9. bollockybill

    Where next?

    Jeff, If we go that far south, how about crossing the Severn Bridge? John.
  10. bollockybill

    Where next?

    According to slowhands, that's the road to hell.
  11. bollockybill

    Where next?

    Agree, Jeff, further south in Wales would be a good idea. Thanks Kevin, Any suggestions for accommodation would be more than welcome. We usually get 6 or 8 cars for our annual trip to Wales.
  12. bollockybill

    SOLD Set four 13 inch superlights

    Wheels look nice, have they been fitted to a Westfield? Not sure if et-7 will fit my car, could you measure from the hub face to the outside edge and also from the hub face to the inside edge? My Westie is a '96 V8 with standard width Sierra drive shafts and wider then normal rear arches, so the measurements will help. thanks.
  13. bollockybill

    Westfield Sport Wheels (SOLD)

    Thinking of 13” wheels also. What et and width have you gone for?
  14. bollockybill

    Where next?

    Great idea, Nic. Which one do you want to organise?

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