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  1. bollockybill

    standard seat

    Phone for best price.
  2. bollockybill

    standard seat

    Have a pair of early sports seats, black with red piping, good condition. One has runners, one is fixed. Can deliver.
  3. bollockybill

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Yes I do. The YDG is always the most popular weekend that the Wirral and North Wales area organise. It started 12 years ago as a 2 day trip, then 3 days, when we found the Highland Moors. The hospitality shown by Sue and her family is immense, as is the breakfast, full Welsh. Nice that we are doing an evening meal with them again, spoilt for choice as always. Hope the Ridgebourne pub up the road is open, they do a mean chicken madras, and a nice pint of Carling. John.
  4. bollockybill

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Fishcakes, salmon and apple pie. Just so, so good.
  5. bollockybill

    Need a wizard, electrical type.

    Reading 110c on the gauge is a bit disconcerting. Both ECU and VDO temperatures are read from the inlet manifold, very close. Sender is new, same rating as the gauge, resistance checked in a pan of water and is ok up to 100c according to VDO charts. New thermostat also tested, 82c opens at 83c. Fan comes on at 87c, as per the new temp switch. Borrowed a mate's VDO gauge today, reads the same on tickover, taking it for a run tomorrow to see if there is any change. Watch this space. Still concerned re the earth resistance reading, rigged up a separate direct to chassis earth.
  6. Hi Jeff, Will be there, it's a fab place to visit. The Spitfire simulator is ace. Do we have reserved parking? JD.
  7. bollockybill

    Need a wizard, electrical type.

    Sensor is a new VDO unit, same rating as the gauge.
  8. bollockybill

    Need a wizard, electrical type.

    Problem with my VDO temperature gauge, it's reading high, compared with the rovergauge software for my V8. The gauge is reading about 105c, 5 or 6 degrees above the ecu generated temp. Pulled the plug off the back of the gauge and checked the earth resistance through the wiring loom and it's reading 55 ohms. I expected the resistance to be less than 1 ohm. Any ideas, is this a bad earth or is the 55 ohm reading normal? Is this why the gauge is reading high?
  9. bollockybill

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    It doesn’t get any better than this.
  10. That's a bargain. Sell the parts individually and you'll double that. Forget eBay, there are lots of Facebook forums to post on, for free.
  11. bollockybill

    The joys of owning a Westfield.

    She said "I want something hot, red, that throbs between my legs." I said "BSA Bantam, ex GPO, that should do the trick." She said "I don't like two strokes."
  12. bollockybill

    The joys of owning a Westfield.

    No, we did a swap.
  13. bollockybill

    The joys of owning a Westfield.

    Neither. Old Spice never fails.
  14. bollockybill

    Tunnel carpet for SEiW.

    Black, red piping would be nice, complete with gear lever and handbrake shrouds.

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