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  1. bollockybill

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Just confirmed my Saturday night meal choice. This is my third change. Please watch this space as I might change again. Too much choice, and too good. Breakfast is easier, full Welsh, no beans. Or maybe .......
  2. bollockybill

    fibreglass polishing

    1500 wet and dry, then Meguiars wax, can't go wrong. The wet and dry takes out the scratches, the wax restores the shine.
  3. bollockybill

    Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecotec.

    There's always one to spoil the party. It's better than Scotland.
  4. bollockybill

    Most online, we can beat that.

    The greatest number of WSCC members online were 391 on the 30th November 2016. We now have over 12,000 members, so we can beat that easily. Set your flux capacitor for 21.00 hrs, Wednesday August 1st and log in to the best club website ever created by man, obviously helped by swmbo. The Guinness Book of World Records have been contacted, but have not yet replied. Miss Piggy and Kermit are in, are you? AO's, spread the word, this is your time, this is your destiny. Just do it.
  5. bollockybill

    Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecotec.

    Ford Kuga Titanium X. 2015, Ruby red, family pack, service history. Only 16,700 miles. Remotely operated tailgate and windows, full leather, sat nav, dab radio, rear view camera. It even parks itself. Ex Ford Direct car. 2 wd, petrol. Part ex value is £13,450 so if you can beat that it's yours. Need a quick sale.
  6. A really fab few days with great friends.
  7. bollockybill

    Various parts.

    £30 posted. Let me know.
  8. bollockybill

    Various parts.

    Pressure is adjustable, pump is low pressure, so not suitable for fuel injection, will only work with carburettors.
  9. bollockybill

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Room booked for Saturday night. Will be there for breakfast Sat am, not too early please.
  10. Getting close and getting excited. Upgraded the factor 15 to factor 30, super strength midge repellant on order. Would leaving the wet weather gear at home be a step too far? This is going to be great, epic. Bring it on.
  11. bollockybill

    Various parts.

    Hi Chris, Where are you? If you could arrange collection that would be great, otherwise I’ll post. John.
  12. bollockybill

    Various parts.

    All parts from an SEiW. Located on the Wirral. Sports seats have some minor blemishes which can’t be seen when fitted, one fixed, one on runners, £150. Red top Facet fuel pump and filter/regulator, £50. Westfield IVA steering wheel, £25. SOLD. Mountney wheel and boss, £50. Pair of AVO rear shocks with new poly bushes, £50. XE king and plug leads, £15. Jap roll bar, £40. Standard roll bar, £40. Set of 4 off 7 x 15 wheels with Toyo tyres, rear tyres less than 200 miles. £150. John. 07921164310
  13. bollockybill

    standard seat

    Phone for best price.
  14. bollockybill

    standard seat

    Have a pair of early sports seats, black with red piping, good condition. One has runners, one is fixed. Can deliver.
  15. bollockybill

    Wirral & North Wales YDG 27th-29th July 2018

    Yes I do. The YDG is always the most popular weekend that the Wirral and North Wales area organise. It started 12 years ago as a 2 day trip, then 3 days, when we found the Highland Moors. The hospitality shown by Sue and her family is immense, as is the breakfast, full Welsh. Nice that we are doing an evening meal with them again, spoilt for choice as always. Hope the Ridgebourne pub up the road is open, they do a mean chicken madras, and a nice pint of Carling. John.

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